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Poll: Who makes the best cars?
Question: Who makes the best cars?
• Ford
• General Motors
• Toyota
• Honda
• Nissan
• Mercedes
• Volkswagen
• Others

Created at 12:27:49 AM 2008.08.04

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Comments (117)
Chevy is the best!

by Gus 04:17:38 AM 2008.08.06
As far as most reliable and longest lasting. Toyota has the most cars left on the road since 1991

by Ridgeville DSM 09:36:21 PM 2008.08.07
American cars suck!!! German Engineering+Japanese motors=Kick ass 1985 BMW E30 318i w/ SR20DETT

by GERMANESE 12:37:47 AM 2008.08.08
toyota is the best

by stephen 01:14:21 AM 2008.08.08
toyota is the best of all cuz there fuel effictiant and the scins are a very uniqe look if u hook them up also subaru

by cip 04:23:41 AM 2008.08.08
mopars are the best, because you can push many horses out of them

by Glyce 10:21:09 PM 2008.08.08
chevey and dodge babyy!!

by tmaiolo 03:53:43 AM 2008.08.09
already gus Chevy , Chevy Boyz

by Omar 07:17:20 AM 2008.08.09

by NEMIS 08:17:41 AM 2008.08.09
volkswagon makes the best car becaus ethey make the bogotie varen the fastest street legal car to date

by austin 05:15:09 PM 2008.08.09
i think mitsubishi is the best.They make good reliable cars, and good drift cars. I own a 1996 Dodge Stealth RT Twin Turbo with all wheel drive, but the dodge stealth was actually made by mitsubishi motors, and you better beleive IT WILL RUN lol.

by Dstealth92 05:55:18 PM 2008.08.09
bmw m5 for life!!!!!

by jeff 10:23:26 PM 2008.08.09
i gotta agree with what Dstealth92 said, mitsubishi is the best. Oh yea to Dstealth92, my dad owns a corvette, just last tuesday he was racing a dodge stealth rt twin turbo, and the stealth smoked him, just goes to show you chevy sucks lol

by deeptoot 10:28:16 PM 2008.08.09
Gotta go with Honda cuzz its in the Acura family but hey thats just me

by GAMX3 02:57:38 AM 2008.08.10
Mercedes Benz CLK AMG DTM Replica, 658 hp, thats the best car ever and it's build in Deutschland, ja das gefällt mir ^^

by Speedy179 09:58:31 AM 2008.08.10
you are all dumbass its vw

by mateusz 09:47:42 PM 2008.08.10
ford is the best and thats y its winning in the poll!!!

by Alex Kuzmanovic 01:19:28 AM 2008.08.11
Toyota is the best! All my family together have had over 10 Toyota/Lexus and they were all awesome.

by hause 04:05:55 AM 2008.08.11
Built Ford Tough The Best Never Rest ford is the best there is and the best there ever will be

by Jason 06:44:26 PM 2008.08.11
Ford make the best cars in my opinion. None of them silly yankee fords though. European Fords own. They look the best. They are affordable, reliable, and the new 2008 stylings are just so eye catching and fresh. Also the ST and RS versions of their models are just amazing, as if they were built for the B roads of England. I should know, I have a Focus ST in white :D

by guest 08:59:26 PM 2008.08.11
its all abot the hondas

by Spooky ktk 06:01:30 PM 2008.08.14
Come over to europe and drive a cheverlet here. They are truely diabolical. The lastest one (thats the one trying to be a Bently) fails so badly at what it is its just funny. I feel sorry so people driving them, they must feel so disappointed with themselves for buying one during they're midlife crisis. Seriously, you americans need to learn how to make a car go round a right hand bend. Then I'll be imperssed.

by Luke 08:27:59 AM 2008.08.15
bmw 740 il babyy v8 power it will blow the doors off you ford

by matt 12:35:44 AM 2008.08.18
mopars will kill anything in their way. the new challenger race edition is amazing! sorry ricers, but i like cars with more horsepower than the nitrous system on it adds. its called torque, look it up. germany makes ok cars

by me 04:06:18 AM 2008.08.19
In my opinion I think Saab makes really awesome cars, that no one really pays any attention to. I love the Saab 9-3 and 9-5. You don't really see many companies that pay attention to interior details like the 1999 - 2005 Saab 9-5. The window switches were in the center console, which is a logical place, since the ignitions switch and gear lever are all down there. I love how Saab does things differently. I mean BMW is overrated and Fords are just plain crap. Give me a 2004 Saab 9-5 Linear Wagon over any 3 Series wagon. I get turbocharged performance and great gas mileage.

by Dee 06:22:22 AM 2008.08.21
I believe Nissan is really good, ,especially like the Skyline GT R-34, or 1993 240SX. I own a 240SX and it runs really good. So thats my opinion on that matter.

by Dave+Emily 07:44:12 AM 2008.08.21
MAZDA Hands Down, Has Destroyed The Rest Of The Market The Past Two Years, Any Arguments, Send Me A Line

by Andy 05:10:44 PM 2008.08.21
But Mazda cannot make adverts.... wtf was va-va-voom at about?

