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Poll: Do you believe in the paranormal?
Question: Do you believe in the paranormal?
• Yes
• No
• I have had experiences
• Undecided
• It is just a myth there is no such thing
• Prefer not to answer

Created at 04:37:18 PM 2008.06.09

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Comments (3)
Sandra, what a beautiful site, you are so ctareive. The picture creates a feeling of walking across a bridge into a spooky and dark place. It creates suspense and mystery. I can feel the fear. Well done!

by Dinara 11:55:19 PM 2013.03.13
You know, I heard about the new twilight movie.. Really I woludn't find the courage to go and see that, some people actually had to chew off their own leg to survive it through till the end. Also if you are in for the real hardcore horror go and rent Never say never', good luck!

by Alejandero 11:55:26 PM 2013.03.13
RE: To be more specific, it (printing money) will work. To a ltmiied degree. We are doing it today in order to buy our own debt (paying our Visa with our Mastercard).It won't work beyond some undefined limit. This limit is determined by our lenders. Our deficit spending depends on our lenders believing in our government and economy. If they start to think they won't be repaid, they will stop lending (i.e. our treasury bond sales will fail UK had this happen last month). When that happens, there will be an immediate cut in government services. Think California, but at the federal level. The impact of a loss of around $2 trillion in government spending will rock our economy at the foundations. Social unrest will rear its ugly head.So why would our lenders stop buying treasuries?1) They think they will be scammed outright. This is why the current policies (and previous) of allowing unchecked corruption and theft (by bankers and others) is risky and must be stopped before we will see a recovery. Why risk investing somewhere when you are worried your money will be stolen? Currently the government is damaging the credibility of private markets as well by invalidating creditor priority (e.g. Chrysler and GM preferred shareholders, etc.). There is very little need for new regulation, but existing law should be enforced and those who violate it (Geitner and BenB included) should be punished.2) They think they will be paid back in dollars that are worth less. What good is a 1% guaranteed return when so many new dollars were printed that you can only buy 80% of what you could buy at the start of the bond?#2 is the big risk of trying to print money. If you print enough to actually trigger inflation, or even reduce deflation in this case, people will stop buying your debt. Hard stop.Is that explanation better? I doubt I am the best person to be trying to explain this, as my understanding feels shaky sometimes. There are sources that do a better job, although they are not from MSM. Even Calculated Risk seems a bit on the rosy side these days. Rate this comment: 0 0

by Kulken 11:55:26 PM 2013.03.13
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