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Poll: What Country Has the Strongest Military
Question: What Country Has the Strongest Military
• Mexico
• Britian
• Russia
• China
• Korea
• Irsael
• U.S.A.
• France
• Iraq
• Iran

Created at 03:24:06 AM 2008.06.27

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Comments (32)
The USA has the best and most trained miliary in the world, We have the highst # of tanks,air,navy and nuks at our disposal. we may not hav the massive numbers that China has but china is very unequiped and poorly trained. so its the usa HANDS DOWN

by guest 04:59:53 PM 2009.05.05
No counrty in the world could possibly fight a convintional war with the united states. The U.S. owns the land, sea, and air. The last country to try to fight a convintional war with the U.S. was Iraq, which had one of the largest armies in the world, lasted only 100 hours and left the iraqi military decimated.

by TMF 03:35:34 PM 2009.07.02
The best TRAINED are the English brits, with u.s.a coming a close second. Overall, i'd say u.s.a has the most capability. But if the EU were to act and peak as one nation, then ofcourse EU would dominate all.

by ryan 07:31:03 AM 2009.08.16
Us has my dear and no country can manage even Russia

by guest 11:53:37 AM 2009.10.06
In EastAfrica Uganda is the strongest

by guest 11:55:15 AM 2009.10.06
kenya is the strongest inb East Africa ,We bought T 52 tanks from russia , all military software of uganda passes through kenia so we khow they strenght

by tito 12:38:58 PM 2009.11.03
Uganda has no doubt the most battle hardened army in E. Africa. Kenya may have the hardware but iron does not achieve without experienced personnel behind it. The UPDF has seen action in Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Congo, Central African Republic, Liberia and now Somalia. Besides the above it has engaged armies from Chad, Zimbabwe and Angola. I believe the Kenyan army has largely been a peace-keeping one.

by Zane Reeve 09:50:02 AM 2010.01.27

by adasd 02:33:59 AM 2010.01.30

by alrt 12:21:57 AM 2010.02.07
I believe Kenya forces today in all units of military are educated plus they have been trained by the British skills and un pease keeping.if some body talk about Uganda un true, Tanzania they fought with Uganda in 1978 who won the war? Obviously Tanzania victory.kenya forces in Africa is one of the strongest.

by Saleh 04:59:44 PM 2010.03.02
USA hands down, if the USA was to invade Canada and Mexico it would be a 2 day war. USA invades england.the Brits would last five days or maby less.USA hasent lost a war in 200+ years!

by Jason 04:55:10 AM 2010.03.12
kenyan military is second to none in east africa. their israeli trained commadoes are capable of wiping out ugandan military by the twinkle of an eye

by sam m mutuiri 01:24:15 PM 2010.04.11
i would say 1 1America 2China 3India

by Austin 10:02:48 PM 2010.07.27
Vietnam doesn't count as a loss?

by RAWBAR 07:31:09 AM 2010.08.20
Where is India in the list? The latest ranking is thus 1. USA 2. China 3. India... As land force is concerned India is second to China. The list is bullshit. It has lot of militarily poor nations.

by Anwar 02:24:36 PM 2010.12.30
The kenyan army is the strongest in eastern africa and one of the best in africa

by Ron 05:27:45 AM 2011.01.14
kenyan army has the stongest well equiped army thats why there is peace in kenya

by ario 06:48:14 AM 2011.03.15
USA #1 china#2 russia #3

by andrew 12:47:02 PM 2011.04.01

by guest 10:36:26 PM 2011.05.05
Nigeria is the strongest country in Africa

by Abubakar 06:56:05 AM 2011.05.14
you all are wrong........ pakistan has the strogest army.

by abdullah 03:02:22 PM 2011.08.15
u.s miltary is the worlds super power and will stay a super power has the largest navy with more aircraft carriers then all the navys in the world put toghter and it has the most advance airforce with the most stealth fighter planes and bomber planes and is the most exprinced because the u.s miltary has been involed in every major miltary conflict in the world and it has the most exprinced special ops in the world

by Luis 10:20:49 AM 2011.08.25
the US have the strongest army in the world

by martin 10:56:20 AM 2011.11.27
The US military is the best the world has seen n wil ever see. Bt mark my words in 2025 it wil b attacked n destroyed in 1 hour by 10 countries led by China. The main question is which r the other 9.

by Wilson waweru 11:10:13 AM 2011.11.28
United States of America. They have the strongest. They might could destroy china, they even beat Japan! The last Country to attack the U.S.A was Iraq, after 4-6 days, The U.S. Military left the Country, with the iraq country freed' and their terrrible military destroyed. Heck! They are the strongest on earth! They could take Any country, If they went to war with Canada, they'd be gona in a snap!

by Rick 05:47:47 AM 2012.01.07
@myself above i mean the Canada country would be gona in a snap!

by Rick 05:48:53 AM 2012.01.07
wzE4Pz Not bad post, but a lot of extra !!....

by cheap oem software 02:47:05 AM 2012.02.11
Kenya is first but to small to maitain a sustained actioin but the USA is a close second for battle hardened troops

by guest 05:15:25 PM 2012.06.16
USA is not the strongest esp when the new fighter jets owned by China are better than the B2 USA uses. remember incase of war say with Russia, this will be a nuclear war n guess who has the most nuclear warheads, of course it's not the USA but Russia with over 3000 of them. n that's not all, Russia have a launching place which is Cuba a close ally. so where will USA launch from n how are 2000 nuclear warheads better than 3000 n a Launching location just near the USA. and btw USA never fought against Iran government. they were fighting insurgents allied to Saddam Hussein.

by Mogaka 08:19:40 PM 2012.07.02
I personally believe Kenya isthe most powerful in East Africa and one of the best trained and Disciplined Army in Africa.The kenya Army has been trained by some of the best commando units like Israel the Uk and America.

by Cyrus G 01:01:50 PM 2013.04.19
kenya of course!

by guest 01:50:09 PM 2013.10.24
Shkjln Thanks for the post. Fantastic.

by crorkservice 02:10:32 AM 2014.07.19
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