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Poll: Who is the hottest guy?
Question: Who is the hottest guy?
• Michael Moe
• Jordan Ellenbecker
• Alex Degner
• Mitch Depke
• Jon Millard
• Jordan Pagel
• Anthoney Sandoval
• Nick Sierakowski
• Jacob Striok
• Preston Zyduck

Created at 02:08:41 AM 2008.12.08

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Comments (30)
screw a fat ass monkey

by guest 12:14:31 AM 2009.08.04
Jordan is super hot

by Rachel 01:53:51 PM 2010.04.22
Jordan Ellenbecker is super sexy!!!!!!!

by Rachel F 01:54:31 PM 2010.04.22
Johnny one nut

by Mitch Lawless 04:40:40 PM 2010.04.23

by ml 04:46:04 PM 2010.04.23

by mitch lawless 04:55:19 PM 2010.04.23

by Mitch Lawless 05:00:15 PM 2010.04.26
jons gay

by mitch 11:52:28 AM 2010.04.29
I think that Jon Millard is the hottest out of all of the guys in this school and I have the biggest crush on him just to let you know.

by Shanelle Stanke 11:53:59 AM 2010.04.29
Jordan is hotter than my boyfreind

by megan s 11:56:00 AM 2010.04.29
Jk I actually really really like aaron mourey. :)

by Megan Salisbury 12:18:00 PM 2010.04.29
I love mitchel balless:)

by Jordan Hackbarth 12:18:20 AM 2010.04.30
I love jon Millard(:

by Emilleaaa! 12:29:03 AM 2010.04.30
I think Jon Millard is cute.

by guest 12:30:55 AM 2010.04.30
So jon Millard is THEE hottest guy!!! And he's super amazingggg!! I'd do ANYTHING for him to be in MY LIFE again!! <3 hehe I love Jon Millard !!!! :D

by Emillea(: 12:32:14 AM 2010.04.30
Jons a babe;)

by guest 12:32:42 AM 2010.04.30
Even though jon millard and i have been through some tough times and even though he has cancer and i cant believe the pain he is going through right now he is a great friend.

by guest 12:34:02 AM 2010.04.30
Jon you can be a dick but alot of girls actually like you. Idk what we see in you. But i guess you just have something about you!!!!

by guest 12:38:06 AM 2010.04.30
I agree^^^^ there's something special about Jon Millardd(: and I love him and he is soooo amazingg!! &&id fight ANY GIRL who wanted to date him just so I can have him and not them,, &&&& also, ANY GIRL who wants to take their sweet ass time to Hurt jon, just know I'll be there kicking your ass! (: watch itt(:

by I'm a secret :] 01:31:11 AM 2010.04.30
1 uno 1 uno 1 uno 1 uno

by jons gay 01:41:30 PM 2010.04.30
Mitchel Lawless is a boy scout and jordan ellenbecker is gonna get his butt kicked.

by guest 08:49:36 PM 2010.04.30
hes a boyscout because everytime somone walks by he pitches a tent. hahahahaha

by guest 08:53:43 PM 2010.04.30
Wow this whole thing is a big joke.

by Jon Millard 08:57:44 PM 2010.04.30
What's a big joke jon?

by Hehe(: 09:45:50 PM 2010.04.30
What mitchel is saying.

by Jon Millard 12:56:18 AM 2010.05.01
Mitchel is retardeddddd!!!!! (: hehe did you read my comment from I'm a secret :]

by Hehe(: 04:12:04 AM 2010.05.01
jordan is super not sexy

by jordan E 04:38:51 PM 2010.10.22
I think Nick is the sexiest guy in the world

by guest 12:25:24 PM 2011.02.23
Im a fag

by Jordan Ellenbecker 05:01:46 PM 2011.04.08
i love men

by mitchell lawless 06:24:54 PM 2011.05.06
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