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Poll: What do you need the most in Chat Hour chat rooms?
Question: What do you need the most in Chat Hour chat rooms?
• Rude word filter
• Multiple photos in my profile
• Message boards
• Smileys in my messages

Created at 05:31:35 AM 2008.05.20

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Comments (1010)
don't listen to these other fools, by the way this is drakoniumx, one of your most frequent and addicted members. Ok this is what we need, message boards, and photos. Rude word filter would destroy the freedom of the weirdtown, all the regulars would stop coming. This is why weirdtown is so great, because it doesn't filter. oh and fix the damn servers, they're always slow.

by drakoniumx 03:47:33 AM 2008.05.21
i wholeheartedly agree with the above statements! putting in a filter like that would like be taking a bath with a diving suit on! keep weirdtown or chathour or whatever u call it now the wild west of chat! ITS WHY PEOPLE COME HERE!

by crisbling 06:41:23 PM 2008.05.24
how about more chat rooms, tired of young ones taking over

by coop 03:06:30 AM 2008.05.25
Nooo plz we need weirdtown just weirdtown nothing more..thnx admins

by guest 11:20:23 PM 2008.05.27
weirdtown is the best...there's many people i luv here..most of people r great althought there's bad people and all people knows this..but i wish weirdtown still weirdtow forever...just we need online admins can ban all the rude people online..and we need to stop the clones like when some one clone the other one weirdtowns admin c the date of setting both of two accounts Sure the older will be the origenal and the other will be the fake..THNC admins :)

by natureangle 11:33:32 PM 2008.05.27
Love this chat site, we dont need any of those things. Its great the way it is. Smilies are lame, we should use our beautiful language to express ourselves, not emoticons. It would be good to perhaps use a camara with a user with out having to go to messenger. Its good just to verify someone... tho surely noone lies on the Internet!!! Heavens no! lol lol (lol is better than ;-) or an emoticon

by Tingles 05:02:45 AM 2008.05.30
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by EmoTampon 07:20:32 PM 2008.05.31
Can i have some space for my photo collection please..? By the way dont listen to drakoniumx, he's addicted to this chatroom, he needs to go to rehab or something like that, he's not 100%..

by Majezz 12:24:07 PM 2008.06.01
More places for photos is a good idea also emotcions and music in the chat but with own lists was good also for new chat rooms

by KoolaLobito 06:43:30 PM 2008.09.03

by guest 08:25:45 AM 2008.12.05

by guest 09:38:22 AM 2008.12.05

by guest 12:09:22 PM 2008.12.05

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by JERRY 06:52:27 PM 2010.04.04
I agree JERRY they abuse their power hence corruption etc. they ban people at their will not in ways those people violated the terms of use of weirdtown. The administrators; ZAC and BENJI in teenchat also violate the terms of use WITHOUT KNOWING THEM, they harass, threaten, discriminate people. The corruption of Weirdtown's admin-istrations shall not continue, a revolt shall happen and we should choose our own admins not people who are cyber geek freaks who make themselves admins and pick on people to make people think they're superior than them.

by AntiAdmin 07:46:16 AM 2010.04.08
AJ lol x)

by AntiAdmin 08:41:16 AM 2010.04.08
There are ways to make weirdtown better one of them being, to remove aphroditefromhell from the post of being a monitor. She is a girl who doesn't understand why she bans people, but she does it maybe cause she gets the feeling of being superior there. There are instances where in she banned people for no good reason and for a chat room to function well you should have a better moderator with sound judgement and not be biased.

by unknown 11:05:34 AM 2010.04.27
DcUmcR Lol lol lool lol ha-ha! Lol lol lol?

by SmithJ 05:05:03 PM 2010.05.20
Weirdtown is my bitch

by Roguedog_Magicclown 04:18:59 PM 2010.10.06
So..... where is toilet? Hehe))) Joke, relax ;) Thank you

by Lorencofep 11:29:08 AM 2010.12.18
Where is admin?! Thank you bye bye ;))

by AssangeLivejal 09:13:10 PM 2011.01.06
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