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Poll: Who do you want to be the next US president?
Question: Who do you want to be the next US president?
• Obama
• McCain

Created at 05:44:01 AM 2008.06.04

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Comments (135)
Danielle, Would you consider your comments to be that of RACIST BIGOT? I sure would. But I do have a question for you. Have you noticed the amount of NOW (National Organization of Women) and Democrats that have jumped on to the McCain bandwagon? This election has got both parties crossing lines....................................................................................................... JOE THE Printer, I have an interesting proposition for you. Why don't you and your "egghead up the ass" goofy liberal friends all go to California. Then when the next big quake hits, you can slide into the Ocean and become fish food. Since that is about all you are worth. Then you can blame it all on the Conservatives and a Government Conspiracy. YOUR A MORON. You want to put in the highest office of the free world, AN INEXPERIENCED PUPPET WITH NO CHARACTER AND AS HIS SECOND IN COMMAND THE GAFFE MACHINE. Do this country a favor, before November 4th, why don't you and the other Lemmings take the leap of the cliff. It would be the most noble thing you could do for the country. And you might want to think about your own comment. Two years ago with the Country started having problems, was when the Democrats took control of congress. You proved that you are a MORON, no one here even had to try. I guess to you, the fact that Barney Franks was screwing the CEO of Fannie Mae, you remember his live in boyfriend that was running a WHORE HOUSE out of their apartment, did not have anything to do with the housing market problems. He was the guy doing all he could to keep from having any regulation put on them and saying it was all fine.

by SHANE 02:54:15 AM 2008.10.30
go donkey kong

by insane jesus 07:51:57 AM 2008.10.30
joe the printer. The Polls have NOTHING to do with anything!! Some say obama and some say McCain. And the majority of them are close and with in the margin of error!! Your own man, ya'll call 'The ONE' has said dont get too cocky. Looks like some of his FOLLOWERS, notice I dont call them SUPPORTERS, are doing just that!!! ALSO, I might add, how can we EVER know who won when ACORN has been so extremely DISHONEST?? This aint no hangin' chads here. This is Voter Registration FRAUD. And I hope and pray that the ones the signed up Mickey Mouse and MANY others are found and charged and PUNISHED. ALL of them. Just the fact that Obama has had such intense ties with Acorn PROVES hes dishonest. HE goes with the flow. Cant trust him. He talks out of both sides of his mouth.

by Dee Dee 08:07:39 AM 2008.10.30
Well, did anyone see Obamas INFOMERCIAL last night? Oh my goodness!! He sounds so good! The delivery of his speech last night was, as always, impeccable!! The words flow from his mouth like the soft wind thru the trees! The man has it down!..............but did we hear anything of substance? Hows he gonna pay for all that? If you guys think raising taxes on everyone that what is it this week?....250,000, 200,000 or maybe Biden said 100, going to SAVE this country, you are in for a BIG SHOCK, IF he gets in. (also, in 2010, the Bush tax cuts expire on everyone, which means WE, the little people will have a tax INCREASE) Its a fact, that RAISING TAXES during a time of economic crisis is the WORST thing anyone can do! Whats the matter with you people? Quit WHINNING about how the big corporations just get tax cuts to make them richer. Their tax rate RIGHT NOW is the 2nd highest in the modern world! TAX CUTS would make them stronger and make them look soooo good to overseas co's that just might bring their JOBS OVER HERE!! (jobs... the three letter word) Go research........ Go do something besides listen to the soothing, smooth words of a great Speech giver. The majority of you do NOTHING but FOLLOW HIM. Blindly. AND I am sick to DEATH of hearing about race. Who gives a SHIT (there I cussed! LOL) if hes black or not? I certainly dont. But I bet there are thousands of blacks out there BEING RACIST themselves cuz they are gonna vote for him BECAUSE HES BLACK. Those of you that are..... are either stupid or just plain racist. Which is it?

by Dee Dee 08:25:22 AM 2008.10.30
One more thing. Our economic crisis began way back during the Clinton years when HE decided that EVERY AMERICAN DESERVES A HOME OF THEIR OWN! No, no, NO! Every American has the RIGHT TO WORK AND OWN THEIR OWN HOME. The home THEY CAN AFFORD!! Forcing banks and lenders to loan large sums of money to people with out even checking their credit to SEE if they can afford the home....well, its just STUPID. THATS why we are where we are. Those people cant pay their mortgage and the bank is stuck with the bill. The banks dont have the money OR the will to make loans...................Barny Frank, yeah hes a great one. He let regulations just slide by, concerning Freddie and Fannie. Him along with many other WHITE RICH FOLKS! And he continued to tell the Govt that everything was fine! WHY that man , along with a few others, are not in JAIL right now is beyond me. ......Ill say this. Bush has not been the best president, but he didnt ASK for 9-11. I REFUSE to let my disdain of Bush make me change MY VALUES.

by Dee Dee 08:32:06 AM 2008.10.30
Dee Dee i like aii your comments i like what you belive in maybe you can be next vice pres. MELVIN MILES

by MELVIN 12:00:03 PM 2008.10.30
Time for something on the side of good humor. The following is copied: Twas the night before elections, And all through the town, Tempers were flaring, Emotions all up and down! I, in my bathrobe With a cat in my lap, Had cut off the TV Tired of political crap. When all of a sudden, There arose such a noise. I peered out of my window, Saw Obama and his boys. They had come for my wallet, They wanted my pay. To give to the others, Who had not worked a day! He snatched up my money, And quick as a wink Jumped back on his bandwagon, As I gagged from the stink. He then rallied his henchmen, Who were pulling his cart I could tell they were out, To tear my country apart! On Fannie, on Freddie, On Biden and Ayers! On Acorn, On Pelosi?, He screamed at the pairs! They took off for his cause, And as he flew out of sight I heard him laugh at the nation, Who wouldn?t stand up and fight! So I leave you to think, On this one final note- IF YOU DONT WANT SOCIALISM, GET OUT AND VOTE!!! ...again this was copied and was meant to lighten the mood.

by Formerly aka Guest 02:45:57 PM 2008.10.30
One thing is for certain, I Wage, there will be a recount demanded and an unending wall of lawsuits filed on both sides. And on a side note, what happened with Obama's grandmother? I have not heard one single thing about her since he came back from Hawaii. Was that trip really for him to visit his ailing grandmother? If so how is she? Or was the trip a means for him to escape from an overheating campaign, and to draw sympathy to his cause? Pure speculation on my part.

by Formerly aka Guest 02:54:48 PM 2008.10.30
Oops that opening line was supposed to read :One thing is for certain I wager...

by Formerly aka Guest 02:56:11 PM 2008.10.30
Hope everyone has a great day, I have to get away from all this mess!

by Fomerly aka Guest 02:57:17 PM 2008.10.30
Hey all..... been a few days since I last posted. I must say, I am just at a loss for words here. I talk to my family and we are just soooo disgusted! Dee Dee, I have to say I just couldn't give bho the satisfaction of my prescious time to that foolish infomercial last night. And can I just point out that THE ONLY reason (im sure) he came across as such an eloquent speaker through his infomercial is because he probably did 1000 takes on it to get it so perfect!!! He CANNOT SPEAK off the cuff. Everything he does has to be rehearsed or practiced a million times in order for him to come across in that manner. Every day there is a new finding of his SHADYNESS and still people want to vote for him. I just cant for the life of me understand this. Oh well I'm still praying for my good ole boy John McCain! I'll catch you all later on -- HAVE A GREAT DAY!

by Patty 02:59:49 PM 2008.10.30
Hi Formerly aka Guest, just want to tell you what I heard about OHB's trip to Hawaii....... He went there to 'SEAL" his birth certificate so that NO ONE will ever be able to see it! Now, that's the story I heard, whether it's true or not, I don't know, but I venture to believe it because like you say......what happened with granny, did she die, did she recover, why all of a sudden is she not worth mentioning. And better still........WHERE IS OBAMAS BIRTH CERTIFICATE????????????

by Patty 03:04:46 PM 2008.10.30
ps.... Formerly aka.......LOVE THE POEM, i will pass it along......

by Patty 03:05:28 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 04:51:42 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 04:52:08 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 04:52:48 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 04:53:08 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 04:53:29 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 04:53:50 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 04:54:09 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 04:55:06 PM 2008.10.30
TO ALL YOU PEOPLE TALKING SHIT ON THE OBAMA SUPPORTERS: all your doing is making it easier for me to vote Obama. Your name calling is no help to McCain. I don't need to give you a good reason to vote for Obama. The rich just want to be richer! That why you McCain supporters are voting for him. I'm sure you want to believe you have good reasons for voting for McCain. But you don't.

