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Poll: Do you think the performance from the video below is Christ-like?
Question: Do you think the performance from the video below is Christ-like?
• NO

Created at 11:31:29 PM 2009.10.13

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Comments (4)
How can you be praising God when the words are not understood. The contents of all of the songs do not make since nor or they Christ like....As a Christian, I am very disappointed in what is being labeled as Christian music. Christian music should not scare you but bind your relationship with our Lord. I will continue to pray for our youg people!

by Jeremy 10:04:29 PM 2009.10.14
The Bible is extremely clear that there will be no lenience on how we are to worship and sacrifice unto God. The Bible makes it clear when God asks for a sacrifice from Cane and Abel that there is no lenience in sacrifice. God makes it clear when Moses strikes the rock. There is to be no alteration to what God requires in His Word and in His Law. Romans requires us to "sacrifices ourselves" spiritually. That is to give up "our styles and ways" for that of the Lord. These people are taking up the styles of the world and putting Christ's name on it? I will post more! The elders of the church need to step in.

by guest 07:08:06 PM 2009.10.17
Who voted yes? Seriously, back this up by scripture of Christ's life. Christ never partake in sin. He never used sin as a means to reach the world. He never conformed to the world. The Bible is clear on dress, conduct, actions of believers. Nothing from these groups do anything to follow, uphold, praise, uplift the Word of God. It is blasphemy, its shameful.

by Jeff 10:49:18 PM 2009.10.21
The thing that makes this holiday so woedrnful is the warmth of good spirits. The problem is that we should all be this way, all the time. Why wait for christmas to spread good cheer, in a world that is so close to destroying itself. Instead of tripping over each other to look like the better man, why don't we treat each other as the better man? The christmas season has been entrenched with myth and legend and pagan practices to numerous of which to mention. One could, and probably have written a book on it. The christmas tree story itself is a ritual. St. Nick was a real man whose generosity and magnanimity won him a spot as Santa; but I think that if he were alive he would be appalled at what this world has done with him. I don't think Jesus hates this holiday, but it defeats the purpose to which he has called us. We need to be willing to have this christmas spirit all year long. Gods will on earth is what we should be concerned with, not a mad rush for gifts and celebration.

by Hamidar 03:25:47 PM 2012.08.30
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