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Poll: Are you still hurt from your last love?
Question: Are you still hurt from your last love?
• Yes, I can't forget about it
• No, I'm over it now

Created at 10:32:14 PM 2008.08.28

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Comments (22)
v.v i'm not over it he had sex with another girl the same day he told me he loved me 4 the first time i don't think ill ever get over it

by guest 07:47:40 PM 2008.08.31
i'm over it im just glad its over

by kitty kat 03:44:36 PM 2008.09.03
WHEN YOU RISK IT ALL we can't blame others when love dwindles away- for we know from the start it never promised to stay. it's just one of those things where the stakes atre high- and sometimes it's forever, and sometimes it's good-bye. when you the love thr right way you never lose- no matter what pathlife may force you to choose. you may end up with tears or a broken heart- but you knew nwhat you signed up for from the start. you can only give what you've got to give- and if that's not enough, then yopu must continue to live. life will go on and broken hearts will heal- you mustcontinue on your quest, for thats the deal. throw your heart into life and never stall- for the greatest risk is to risk nothing at all. you see, love is the only thing that we know- that can be divided and divided but continue to grow. and lifeisn't long enough to lock away our heart- just because life may force two people apart. we will continue to love and continue to lose- we will continue to pick and continue to choose. and then one day we will just risk it all- take the chains off our hearts and dismantle the wall. the last time we love will be the FOREVER- and never again will our hearts forced to sever. we'll never have doubts that ity'll go away- because this time, it'll be here to stay. but until then we must endure the pain- for we only see sunshine if we can wait through the rain.

by justinbrockup@yahoo 06:41:06 PM 2008.09.04
message me any time myspace dot com slash justinrbrockup

by guest 06:43:15 PM 2008.09.04
I never imagined after 12 years of marriage that I would be trying to learn how to be single again. I must admit it is not an easy adjustment; but, staying busy and keeping positive and most importantly praying has gotten me thus far. I have been alone now for 7 long weeks and the pain is subsiding but not totally again. I must move on and let the past be the past. Like a bilboard I saw stated; "don't cry because it's over laugh because it happened" that is the way I am trying to go through knowing that one day is not going to dictate the rest of my life and someday when I have healed I will find love again!!

by Rose Thomas 04:33:43 AM 2008.09.05
My boyfriend and best friend just up and stopped talking to me, never even explained why or even tried to work it out. He was the only guy who ever treated me right up until the end when he just abandoned me. He told me he loved me and that he cared about me, he told me he would fight for our friendship, He is a christian, and I have been damaged so badly by this spiritually, emotionally, and mentally....I don't think I will ever get over it. I am just struggling to breathe right now.

by Melissa 12:54:03 AM 2008.09.07
He is a hypocrite who is playing with my heart. He thinks hwe can controle me and make me cry. Im glad its over and i have a new man.

by Classified 01:27:51 AM 2008.09.07
My ex broke up with me for no aparent reason then he asked my best friends out we had been to the movies together a couple of nights before and it was great he new what i like and he treated me right then he broke up with me and i just cant delete his picture from my phone i miss him so bad i just dont know what to i can truly say that i loved him and that i still do every time i go to bed i see him i cant even bring my self around to date again im just so upset that idont want to get hurt again Add me on myspace if you can give me advice

by Brittany Graham 01:44:22 AM 2008.09.07
i was with him for a whole year and just out of the blue he tells me he dont want to date me any more cause hell be working alot and he dont want that and scine then he has been able to talk to me every night it hurts worse then anything i was in love we were to get married and everything i think i just might die of a brokein heart if it ever happens to me agian

by Mitch Richardson 02:57:23 AM 2008.09.07
i never thought this would happen but it did i just have to try and if i fail o well at lest i tried ill miss him alot and ill always love him but i have to move on !!!!

by Mitch Richardson 03:02:20 AM 2008.09.07
After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul and you learn that love doesn't mean leaning and company doesn't always mean security. And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises and you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes ahead with the grace of woman, not the grief of a child and you learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight. After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much so you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you really can endure you really are strong you really do have worth and you learn and you learn with every goodbye, you learn...