by guest 05:02:43 PM 2008.10.30
I was wondering about the Hawaii trip as well. AND....whats up with this not hearing from him, in public I guess, since Sept? No interviews or anything. It would take time to get everything in order before he takes over the White House.....or so he thinks. AND, did ya notice that his wife and kids didnt go with him? God, I hope people wake up. .....To Melvin Miles. THANK YOU! Oh gosh.... I accept! LOL :) Patty, you sweetheart and to Formerly aka Guest, HELLO!!!! I am feeling sickly, taking anitibotics etc.. Im going to go to bed right now and sleep all day. So YOU GUYS CARRY ON THE GOOD FIGHT!!!!! We MUST not allow Obama in OUR White House!!!! Bless our troops. Bless our Country. And Bless each of you. Oh, and Patty, I received that same poem in an email today from a friend of mine in Suttersville, PA!! She is a FORMER Dem! She has seen the light, thankfully! Bye for now.

by Dee Dee 05:13:00 PM 2008.10.30
plz vote Obama. I will. I promise.

by Obama for President 05:17:53 PM 2008.10.30
Obama for President!

by guest 05:21:31 PM 2008.10.30
by guest 05:02:43 PM 2008.10.30. OMG! You are RIGHT! Im changing my mind right now and am going to vote for Barrack Hussein Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!! .........................JUST how RICH is Obama????????? Where did he get all that money from anyway? I mean BEFORE the run for Prez. Ever wonder how a guy that came from nothing suddenly could pay for all that college at the most prestigious places? WHO backed him? Theres only so much student loan money...... WHO paid for it? I think it was SEVERAL RADICAL, ISLAMIST TERRORISTS JUST like the ones he has run with all his adult life. The REASON you dont need to give a GOOD reason to vote for Obama is the FACT that there ISNT ONE. And other than that, you are blindly following him. YOU must be dead broke or you wouldnt be voting for someone who wants to take everyone elses money and GIVE it to someone else. Or increasing taxes so that MORE JOBS ARE SHIPPED OVERSEAS. He CANT accomplish what hes saying he will. No way. But, whatever, MR or Mrs or Ms GUEST. Do what YOU will. YOUR tiny little vote wont count anyway. (can ya tell I dont feel well today?)

by Dee Dee 05:24:05 PM 2008.10.30
Will the immature, irrational guest please report back to the playground, please? Your playmates are looking for you.

by Dee Dee 05:25:45 PM 2008.10.30
Oh and a little more here.............concerning Obamas money. He gets out of college and he doesnt go work for some big Law firm at some BIG paying job. He pretty much does volunteer work and Community organising work.....Im sure he got rich doing that, didnt he? Stop and think. I read that he traveled quite a bit after college. Went to Pakistan, Africa and other places to "visit his family". Which I am SURE he did. But what else did he do? Who else did he visit? ...............You Dems in here, tell me, do you just not believe any of the associations hes had with radicals, domestic terrorists, Hamas etc? Not to mention rev wright. Do you LIKE and AGREE with wright? GD America? You HATE America like he does? WOULD YOU have stayed 20 yrs in a church that preached that only if it was every OTHER Sunday that he talked like that? Maybe the days you or your family were sick and didnt attend Church that day were the ONLY days wright talked like that...hmmmmm? AND since he and Obama were such good friends...........why did Obama denounce wright and leave his Church? Whats the matter with ya'll anyway? Here in this blog, we discuss, sometime we argue. Come on, give us YOUR concerns for this country. What do YOU think of the ISSUES? What is Obama going to do for YOU especially? Talk the real talk....or your talk is just a buzzing, annoying flying around here.

by Dee Dee 05:35:39 PM 2008.10.30
by guest 05:02:43 PM 2008.10.30 AND ANOTHER YOU. Its a FACT, the rich do want to get richer! Gosh, if I were rich, Id like to be richer too! The REAL question the POOR JUST WANT TO STAY POOR? DO THE POOR NOT WANT TO WORK? DO THE POOR WANT THE GOVT TO MAKE THEM RICH? What you said just does NOT make sense. There ARE sick and disabled people in this country that NEED HELP and I actually think, and I am saying the TRUE sick and helpless, I think they need MORE HELP. But not everyone out there working at a job that pays very little and holler and bitch and moan and groan about the rich people are TRYING TO DO SOMETHING FOR THEMSELVES!!!! THOSE RICH PEOPLE, for the most part EARNED THAT MONEY. Theres ways to BETTER YOURSELF. There are already programs IN PLACE to help people better themselves! Why, the Texas Work Force, formally known as The Unemployment place, they have classes! They teach all kind of stuff there. How to type, use a computer EVEN HOW TO CONDUCT YOURSELF DURING AN INTERVIEW FOR A JOB. Now dont tell me there arent ways for people to better themselves. They have to have the desire and willingness to do it. LOTS and LOTS just dont. My Husband and I both work, I guess Blue collar jobs. I use a computer at a hospital. Im not an RN or anything, just a clerk. He is a manager of the local Goodyear store. Hes been there 29 yrs... 6 days a week, every week, standing on his feet on concrete floors. You think WE ARE RICH????????????????????? Come on over and Ill let YOU PAY MY BILLS.

by Dee Dee 05:49:26 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 06:17:21 PM 2008.10.30
I'm sure you'd like me to pay your bills. More money in your pocket. I will vote and it will be for Obama. You say my vote don't matter. But your wrong. My vote will be one more vote for Obama and one less for McCain. You probably think that because you can write long comments that your so smart. That you just proved that Mccain is better for president but I'm sorry you didn't prove your case to me. What are you getting out of McCain being President?

by guest 06:27:03 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 06:35:13 PM 2008.10.30
Do you think just because you would benefit from Mccain that he should be the President? What about those who will be hurt by him? I guess you don't care about anyone other then yourself.

by guest 06:37:09 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 06:40:06 PM 2008.10.30
what no comment? LOL

by guest 06:48:26 PM 2008.10.30
Honestly ...... what are you dems thinking SERIOUSLY???? Do you really really think Obama is honestly going to help you once he is elected???????? HE IS A LIAR, A THIEF, A TREASONOUS SNAKE, A SNEAK, HE'S NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN!!!!!!! HE IS THE ENEMY. You know what really pisses me off about all you ingnoramouses?????? Is that once he's got his ass comfortable in that big white house oval office, he is going to draft all of your young sons AND DAUGHTERS, and he's going to send them DIRECTLY into the line of fire WITHOUT THE PROPER PROTECTION, because he's going to cut the military budget. He DOES NOT LIKE ISRAEL, and if you think he does YOU ARE AN IDIOT. People take a look at the people that are his friends........I honestly can't believe how stupid all of you can be???????? Please Please Please, Barack HUSSEIN Obama IS THE ENEMY .....WAKE UP Look up the word Liar in the dictionary and maybe then you'll understand what BHO is all about!

by Patty 06:49:24 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 06:50:55 PM 2008.10.30

by MCCAIN ALL THE WAY 06:59:39 PM 2008.10.30

by guest 07:12:34 PM 2008.10.30
Hey DeeDee, and Patty and to the rest of you. It's ashame that an election divides our country so horribly. I said it once, and I'll say it again; Senator Obama's lack of experience and his ties to the Democratic controlled House and Senate will further cripple our country if he is elected. At least with Senator McCain, we have honor, experience, and courage. Obama's campaign has done nothing but run cowardly unfounded attacks on Senator McCain. By Senator Obama's own admission he has ties to Ayers, Wright, Rezko, and Wright. Not to mention his ties with Pelosi and Reid. And when questioned about those attacks, all he does is turn tail and run. Anybody that believes a word coming out of Obama's camp, better go back and look at the facts. Get away from the tv sets that are spewing liberal views. Learn to discern fact from fiction.

by Formerly aka Guest 07:25:21 PM 2008.10.30
It's one thing when someone associates with people, but it is completely another thing when they say that they didn't know the views of the people they associate with. If Obama honestly believes that he didn't know the views of Wright, and Ayers, after spending years in their company, then he is really naive. And with all that's going on, we don't have time to train him. Like Biden said, "The Presidency is not something that lends itself to on the job training."

by Formerly aka Guest 07:33:41 PM 2008.10.30
omg lets go obama!!!!!!

by Samanthaaa 08:14:20 PM 2008.10.30
one word......*O*B*A*M*A*!!!!!!!!!

by miz randa 08:47:39 PM 2008.10.30
Obama for President!

by guest 09:06:02 PM 2008.10.30
Those of you who just come in here cussing and hollering your heads off....just look at you. Hateful people. I WILL tell you what I BELEIVE McCain will do for ME and for the rest of the country. 1. He will PROTECT this country with everything he has. He will STRENGTHEN our Military, not tear it down. The reason we had troops not protected well enough and shortages is because CLINTON, A DEMOCRAT, CUT the Military Budget when HE was in office! I dont even know how many military bases were CLOSED due to that little move. The Military is a group of people willing to obey orders; "a public force is necessary to give security to the rights of citizens" Get it? The RIGHTS of citizens. Obama has CHANGED his mind regarding the Military now, he said different things when he first started his campagn..... 2 McCain will NOT raise taxes on anyone right now because of the DAMAGE it will do to the economy! People will lose jobs, everything will slow to a crawl. I pay my fair share, Im not complaining about paying MY FAIR SHARE. What McCain will do to be able to carry on and NOT raise YOUR taxes is CUT SPENDING. Do you not know what the National Debt is? My gosh, its mind boggling. McCain will look at programs that are NOT working and cut em out. He will CLEAN HOUSE so WE the people, those of us who PAY taxes, dont HAVE to pay MORE. You know, like the program for the study of blow flies, $40,000! (not an exact example but an example none the less) JUST like you and me if we run short on money....we CUT something out. We stop going out to eat, or we cut off the cable. He will CUT unnecessary programs and the ones that just dont work. That will save our govt Billions of dollars. Dollars that we can spend on Programs that DO work. You know, the ones that HELP PEOPLE? HE will VETO PORK BARRELL SPENDING. Which to me, is very important. If you dont know WHY, then go look it up yourself. 3. He will allow DRILLING HERE, and expand our Nuclear Plants, creating thousands of jobs. IN FACT..........I told you earlier that I am not feeling well. I dont feel like even sitting up any more right now. How 'bout this........YOU GO DO SOME RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF. Go to JohnMcCain dot com and READ about the issues. Go to Obamas site and read about the ISSUES! Compare.... THINK. Dont just depend on someone ELSE to TELL YOU WHAT TO THINK..... do it for YOURSELF. And dont go into it with hate in your heart! Go into it to find out the TRUTH. Dont just go to Liberal sites or papers or mags...go to ALL of them and see and compare. Thats the prob, most people just listen to one or two news sources and dont get both sides! .....................I am going back to bed.

by Dee Dee 09:53:22 PM 2008.10.30
maryellen, I thought Democrats were supposed to be the tolerant ones. (by the way, do you go to school? Well you need to pay attention and learn to write, control yourself and your language) Whats up with you? Explain why you think Sarah Palin cant even handle her own household? Because her daughter got pregnant? My son got his girlfriend pregnant when he was 17. Oh...Im sorry, you must be talking about her baby with Down Syndrome. Man, shes a bitch for not having an abortion, isnt she?

by Dee Dee 09:59:14 PM 2008.10.30
Ill leave you all with one more little tidbit. Its a quote: "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have" Thomas Jefferson " If all you are looking for in a President is one that will 'take care of you and make everything in your life good', well, I feel sorry for you.

by Dee Dee 10:26:58 PM 2008.10.30
Vote for Obama you're voting FOR TAXES (for one thing!)!! He's letting Bush's tax cuts lapse, a backhanded way of raising taxes. Pulling out of Iraq? Guess he'd rather have the war spill over to our land, along with endangering every American by advertising when he'll do it! His healthcare sucks.. Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare don't even work right! That leaves one clear choice for Prez... I'll leave you guys with one more tidbit... Calling anti-Obama folks ignorant bitches says alot about your character. How abuot sounding and being more intelligent?

by A Concerned Citizen 11:12:02 PM 2008.10.30
mccain palin babe al the way.......................usa is in bigg trouble

by wtf 11:24:32 PM 2008.10.30
And to all of you B Hussein Obama supporters. There is No reason to try to explain why we want McCain to you. We talk and debate, and you here nothing but what gets whispered in your ear from the LOONY left. McCain has CHARACTER, CONVICTIONS AND MORALS. Obama has talking points and dodges his past, he changes his stance on any issue, when it is needed to suit the masses. He through under the bus any association he had with anyone that he thought might jeopardize his chance at the Presidency. PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND. Obama just wants to make history, and the majority of those that want to vote for him, want to ride on his coattail to that mark. THAT MAKES YOU PATHETIC. We that support McCain can at least admit to any fault that he or Gov. Palin have. You people that support Obama do so blindly, you act like no matter what he has done, who he is associated with, it does not matter. It does and we question it, on all the candidates. Obama has done nothing of significance in the Senate, or when he was in Chicago. So all of you can keep going on about how he is so great, since that is what you are told. We that support McCain do it because we feel strongly about preserving this great nation, not destroy it, which is what will happen under NOBAMA.

by SHANE 01:33:51 AM 2008.10.31

by SHANE 01:43:19 AM 2008.10.31
I am sure everyone has seen it, but just in case you missed it please go to YouTube and search for the video titled Dear Mr. Obama. It is a message to Senator Obama from an American Veteran who lost his leg during his tour in Iraq. It has been viewed over 11 Million times. After viewing it I highly recommend posting it on your blogs, myspace page, facebook, whatever else... And I also highly recommend sending the link to all your friends, and newsstations. It is one of the most powerful messages I have ever seen. Hopefully someone in the McCain camp will have it aired before Tuesday. I wonder how Senator Obama is going to deal with this one. Will he have somebody investigate the soldier that appears in the video, like he had them do to "Joe the Plumber"?

by Formerly aka Guest 05:12:41 AM 2008.10.31
Just replace (slash) with an actual slash. I borrowed that trick from Palin Supporter on 10.27. And be sure to delete the space between the . and the com. ....Here is the actual link: com(slash)watch?v=TG4fe9GlWS8

by Formerly aka Guest 05:28:20 AM 2008.10.31
Blah Blah Blah I'm still voting for Obama. I know more people who want Obama. You can believe whatever McCain says. Just like I'll believe Obama. You think McCain is better just like I think Obama is better. You have a right to vote for who you want to be President just like I do. Go ahead and vote for McCain. I'll still vote for Obama. I think that your voting for McCain for military reasons. You must like war. I want peace. I want the war to end. I want the soldiers to come home. Don't you? Or do you prefer they die over there?

by guest 12:43:56 PM 2008.10.31
McCain support said:Explain why you think Sarah Palin cant even handle her own household? Because her daughter got pregnant? My son got his girlfriend pregnant when he was 17. Oh...I'm sorry, you must be talking about her baby with Down Syndrome. Man, shes a bitch for not having an abortion, isn't she? NO ONE SAID SHIT ABOUT THAT. GROW UP!

by guest 01:49:10 PM 2008.10.31
To the above guest: I must be really lazy because I'm sitting in a wheelchair, trying to go to school so I can acquire office skills, so I can work. Yup, I am going to have to pay taxes for all the people that Obama says I owe money to, and that expect a handout. I must love war, because I lost loved ones on Sept.11th., and I lost friends to the war in Iraq; but yet I still want to see my country protected. I must be selfish because I love my country and I want to see the best possible protection, and I don't want to have a president that will wave a white flag at the first sign of trouble. I guess I don't love my country, because I would rather see the battlegrounds be on foreign soil than in my own backyard. Yeah, I guess I am a bad American because I don't want a man that voted against protecting the flag of my country, in the highest elected office. I guess I am stupid because I believe that God doesn't want to see innocent babies being destroyed because they're an inconvience. I guess I don't care because I cried when I saw a Veteran with a prosthetic leg say that he was proud to have served in Iraq, spreading freedom, and that he would be voting for McCain. I guess I hate peace because I know that there will not be peace until Christ comes back. And I guess I am just plain stupid because I believe that Senator McCain and Governor Palin will do a better job, than someone who would rather sit down and shake hands with terrorists, radicals, and just plain mean people. Well sir, or madam, you can vote for Senator Obama, because I am voting for McCain.

by Formerly aka Guest 03:12:52 PM 2008.10.31
where you think obama got 600mill dollars to spend on adds,guess-------------------------------irag---iran?

by Palin voter 05:54:07 PM 2008.10.31
"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have" Thomas Jefferson " .............................................If all you are looking for in a President is one that will 'take care of you and make everything in your life good', well, I feel sorry for you.

by Dee Dee 06:36:14 PM 2008.10.31
by guest 01:49:10 PM 2008.10.31 I assume you are mary ellen? Either way, doesnt matter. I would honestly like to know WHAT makes you or whomever, think GOV Sarah Palin cant run her own household? Come on now! Tell me! Make me understand what you are talking about! If its NOT what I suggested....then what?

by Dee Dee 06:47:54 PM 2008.10.31
Obama all the way!!!! HOPE is finally here.

by Mariam 11:56:07 PM 2008.10.31
Shane, I'll be in the fight till McCain is sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office in January 2009; Lord willing. If the election goes the other way, at least I know I followed my conscience. Like I said before I have to vote for McCain, because (1) I believe Abortion is a sin against God; because someone is willfully terminating a human life that is sanctified by God. (2) I feel that pulling our troops out of Iraq early, is the same as retreating, and that would be a disservice to our fallen soldiers, injuried soldiers, and the ones that are still there. Our troops are trying to establish a free Iraq.(3) I believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, as God intended. I do, however, believe that same sex couples should be allowed to have civil unions and be offered the same benefits and rights as married people. But not the title of Marriage, because that is an institution ordained by God. (4) I believe that Obama's questionable associations and the way he was less than honest about them, seriously make me question his fitness to lead. (5) I believe in the Constitution of the USA and I feel that Senator Obama, if elected may possibly infringe on Admendments 1,2, and 4. I have a multitude of other reasons too. But I have to go to work...maybe I'll list them later. Hope everyone has a great day!