by joyce marcano 01:28:50 PM 2008.09.07
Love is neva surpose to B selfless,unforgiving,disrespect, or pain. But the saying with pain comes pleasure still comes to mind. through our pain there was much pleasure but the kind that keeps u guessing 4 more. what happens when love is neva wat it seems?? our love was love but u neva had respect 4 me u neva look at me 4 me u just love the me that was u. U left came back cheated an was forgived. U seen my pian and did it again because it gave u plesure, But I was neva given the same from u I neva did u wrong. gave u wat u want neva wat I need.Yet I'm the 1 writing this not because I'm hurt but because i'm ova u. An ur pain is my PLEASURE...

by Maya B. 01:49:33 PM 2008.09.07
I was with him 4 1 2 years, we have one little boy who is two...he came back in may from training and told me there was someone else..his first girlfriend who lived in Iowa..two weeks later she was storing her stuff at our house and in June moved in, and Friday Sept 5 he married her after 4 months...BTW..he is taking me to court now for full custody of our son...what a douche..i ll be hurt for a long time..his dad did the same thing to his mom..

by Missymilliman 01:37:40 AM 2008.09.09

by ANA LA CARINOSA 12:00:12 AM 2008.09.13
its one thing to think u no how it would feel to live a life like mine its another to know how it FEELS always having to learn to be strong never learning wat true love feels like. having a fear of being vulnerable...

by joyce marcano 09:40:48 PM 2008.09.23
he was my heart and much hurt and other drama.....but he owned my heart......even though i called it quits i still carry it with me...

by kat 09:29:33 PM 2008.10.23
Me and my boyfriend were together for a year and i got pregnant at the first of the year (in january) we didnt find out till march... well he had put a ring on my finger in febuary and told me he loved me and he would never hurt me and i was the one for him and he got the ring to promise me that he wasnt going no where... i can still remember what he said word for word... well when we found out in march we split up 2 weeks later out of the blue didnt understand why... he was my first true and real love... i was soo happy with him... he treated me right he took care of me and my other son... he took us everywhere... but i dont understand it... and when i was 6 months pregnant he calls me up and wants to work things out so i give it another chance... well we were together for 2 months and then this girl calls me and says i found your number on my boyfriends phone and soo on long story... well i called him and we slipt up again... well now our baby is a month old and i havent seen him or heard from him yet... and it hurts soo bad that his son doesnt have a father... i want us to be a family and i would give anything to have it the way it was... but i no if i go back to him i will just keep getting hurt... its soo hard... all i can do is think about him because i look at our son and all i see is him.... i dont know what to do... i dont want another guy and i dont know how to get over him... im on depression pills because its soo bad... i dont know how to move on from it....

by sky 05:27:11 AM 2008.11.18
I still LOVE him! please make me forget about him!

by Sarah :] 07:13:22 PM 2008.12.02
I basically fell in love wit him andt we seemed 2 b perfect until summer came it just went all wrong n we broke up. now wenever i c him i just want to go to him n ask 4 him back but i dont think he wants me nymore.. n seein hmi smile wit nother person is just so painful. i wish i could forget about him

by Li 05:00:44 AM 2008.12.12
i fell in love with him and he broke my heart

by emily 09:52:34 PM 2009.02.10
I asked him out... He was the first guy I ever ever asked out... I loved him.. He asked me out on December 19th 11:47 AM .. I remember that day from every moment...But i chikened out and said no (WOW BIG MISTAKE) He dated other girls. so i decided to asked him out.. He said IDK ... I have been waiting even to this day... I love him with all my heart and he probally thinks im some freak...

by Lyssa.. 03:13:04 AM 2009.06.16
i fell in love with him and now i cnt forget him i wish i cud move on but i cnt cuz i love him only him help me?

by nikyboo@ymail 10:48:21 AM 2009.09.27
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