by Formerly aka Guest 07:08:39 AM 2008.11.01
Can I shorten your name to AKA, as someone did earlier, Formerly aka Guest? LOL Can you tell Im tryin' to shorten it!? Ah hummm, anyway.. Your reasons for wanting McCain in the White House is pretty much, almost EXACTLY as mine are!..................................Listen ALL DEMOCRATS!! PLEASE try to understand that I do NOT want to stop our Govt from HELPING THOSE IN NEED!!! We are not selfish, really! We just believe that if you are able bodied, you should be responsible for yourself and not be dependant on the Govt. Thats ALL! I work in a hospital! And I have seen people come in that are quite able to do something for themselves and get a job, but they dont. They work around it somehow and they are on Medicaid....indefinitely. The PURPOSE for Medicaid and other govt stamps, welfare etc, is to HELP PEOPLE UNTIL they are able to get back on their feet. NOT FOREVER. UNLESS, unless.....they are say, Renal patients...kidney failure. They are too weak and sick to even think of working. The paraplegics, they cant do for themselves and unless they have family that foot the bill and take care of them, they HAVE to have help from the Govt! So , please dont call us selfish! I have a cousin that lives with a man who is a Jack of All Trades kinda guy. Hes a hard worker and he is gone 5 days a week working. He doesnt make much at all. But I believe its because of the way he talks and the way he carries himself. Hes a bad, bad hillbilly sounding guy....and he is VERY VERY racist. I argue with him every time I get around him. HE THINKS.....the govt should help him out. Should pay his bills, so he has more money left over.... I SAY, go get a your mouth.....carry yourself in a decent manner....then approach people that need handiwork done that may be able to pay you better! But, no, he just cusses like a sailor, dresses very sloppy and says to HELL with anyone who doesnt like it. So, what do YOU GUYS think? Do the Dems think he should get help because he just cant make much money? Or do you think since he is able to work and work HARD... that he should do a little improving himself so he can get more jobs that pay better? So, what I am basically saying is, Conservative Republicans believe in FREEDOM, personal FREEDOM! But with that freedom comes RESPONSIBILITY! IF McCain makes it into the White House, I believe he will work hard to get people that are just milking the system OFF welfare or whatever they are on, saving thousands and thousands, maybe even MILLIONS and then that money can be used to INCREASE the HELP for the TRULY HELPLESS. I think that makes sense.

by Dee Dee 03:31:47 PM 2008.11.01
OK NOBAMA Supporters, anyone want to explain why McCain took the lead in the Zogby Poll this morning? It shows that McCain is taking the lead in several key areas. Could it possibly be that the American people are seeing through the " Wolf in Sheep's clothing" persona that he has built for himself? We would love to hear your answers and thoughts. I believe he has run his mouth so much and been caught in telling to many lies in the last couple days. Just look at his Tax plan, so far it was 250,000, then it was 200,000, next we hit 150,000, and last 120,000. He cant even keep straight what he wants people to believe between him and his political machine. They are starting to fall apart. His 30 minute add proved to people he is desperate, that was what he did it for. He knows that he has a ways to go to win, and he has spent almost 6 times the amount of money that McCain has. So why cant he put this in the bag? Because the majority of people have very suspicious feelings of him, and he knows it.

by SHANE 04:34:20 PM 2008.11.01

by SHANE 04:37:33 PM 2008.11.01
which ever won wins wher screwed

by l 11:54:45 PM 2008.11.01
Not since the Civil War ~ "November 4th 2008 "~ It Matters Folks United We Stand ~ Divided We Fall ~ It's That Simple The Gettysburg Address Gettysburg, Pennsylvania November 19, 1863 On June 1, 1865, Senator Charles Sumner commented on what is now considered the most famous speech by President Abraham Lincoln. In his eulogy on the slain president, he called it a "monumental act." He said Lincoln was mistaken that "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here." Rather, the Bostonian remarked, "The world noted at once what he said, and will never cease to remember it. The battle itself was less important than the speech. " Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

by guest 12:38:46 AM 2008.11.02
Go McCain! I'm not going to knock anyone for voting for Obama. It's a matter of opinion. I have served our country for 12 years and will continue to do so. I beleive John McCain will support the troops and he has a set of balls, and that's my final answer.

by Pvt Snuffy 01:51:42 AM 2008.11.02
My list for voting against Senator Obama continues: (6) Senator Obama's tax plan is completely unfeasible. He maintains that he is not going to raise the income tax for the middle class, and he will only raise the tax of the upper 5 percent of the nation (those making above $250,000). For arguments sake let's say that is true. How is he going to pay for his multi-trillion dollar increase in budgetary spending? Maybe he'll raise the gas tax 75 percent, maybe tax on cigarrettes will go up 50 percent, how about tax on food 80 percent; see where I'm going with this. Loopholes. (7) Do you know he voted many times for criminal rights - for example, he voted against a person's right to protect their home from an intruder. (8) He flipflops on issues all the time. One minute his tax level will be 250,000 then its 150,000. He constantly waivered on his stance towards Israel. One minute he's for standing with it, then he says well, maybe we should divide it so Palestine will have control. Not to forget he was saying that he would NOT accept private funding, then he broke his promise and added private funding to the public funding for his campaign. He's already breaking promises. (9) He wants to "sit down" with leaders from Iran, North Korea, etc. (10) He is for a measure that would require young women (ages 18-25) to register for Selective Service; the same system that IF the draft was reinstated, the names would be drawn from. Maybe I'll continue the list tomorrow.

by guest 02:53:33 AM 2008.11.02
McCain will support our troops. My dad, 2 cousins and soon I will. I support the troops as much as I can. But that's not enough. They need more support. I wish all the soldiers a good day. Go kill them damn terrorist, so I can sleep in peace to night. God bless the U.S.A

by support are troops 02:54:27 AM 2008.11.02
guest post (2:53:33am ) above was mine.

by Formerly aka Guest 02:54:49 AM 2008.11.02
Its wonderful you americans can think Obama or McCain. Becouse of your great president Reagan we Europeans can say elect Obama or anyone. But we still have russians just close of us so pls choose McCain. Obama speaks nice but can abyone really trust him ? ? ? Really ? ? ? Who is this gay ? ? ? Pls dont give us an other idiotCarter, tks.

by Frank 03:21:43 AM 2008.11.02
Frank thanks for letting us know other people in other people care who the U.S.A should pick to be are pres.

by support are troops 03:49:42 AM 2008.11.02
Frank, We would like to Thank You for the kind words. We try to do the best we can, as all should. This country has attempted to help out all in need, in the best way we could. It has not always been perfect, but we did try. It is nice to know that some abroad can at least see that. There have been countless sacrifices made around the world, by countless men and women, from nearly every country. Everyone of those individuals should always be kept in our hearts. But some of those individuals just stand out, and PRESIDENT REAGAN was one of the greatest. We may never see another man like him in our lifetime, but another is just what we need. I do feel that McCain is the best candidate that we have, Obama does not even come close to being the caliber of the man McCain is. I just would like to know at what point did the citizens of this great nation start to look at the ideology of countries and dictators that had long been held as our foes, and believe that those ideas that we fought to keep from spreading and oppressing its citizens and neighbors would be what this country needs now.

by SHANE 06:18:33 AM 2008.11.02
Some fascinating posts lately! Thanks to you, Frank for your post! It IS wonderful that we have a Nation that can CHOOSE-Vote for who we want as our President! What a privilege it its to say that. There countless countries that do NOT get that choice....just a Dictator and nothing else. I pray for you, Frank. The Russians need to BACK OFF and leave all other countries alone......because all they want is more land for themselves, and the oil there. They are a selfish people UNLIKE the USA, who only wants to HELP other countries from being oppressed and or murdered by their Dictator (no matter what they call him). This country, for all of you that show disdain for it, GIVES more money and support to other countries out of the goodness of OUR hearts!! We dont go to CONQUER other countries and make them ours. That has not been our intent! Yet, to hear some Radicals, Democrats or both, you would think thats what Bush W was doing when we went to Iraq. If that were true, why didnt we just take over Kuwait in the Gulf War and just make it our newest State in the Union?, it was Bush Sr then. ..........We DO need a strong leader RIGHT NOW. The world is in turmoil and a weak on defense Pres would not be a wise choice for us. McCain, even as Frank says, is the stronger of the two AND even where Frank comes from, he KNOWS we do NOT need another Carter!!! Frank, please pray for OUR COUNTRY!!!

by Dee Dee 09:34:26 AM 2008.11.02
by guest 12:38:46 AM 2008.11.02 Thank you, THANK YOU for your post! Reading it gave me goose bumps and brought a tear to my eye. This country has always been on the side of FREEDOM! And our forefathers are probably rolling over in their graves at whats going on in this country right now. But yet, there is so much good, still, right here. I feel all that goodness is being threatened by many forces....some OUTside our country and some from WITHIN. We are living in a scary time. Some time I wish we could go back to a more simple time with out all the baggage.

by Dee Dee 10:04:36 AM 2008.11.02
Formerly AKA guest, I thoroughly enjoy your posts! Especially the last couple where you have listed, one by one WHY you think Obama is wrong for this country! BRAVO! I fall in line with what you have listed. I guess at the late stage, it may be too late to change anyones mind, but I hope some come to their senses and vote for McCain. My daughter came by last night and said her husband voted for Bob Barr, or whatever his name is.............I was soooooooooo upset. What a waste of a McCain vote. I hope all is going well for you and yours, AKA. Keep those great posts coming!

by Dee Dee 10:14:04 AM 2008.11.02
Shane, what would we do around here without YOUR input? I appreciate you. Many times you make me think, and thats a good thing. You said earlier "This country has attempted to help out all in need, in the best way we could. It has not always been perfect, but we did try." I agree. We havent always made the right decisions, but our hearts have always been in the right place. One thing I DONT understand tho, is why the Govt doesnt always look back at history and LEARN from it! Seems sometime the same mistakes are made over and over. Also, the last comment you made: "I just would like to know at what point did the citizens of this great nation start to look at the ideology of countries and dictators that had long been held as our foes, and believe that those ideas that we fought to keep from spreading and oppressing its citizens and neighbors would be what this country needs now." Wow. To me, you are referring to Obamas philosophy today. Or thats what I am thinking anyway. Why people want him in office, to me it seems, is WHAT HE WILL DO FOR you personally (meaning the citizens of course). I am not sure they are looking at the whole picture. Obama has been so good at talking, his followers are not HEARING what he is actually saying. Thank God for the people IN THE KNOW that are out there actually looking into his past, AND for the people listening......the things he has said before he began the Campaign. Much of the things they report are ON TAPE, audio or video. But the Lib, Dems are NOT listening!! He WANTS TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUSION!!! It, just SAD that JOURNALISM IS DEAD. Only opinion survives now, for the most part. How did it come to this? If the so called, journalists would just REPORT the truth, maybe we wouldnt be in this predicament now. I hope all have a good day today. IF you are not working, may it be a day of relaxation and rejuvenation for you!! I dont know about you, but I NEED that to get ready for the rest of the week!!

by Dee Dee 10:39:08 AM 2008.11.02
One last SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.... THANK YOU for you and your families service to our country. McCain wants to increase help for our solders and many, many of them need it when they come home. The old ones and the ones coming back today.

by Dee Dee 10:42:43 AM 2008.11.02
This will be my last post on this board. DeeDee, Patty, Shane, I have really enjoyed reading your posts. And if anything good has come out of this election, it is seeing the younger generations getting involved in the election process. Even though some of our views may vary, our actions in this election will change the course of this nation forever. Come Wed. the 5th, half of this nation will be disappointed, but regardless who wins, as a nation, we have to come together and present a unified front, or our nation will fall. To the undecided voters out there, I urge each of you to turn off your tv's, and seriously research each of the candidates. Do not fall in the trap and rely on hype to sway your decision one way or the other. I know some out there will allow the polls to influence their votes, or not vote at all. Please don't do that. Every vote is important. But vote based on your convictions, not on what is popular. Remember the next President will appoint Supreme Court Justices (probably 2) and these people are appointed for life. Again, i enjoyed most of the posts, except the vulgar ones, and we have had some of those on both sides. Well, I will end by saying, God bless all of us under His heaven; and may the USA continue to prosper. Good bye!

by Formerly aka Guest 05:17:37 PM 2008.11.02

by guest 01:05:55 AM 2008.11.03
AKA, we are sad to see you leave, you will be dearly missed ........... Dee Dee, You pretty much caught the gist of what I was saying, I just sit back and look at all the people out there that just want everything handed to them. It is truly disheartening that we our losing as a nation our will to do for ourselves. ................................... sugamama lady v, Well THANK YOU for proving how ignorant most of the NOBAMA supporters are. If you had actually paid attention to the post made by the repeat contributors here. You would have noticed that we have investigated all the candidates, and the majority of people here do not reduce ourselves to your HATEFUL RACISTS slant. But you just keep believing that just because we do not feel that Obama would be a good President at this time, do to his Political stance on issues, his known associations with people of QUESTIONABLE CHARACTER, or the fact the he has attempted to hide much of his past. You would rather say that it is because he is BLACK, well that is not even correct, you really need to check your facts. Do not accuse someone of something so hateful on blind stupidity, you make yourself look like a dolt. You might want to enroll yourself into some adult education classes also, if you want to make a point to change someones mind, you need to be able to do it intelligently. You just come across as another of the NOBAMA lemmings running for the cliff to jump off, and you don't even know why. We do not follow blindly, and race has nothing to do with it for the most of us here. We look at who the nominee is and look into their political ideology, their character and what could they bring to the table that could be best for the country at this time. It seems to me that the people that come in here spreading hate and antipathy, as you did, are doing so to promote fear or the feeling that we owe this to Obama. I owe my country, to do the right thing and vote for who I feel would be best suited to run the country under the circumstances we are currently in. If you want to say that I would not vote for a person of any color, well you are wrong, here in Oklahoma we had a great congressman by the name of J.C. Watts, by the way he was black. That was not why I voted for him, He did the best job he could and was a great congressman for Oklahoma. He worked tirelessly for this state and our Nation, he did not seek reelection to move on to other things, he wanted to give someone else a chance. I would vote for him as our next President in a heartbeat, not because of the color of his skin, because he is a man with impeccable CHARACTER. The thing that many of us feel that OBAMA does not have. That fact has started to make a stir in Obamas lead in the polls, so we will just have to wait and see who the next President is, but we will all have to come together, and stand behind this great nation no matter which it is. There is alot of work to be done to repair the problems that we have here, I just do not feel that Obama has the tools to be able to do the job required ahead. As his running-mate Biden said " The Presidency is not a job that lends itself to on the job training." So if his party did not think he had the tools to do the job. but the American people liked the eloquent speeches he gave, and gave him the nod. What makes you think he will be able to do it after he gets in the office? He is unproven at this point, that does not mean that after he has some experience put under his belt that he would not be able to do it later. At the current time, the only person with any experience in the Executive branch, is Sarah Palin. I suport her, but I feel she could have had more experience, also. Please do not come in here and assume you know why we vote for who we feel is the best candidate, we love to debate the issues but you can leave the HATE at the door. We welcome all that would like to expand their minds by trading the ideas of others, and debating them with the facts.

by SHANE 05:05:33 AM 2008.11.03
Obama is a damn socialist.

by Danny 05:09:55 AM 2008.11.03
To SUGAMOMA. Wow. The first thing I noticed about your post is how hateful it is, the next thing that struck me is what you said....and I QUOTE: "But Obama is tryin to help us in everyway he can if we just believe in him!" So, you believe he IS the Messiah and if you just believe in him he will help YOU? I can hardly believe what you said! There have been very few that have come in here with racist words and those have been silly fly-by posts....NOTHING of substance was said. And YOUR post, Ms Sugamoma, has nothing of substance in it either. You just rant and rave. You dont try to explain your position, you dont give any facts, you just SPEW HATE. I am not going to lower myself to your level and spew back at you but I will say it seems to ME that you are uneducated, by the way you speak AND that you are just a blind FOLLOWER (not a SUPPORTER) of Obama maybe JUST because hes black. That would make YOU a racist! The biggest statement you made was the one I quoted....and it shows me that all you want is a hand out. Thats who will be coming out to vote for Obama...the ones that believe this country OWES them something....but if you think, if he is elected , you are gonna start getting checks in the mail from HIM, man, are you going to be disappointed! I ALMOST feel sorry for you. But I dont really cuz maybe YOU are one of the ones that just dont want to better yourself. Whens the last time you took a FREE class to learn a trade or something that would better your life? In order to get a decent paying job, you would need to speak proper English, for starters. Whether anyone likes it or not, we are judged by the way we speak, carry ourselves and how we dress and how respectful we are. I used to always tell my kids that. You know, people should be responsible for THEMSELVES! What can I do to better my life? Is it education? You can get simple education for FREE, there are plenty of Adult Education classes offered at the Unemployment Dept. I discount what you say because of the way you said it. AND this notion that Obama will save you IF YOU BELIEVE IN HIM sounds like you are talking about GOD. IF you were to go back to the begining of this blog and READ, you would find FACTS on both sides from posters that have done their RESEARCH and are NOT voting for Obama OR McCain JUST BECAUSE. They understand why, the FACTS of why they believe in their choice of candidate. Go back and read....maybe you will learn something. Good GRIEF what is this country coming to.

by Dee Dee 10:25:24 AM 2008.11.03
Shane, kudos to you! You said it all! Your posts are always a pleasure to read. My favorite sentence from your last post is: QUOTE: Please do not come in here and assume you know why we vote for who we feel is the best candidate, we love to debate the issues but you can leave the HATE at the door. We welcome all that would like to expand their minds by trading the ideas of others, and debating them with the facts.UNQUOTE

by Dee Dee 10:28:48 AM 2008.11.03
AKA.............I am in shock! Why are you leaving! Ok, none of my business...but you will be sorely missed! I have so enjoyed your wisdom and all of the contributions you have made here. I wish you all the best and wish I could know you, and many others, personally. Discussion and debate over a cup of coffee sounds like so much fun! Well, goodbye. I hope in some way, somehow, we can meet again!! Pray for OUR COUNTRY!! Pray for our TROOPS...who are WINNING this war in Iraq and WILL be coming home WITH PRIDE, when the time is right!!! The fight MUST continue in Afghanistan. This country MUST be protected. And it WILL if McCain gets elected. I will miss you, AKA.........I call you my friend.

by Dee Dee 10:34:06 AM 2008.11.03
MCCAIN 4 SURE!! No matter what, we are goin 2 hav the 1st WOMEN vice prez and obama is going to get rid of military or watever. CUZ HE DOEZNT LIKE THEM. hav u heard about obamaz aunt?? uh u beta look it up!! :) sum of my frannz hav said that their family iz gunna move 2 CANADA if obama iz elected. even though he iz winnin bcuz of hiz "change we need" thing, we dont want the change 2 be destroyin AMERICA!!! Exactly!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

by Gooo McCain!! 01:55:32 PM 2008.11.03
Hi all, Wow, I can't believe what I'm reading. Why is everyone leaving sooo soon??? We still have tonight and all day tomorrow, and like I said, the fat lady hasn't sung yet!!!! I HATE good bye's so you won't read those words from me, but what I will say is talk to you again soon, I hope. Now, I am going to PRAY PRAY PRAY tonight and all day tomorrow. I really believe John McCain and Sarah Palin have a good chance to still win this. You can't go by the polls you just can't. And theres been some more shady things come out in the open about Obama, so please all KEEP THE FAITH!!! Shane, Dee Dee, and Aka, I'm so glad the I have had the privilege to converse with you all. I'm so grateful to you all for sharing the same beliefs as I do. And no matter how things turn out tomorrow we must PRAY with all our hearts for our BRAVE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN who have fought, are fighting and who will have to continue to fight harder and sacrifice more especially if Obama prevails. I pray for them everyday and I know you all will too. Now I will be back tomorrow and I hope to communicate with you all again then. Have a wonderful night all and dont forget to VOTE!!! GOD BLESS to all...............

by Patty 08:09:23 PM 2008.11.03
Dee Dee, Thank you for the kind words or encouragement. It just seems when some wants to come in here, and drop a comment of ignorance, then leave. They really get my goose. I would be more then happy to debate any of the NOBAMA supporters, as long as they were respectful of others. But when they show disrespect, they get disrespect. "Treat others as you would like to be treated." OBS did the same thing, you were about the only one she was nice to, everyone else she had to belittle. She got in my crawl constantly, and she did not like it when she was treated the same. I for one do not miss her, she was nothing more then a spin doctor for the Obama camp............................................................ Patty, Glad to see you back. I was wondering if you had left us. Do not worry, I do not give up easily. A good quote to remember would be a favorite poem of mine. ........................................................... Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, Do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray. O not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. ........................................................................................................................ That tells me that we should never give up, not matter how tomorrow looks. But if you would like here is another........................ -J. R. R. Tolkien ......................................................................................... All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by frost........................................................ So look past what you see on the outside, appearances can be deceiving. A very short statement that give meaning to both candidates in a very simple answer.

by SHANE 11:54:04 PM 2008.11.03
Gooo McCain!!, I love to see new faces in here, and yes I have heard about his Aunt. I also heard the release of the statement he made about how his economic plan would destroy the coal mining industry. His character seems to dwindle daily, but the LIBERAL MEDIA has said hardly a thing of any of it. They have instead focused on things like going after "JOE THE PLUMBER" and ILLEGALLY getting records pertaining to his personnel records with the state. But hey we all know how unbiased that they are. I would ask that you please make your post more legible. I must admit that I am a REDNECK (AND DAMN PROUD OF IT), so trying to figure out your post for some people can be a bit hard. Unfortunately, I have not yet taken a class on TYPONESE, but I guess it is about time too. Please do not take offense at what I say, I am just trying to think of everyone here. We would enjoy having you here, as well as all others to put in your two cents worth.

by SHANE 12:15:16 AM 2008.11.04
12 hours to go GO OBAMA !!!Vote Obama Biden or Obama will Bama you stupid old farts that "LOVE" Mr. Cane oh i mean Mr.McCain stupid senile ass go kill yourself wrinkly old hag perv 60 yr old with a 30 year old go kill yourself!

by OBAMA WILL BAMA YOU 01:25:31 AM 2008.11.04
less than one day until they strat calling McCain pres. I'm part of the next genaration. I wish all the f'n retarded obama suporters get it right HE IS A ANTI-CHRIST NO GOOD SOB THAT WIILL SCREW ARE COUNTRY. All the McCain supporters go and pray to night that a democrat don't vote. GOD BLESS AMERICA. GO VOTE RIGHT PLEASE

by SUPPORT ARE TROOPS 01:35:22 AM 2008.11.04
OBAMA WILL BAMA YOU 01:25:31 AM 2008.11.04................. Put on your helmet and go play in traffic you infantile little loony leftist. If the best you can do is come in here throwing around your hate speech. Proving what MORON you are. I only have one thing to say to you." HAVE A NICE CUP OF SHUT THE F*$% UP, AND GO STICK A PENNY IN THE LIGHT SOCKET." I know that we all have the right to VOTE, but IDIOTS like you should have to pass an IQ test. Something about you says, not so much that there is a lack upstairs, but more like there is NO upstairs. Do the liberal thing and have yourself spayed or neutered so your genetic make-up can be removed from the shallow end of the gene pool. You know where the SCUM grows.

by SHANE 02:26:18 AM 2008.11.04
Dee Dee, Patty I apologize for the language if it offends(which it does) but I am getting sick and tired of these feeble minded infantile morons coming in here saying the same crap constantly. The least they could do is come up with some new hate speech at least, so as to prove that they have some sort of intelligence. At some point you just have to give back the same crap that they put out. Taking the high road would be better in almost every other occasion, but I have had enough after this election cycle.

by SHANE 02:32:59 AM 2008.11.04
Shane, no need to apologize, to me anyway, I feel your pain! Dee Dee is the Saint, God love her!! I can't tolerate ignoramouses like "obama bama whatever the hell that illiterate is! What really bothers me about this person is that He~she is more than likely VERY YOUNG AND UNEDUCATED. And I'm sure they have no other reason to vote for Obama other than the fact that he is BLACK! I truley HATE saying that because up until this election I NEVER considered myself to be a racist or as being predjudice, but thanks to Mr. Obama he has brought out a part of me that I never knew existed. If mr. obama does win, I WILL NEVER CALL HIM MY PRESIDENT. He stands for EVERYTHING that I AM NOT. And I will NEVER EVER forgive him for putting my two nephews, even more in harms way, by cutting the military budget. All I have to say to all the obama supporters out there is YOU ASKED FOR IT AND YOU WILL GET IT. Remember these words: BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, YOU JUST MAY GET IT. I'm praying tonight as I sleep, MCCAIN ALL THE WAY.....GO GO GO MCCAIN PALIN, OUR TRUE TRUE HEROES! Night all, talk to you all again tomorrow!

by Patty 03:13:16 AM 2008.11.04

by A MCcain supporter 03:40:10 AM 2008.11.04
Shane, no need to apologize! They get to me when they come in here and say outragous things.....then leave never to return to EXPLAIN what they say or try to back up their beliefs. It just shows what kind of people are out there blindly following their 'MESSIAH" without knowing the FACTS. The worst one to me was that Sugamoma lady. IF she had anything of substance, we could have debated but nope....she just sounds ignorant. OBS was the ONLY one that came here and at least tried to argue HER idea of the facts! All the rest of the Dems that come in are just fly by posts and most dont make sense. Thats the base of the Obama followers, dont you think? He sounds good to them cuz hes gonna GIVE them something. Thats all they know.

by Dee Dee 09:59:05 AM 2008.11.04
Patty....Honey, I aint no saint!! LOL But thanks for your words, they mean a lot to me. bout we find a place to go after today so we can continue our discussions even AFTER the Election? Shane, Patty, AKA (maybe she comes back and read the posts at least) what do you think? Create a blog? Im not good at that type of thing, but maybe one of you can think of something. My nickname is ElvisDream. Oh heck Im just gonna post it. Myspace dot com slash ElvisDream. I hope and pray today will be a VICTORIOUS day for us! I dont know if I can keep my mind on work! Wish I could stay up all night and watch every moment as the Election goes on.........theres even an Election Party tonight with one of our local Radio Stations. But I go to bed about 8p or so, not sure Im up to losing that much sleep!! KEEPING UP THE FIGHT! I will be thinking of McCain-Palin today JUST AS I WILL ALL OF YOU HERE!!! My BEST to all, especially you ...Shane, Patty, AKA, and the rest of the fighters for RIGHT that have dropped by!

by Dee Dee 10:11:57 AM 2008.11.04
i believe Obama for president. i believe also if you cant vote then you shouldnt state how you want. because you could get up of your lazy butts and make a difference. Plus obama is help with tax relif. which this country needs right now. and obama is getting rid of the war. which is a great ides in my eyes. everyone i am sorry if you dont agree with me but.. make the right choose for change and vote for OBAMA! [im barack obama and i approve this message] LOL

by Ashley 11:36:43 AM 2008.11.04

by MELVIN MILES 07:04:36 PM 2008.11.04
I finally voted for the first time in my life and I know I made the right decision. I am so proud of myself and all the other Americans who voted today. After everything the McCain supporters said I still voted for Barack Obama. Do you really need to try that hard to convince yourselves that your right? It's one thing to stand up for what you believe in but it's quite another to harass someone for voting for who they want elected. Obama_Biden 08'

by ShanRgst 09:02:41 PM 2008.11.04
I voted for McCain Palin whoo hoo, and all i can say is if Obama wins I cant wait to buy the bumper sticker that says "DONT BLAME ME I DIDNT VOTE HIM IN YOU DID IDIOT" Go McCain Palin, I think you have a chance at pulling through!!

by VOTED McCain Palin 09:23:08 PM 2008.11.04
suck my dick

by guest 09:27:41 PM 2008.11.04
obama is stupid hes going to ruin the nation i wish people would wake up and realize it!! but i guess we will just have to wait for someone to kill him!

by Magouirk 09:50:59 PM 2008.11.04
hey why does everyone think someones gonna kill obama. bush screwed this country for 8 years and he didnt get killed so obama definantly wont

by Allie 10:20:23 PM 2008.11.04
Im afraid that some of you have been mislead by most of the media and Obamas great ability to give an outstanding speech. I stated before that if you believe Obama is going to make everything wonderful for you......well, you really should realize that ONLY YOU can do that for yourselves. SOME of the stories of his associations ARE TRUE. Some may be embellished a bit, but who knows for sure? Hes on tape saying some pretty astonishing things, but I betcha a cookie you guys havent heard about it. Obama talks great and he sounds great, but I dont trust him. Its almost over anyway, so we all have to just wait and see. Have you read the Constitution? It IS all about YOUR rights! It isnt about what the Govt should do TO YOU or FOR you. It states we all have the right to prosper if we so wish. This country wasnt founded on Socialism and it shouldnt be now. Even the great Democrat President JF Kennedy said: ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY. Obama is filthy rich, and I dont understand how he got that way. But if you guys would rather take his money and give it to yourselves, well, guess thats your business. I dont want his money or any one elses money. I am a responsible adult and take responsibility for MYSELF. Not lookin for a handout from anyone. Just working hard and living within my own means. I am not jealous of people with money. The majority of them WORKED for it. Some of the richest people are big fat Politicians. I dont much trust them either. Please dont be hateful. I know there has been some thrown around in here, but that still doesnt make it right. And to anyone that speaks of someone being killed.....that just shows YOUR character.

by Dee Dee 11:50:48 PM 2008.11.04

by guest 12:17:27 AM 2008.11.05
I voted for MCCAIN and he has already been given OKLAHOMA. ......... McCain\Palin 2008

by SHANE 12:48:44 AM 2008.11.05
I'm with you Dee Dee, I don't want anything from anyone. I've been employed since I was 14 years old and I am a responsible adult. If only the people bragging how "now they will be taken care of because they have a leader who will make sure of it" could see just how lazy and scummy it makes them look, they wouldn't be saying it. Well it makes me sick! I work so hard for what I have, and believe me it aint much. But at least I know, that I've EARNED everything that I do have. And nobody can ever take that away from me. I will always be proud that I voted for John McCain, and I will always be forever greatful to him for doing all he could to keep my nephews as safe as possible while they are serving in the military. I guess I will just have to pray a bit more for them now. I guess thats all I have to say tonite, I feel so sad. I'm going to go to bed and I'm going to pray for all of us, because boy are we going to need prayers!!!! I will also pray that some miracle will happen while I'm asleep and when I wake up the headlines will read: John McCain pulls it off, and is now the 44th president of the United States! God Bless to all of you and good night.

by Patty 02:21:44 AM 2008.11.05
The Wolf (obama) will now devour the sheep (liberals) that followed him with such delight in their stupidity. I now wonder what will happen with the BERG vs. obama trial?

by SHANE 03:31:41 AM 2008.11.05
all i can say is that the man who has helped drag american faces in his own shit will be out of office in january. mccain was just another bush. okay he is better than bush, he hasn't destroyed our country. all the old red necks out there can kiss my ass. mccain would have died soon and are you so sure you want palan leading our country?? here's the middle finger out to all the reps out there!

by guest 04:00:50 AM 2008.11.05
Hey Shane sorry havent responded to your comment...just becuz obam went to a muslim school in his past doesnt make him muslims...sorry but just cuz someone believed something in the past doesnt mean he believes it today. I have friends who are christains and they use to be muslims..does that make them a muslim still...sorry but it the way my friend is a christain pastor now...we can jugde anyone only god is horrible that he believes in those things with abortions but it's not our place to judge. as fare as th berg vs obama trial they dismissed it and the guys trying to take it to a highter court...obama didnt give the courts the info they requested and the judge still dismissed the sis had an abortion...I was against it and I told her that but unfortanitly I couldnt hold her down and force her to have the baby. my sister lives with that acking choice for the rest of her life and its been over a yr since she did it and she is greatly effected by it. my mother had may abortions and so did many of my other family members and they all greif and ack cuz the horrible choice they made. I almost made that same mistake when I was 18 thinking that I messed up my now husbands life and my life..i had people telling me to get rid of it and I got so depressed i had to go to the hospital cuz i was having a misscarriage and not til then did i c the choice i was going to make was not for son is now going on 9 in kids are my world but everyone has a choice and I made mine to keep my baby. but unforantly not everyone is me or you or anyone else who choice life..and honesly we just have to pray. god hates the sin not the sinner. and everyone makes mistakes and has freewill...god gave us free will. well good nite everyone stay possitive....and try to be nice to one another

by tiffany 06:26:43 AM 2008.11.05
And heres a middle finger right back at cha guest!! Because now I can't wait to say "WE TOLD YOU SO...... When you have no 401k left, when you can't afford to make your ends meet or you're in jeapordy of losing your house, and God knows what kinds of threats will be coming our way now with a muslim running our country! Because I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS NOT AN AMERICAN. I will never EVER call him my president. He may have fooled all you mooching lazy bastards, but he will never have my trust. And maybe your one of those 'leeches" that just want to live off of the rich????? Well congrats to you then. I will always work hard for what I have and I will NEVER expect anyone to have to support me. I am a PROUD AMERICAN, I have two nephews who are proudly serving in the United States Navy and I will always put my country first. God Bless America! And guess what Guest? You will get exactly what you asked for..........and I can't wait for that!

by Patty 11:31:12 AM 2008.11.05
So anyone watch CNN this morning! Oh great OBAMA our president and freaking Russia not even 6 hours after its called says they are challenging this Obama Ass and are ready to deploy Missles at our US defense. Yes I said it people think about packing your bags only 6 hours and this is already challenged because they know he dont want to support our military troops and military funding and our enemies know it,. SO great job idiots for voting him in I hope you are getting the CHANGE you all wanted. Cant wait to see what he does because while he is probably sleeping Russia is lock and loaded! WHAT A MISTAKE YOU ALL MADE AND UNFORTUNATELY ME AND MY FAMILY WILL HAVE TO SUFFER FROM IT OR PICK UP AND MOVE!

by PISSED OFF AT IDIOTS 12:03:10 PM 2008.11.05
well everyone get ready for the HATE WARS because they are inevitably going to happen. Get your GUNS why you still can, better believe most blacks are already lock and loaded and if you wait to long you wont be able to get one if Obama has his way and he will with a DEMOCRATIC Government they alreayd joked on the news that there arent enough Republicans in the seats to do squat so they can basically sit back and collect tax dollar salaries for nothing because thats all they can do and be scared that their days are numbered as well. Go rednecks I know you all have your shotguns but look for something automatic!!!!! Protect yourself to the smart true Americans that I know are still out there because the fight isnt over yet!!!!! Sit & watch for now and just be prepared for when Obama fails us!!!!! Also did anyone catch the blimp of news that saw Obamas school in Indonesia celebrating (umm what I just say, OMG I did didnt I) Great a muslim is ruling our country and american or should I say so called americans put him there.

by Americans fail us 12:12:51 PM 2008.11.05
all the obama supporters can drink a bottle of castor oil as far as i'm concerned. maybe then all the shit that they've been spewing will finally be washed out of their system. mark my words taxes will increase without limit. obama may cut income taxes, but he will run hog wild with the rest of the taxes. it may not happen today, but it will. and you'll only have yourselves to blame. america got obama, we all lose!

by guest 03:40:55 PM 2008.11.05

by guest 04:00:34 PM 2008.11.05
how many other times has good gotten screwed over by evil? hittler screwed the jews, the pharasiees and the saducees screwed christ, benedict arnold screwed the americans. the darkess will eclipse the light for only so long, then when christ returns the light will conquer the darkness. evil may have won the day but the war is god's.

by guest 05:29:36 PM 2008.11.05
Call me silly but it was only a landslide by electoral vote which was obama 349 to McCain 147. However wasnt that much of a landslide in actual people's vote it was still pretty close race with Obama having 62,451,643 and McCain having 55,393,549. SO that makes Obama still having to work with 55,393,549 people who do not agree with him so calling the mccain people a minority is not necessary true because thats alot of people. So fact check yourself he won because the states with alot of foreigners with rights to vote unfortunately had higher electoral points which caused him to win. McCain still had alot of supports and I will add supporters that arent backing down and will put every road block they can up!!!!! And all I can say is I hope Obama delivers everything hes promised as Im looking forward to my freebies as all his supporters are!!! Oh but wait his acceptance speech has already spoiled that as he stated he can make immediate change like he falsely promised but yet that it would take another term in office (HA not even president yet gotta wait to Jan 20, 2009 and already campaigning for his 2nd term LOL). Any how it will be interesting to see a almost 50-50 split nation come together granite Obama carrying a few more supporters but many more. Hatred and Racism is far from over unfortunately and perhaps its all about to come out again but not only do the white have there hate gang the KKK but the blacks have one also called the Black Panthers. So unfortunately Im not confident that its over especially everyone pulling race card. I wish the US the best cant do anything now so time to sit back and watch as it all unfolds. Whats going to happen is going to happen and unfortunately we dont have much say because politicians do what they want when they want and only tell what you want to hear till your vote has been casted. Wake Up Everyone have your eyes wide open at all times as Dark times are ahead because unity amongst people in the US in not happening anytime soon

by Wake Up Everyone 09:16:02 PM 2008.11.05
we which voted for mccain did the right thing its the ones that didnt vote for him is the ones that will be crying and see that they voted for they know not what,,all i can say now is pray for our lost nation

by melvin miles 10:13:46 PM 2008.11.05
Juss believe wat obama say cuz he will keep on winning.

by Cornelle 10:16:05 PM 2008.11.05
What in the hell did all these jackasses do to are country. WE ARE SCREWED NOW. Lets just get these JACKASS OUT OF HERE. We need someone to leed use not screw us.McCain '12. GOD BLEES AMERICA

by SUPPORT OUR TROOPS 11:00:37 PM 2008.11.05
None of them really listened, Patty and Shane. Obviously or they would not have been so gung ho for know who. I remember a while back when there was a group of children singing to him....werent they singing ABOUT him? Just like Hitlers "children'. Hitler would walk by them and pat their little heads. Maybe Hitlers spirit has lived on. We are now on our way to becoming a socialist country. Maybe with a touch of Communism......It just breaks my heart. Yes, SHANE, you are right, the lies are already showing thru. How you dems thought, THINK he was, IS going to accomplish what he said he would, I just do NOT understand. You all just ignored what was going on and listened to his smoooooth voice. We shall see what kind of change he brings. I dont think even YOU GUYS will like it. .................................................................................................To my new friends, I will keep the faith that this country will not stand for some of his antics. WE can make changes too. There IS hope for will just take some time to get organized. ...................TO YOU BHO PEOPLE.......YOU ARE STUPID AND YOU......CAN......KISS.....MY.....LILY......WHITE.....ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some day in the future you will wish you hadnt done what you did. There! Patty, Shane!! I TOLD EM! LOL :) Keep the spirit and keep the love of our Country, our Troops and the Confidence we will need. Goodbye, at least for now.........

by Dee Dee 01:03:44 AM 2008.11.06
Well cant eat at Mc Donalds no more do you believe this www.365black(period)com you know I never have had a problem but crap like this makes me sick now you know if we all white anything we get locked up sewed or shot, but it seems to me blacks have alot of ALL BLACK stuff and nothing happens to them but yet they still call the racial card. Some one please explain this to me. Well my children will miss those kids meal but that god for chick fila and burger king lol Im not giving another penny to McDonalds so they can spend profits on websites like that one! NO WAY! Well I have more blogs to post this on because this should hit home for all people that arent black. And lets see if I can damper there lovely profits in this already failing economy HAHAHAHA!!

by check out that webpg 12:43:03 AM 2008.11.07
what bad english mizznatasha93 has and education as they were not talking about his collEge lol he was his elementary school. No one claimed to know his GPA or his disputing his grade point average. No one claimed he was dumb. The educated people merely dont agree with his policies he wants to put in place as we feel that they are all for the wrong for our country. Of all the obama supporters on here, you all need to proof read what you write because you are the ones that come off so stupid and should really think about going back to school. More so you prove yourself of the definition of the word we are not allowed to say as freely as you can though the definition says nothing of color but hey many of you dont have good english and im sure dont own a Websters dictionary. So come here and preach your ignorance as it is only what we expect of you anyway. Im not talking of all there are some highly respectful educated people of all colors shapes and sizes but we all know the ones Im speaking of. To all dont let their ignorant bliss get to you continue to be above that because thats what makes them mad. Good Night to all with common sense, Remember sleep with 1 eye open never know when or where the nightmares may begin!

by PPL are unbelievable 12:56:02 AM 2008.11.07
MizzNatasha93, I could reply to you like I have so many others, but I will just sit here and laugh at your ignorance. Your post shows the level of STUPIDITY of so many other NOBAMA supporters. But hey you have to live with the consequences also. So I guess we are all in the same boat together, this just makes it easier for us to know which of you MORONS TO THROW OUT FIRST. I will not sit idly by, and let my country be destroyed. So get ready, because this is but the first round. Captain John Paul Jones told the British " I have not yet begun to fight." He said this while his boat was on fire. So get ready. Big-eared Barry did not win by that much in the popular vote, so you did not receive a landslide like Reagan won with. He was about as close as the last couple of elections, in the margin.

by Shane 01:07:36 AM 2008.11.07
well obama is prez he is starting in january, he has to much changes to america.

by katie goose 02:45:11 PM 2008.11.08
hi all, pls be patient with me,typing with one hand, had shoulder surgery yesterday. Yep wanted to get my surgey in b4 universal healthcare comes in so there was actual hope in getting the surgery! Can't stay on too long cuz of my meds but, just wanted to know if anyone has noticed that now that nobama is speaking for himself (no more written speeches) he's right back ahhh, uhhh, ohhh,ummm,eayy.ummmm........This man is such a 1st class idiot! Boy does our country need PRAYERS.... and alot! Thank God for these meds... think i'll go get another fix....take care all and God bless.....

by Patty 08:06:12 PM 2008.11.08
Patty, I wish a speedy recovery for you. I think everyone has noticed alot about NOBAMA in the last couple of days. I find it interesting that some in his own party have started to doubt him. as well as some of the media after helping get him elected. Guess after the hypnosis wore off, they were wondering what they had done. Welp, like I stated before the IDIOTS have to live with this MORON just as we do. I can only hope people pull their heads out before 2010.

by SHANE 12:43:56 AM 2008.11.09
shut up!

by guest 10:09:55 PM 2008.11.10
I c that ignorance is here to stay but whatever BARACK OBAMA won ha change is on the way!!

by Ree in t-town 05:59:04 PM 2008.11.19

by OBAMMAOBAMMAOBAMMA 12:04:40 AM 2008.11.20
Obama is our help

by renato fiorito 05:38:16 AM 2008.12.14
tho i might be late on the decisions before the vote for the McCaine's supports if there were talks about McCaine(NOT SAYING IT'S JUST TALKS)but if there were things going on about McCaine you still would be behind him 100% right or wrong?well that just what Obama's supports are doing sticking behind our person that we look up to no matter what,and with the grandma thing you just want on and jump to concludings about the man without even knowing anything first,you shouldn't have done that.Now like i always say people have there on opinions and no one shoud put people down on their decision making,but anyways i just want to say McCaine did put up a good fiight but i do think that the BESY MAN WON!

by Obama Fan 08:51:23 PM 2009.02.18
Obama Sucks!

by Matt 12:32:48 AM 2009.03.24
hi is me john liska i vol you

by john liska 02:22:45 AM 2010.05.26
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