by Luke 06:47:00 PM 2008.08.21
GM! General motors makes many other brands of cars! They make Chevy (my fav), Buick, Pontiac, GMC (of course), Saturn, Saab (didnt know that until a few weeks ago), Hummer, and Cadillac! They were also the first company IN THE WORLD to make a full sized hybrid SUV! They make fuel efficient cars, hybrids, E85 cars, electric cars and they are trying to help our planet! I know because my town (Janesville) has a GM plant in it that is making E85 Tahoes. So if any of you have a problem with TRUE american cars, deal with it! Also any GM/Dodge likers check out my profile at

by Z Man 02:23:15 AM 2008.08.23
GM also make Vauxhalls too. They are pretty good solid family cars, and the new Astra VX look amazing. Pitty they handle like pish

by Luke 04:50:41 PM 2008.08.25
chevys are the shit !

by Matt 05:48:34 PM 2008.08.27
chevys are the best

by Matt 06:03:55 PM 2008.08.27
GM Rocks! Fudge You Brandon!

by Z Man 11:51:49 PM 2008.08.29
i own a toyota x-runner 06 with a twin turbo trd package a 100 shot of zex nitrous oxide 6-speed manual. so far i have not had any problems outrunning anything in my town. I am a gm man at heart but you just cant get a high reving muscle car that is reliable for everyday driving, so i went with my toyota.

by Kal-EL (on red krip) 03:29:55 AM 2008.09.05

by M5bmw 03:33:03 AM 2008.09.15
oh yea....and i forgott.....FORD SUCKS =P

by c4vettePWNage 09:44:30 PM 2008.09.15
People who can't handle to see their POS Gm or Gook toyota need to stop whining. Ford Trucks are the toughest period, wouldn't trade a 7.3L Diesel for any other. GM BLOWS CHUNKS, its a corporate whore, that has nothing better to do then sell to the same group of idiots. Some dumb shit said the other day his GMC was way better then the the same year chevy he had, lol it had the SAME ENGINE. As do all the cars they produce. Pontiac Grand Am has the same engine as the Olds, Monte Carlo, and the Chevy Venture Van, and pontiac van... its a common fact GM sucks ass. lol a corvette PLEASE.... Ford Mustangs are far better looking, and safer. Sure the vette is fast but it only weighs 3000lbs at the most, and lets not forget a stock Z06 Vette will get smoked by a stock Powerstroke Diesel 6.0... Pretty sad when a 14klb truck will beat a 3400lb Vette lol.

by Chris 04:34:17 AM 2008.09.29
A ford mustang beat by a 350 S-10 ROFL... My little SHO Taurus would smoke that pos.

by Chris 03:58:38 AM 2008.10.07
ok idk where u guys get ur stuff from but the only good car ford makes is the mustang nd my brothers vw gti still beats a mustang gt nd the vw gti only goes 130mph so FORD SUKS!!!!!!!!!!!! if u want a real car u gotta go wit dodge

by dylan 11:54:02 PM 2008.10.09
chevy cool

by zach 11:24:06 AM 2008.10.28
im gonna go wit dodge all the way but chevy is good to

by william 05:15:09 PM 2008.10.31
ford is sorry big ass motor slow ass quartermiles

by hondafreak 08:15:26 PM 2008.11.16
and do i have to mention the overheating

by guest 08:16:19 PM 2008.11.16
u guy are dumb as heck my 351 ford f150 will eat your pos cars alive

by ford man 11:46:44 PM 2008.11.24
mercedes rule!!!!!

by spinnerz 12:17:34 AM 2008.12.03
Jeep + 4.0 straight six = 300,000+ miles. Figure it out. Inline sixes rule.

by Ahhh FORD sucks 12:39:48 AM 2008.12.09
GM is like the best, except for the plant closing in my town (Janesville Wisconsin) because they manufacture so many brands an types of cars around the world, Like Buick, Oldsmobile, Caddilac, Oakland, Chevrolet, Vauxhall, Pontiac, Bedford, GMC, Opel, Saab, Hummer, and some others. Plus, GM is the WORLD'S FIRST company to make a FULL-SIZED Hybrid SUV, unlike that ford crap. GM also makes hydrogen fuel cell, electric, and E85. ford, toyota, honda, BMW, volkswagen, or mercedes ARE THE CRAPPIEST CARS I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF RIDING IN.

by Ford Hater (Z Man) 03:31:50 PM 2008.12.13
GM is like the best, except for the plant closing in my town (Janesville Wisconsin) (,_Wisconsin[i cant post slashes or httP]) because they manufacture so many brands an types of transportation products around the world, Like Buick, Oldsmobile, Caddilac, Oakland, Chevrolet, Vauxhall, Pontiac, Bedford, GMC, Opel, Saab, Hummer, and some others. They even make buses, trains (General Motors Locomotives) (GM makes the electric motors for AMTRAK trains also), semi-trucks, motor homes (RVs), those huge dump trucks in mining areas (the TM4400), they also helped the US in world war II by making planes, tanks, boats, and amphibious vehicles, Plus, GM is the WORLD'S FIRST company to make a FULL-SIZED Hybrid SUV, unlike that ford crap. GM also makes hydrogen fuel cell cars and suvs, electric cars and suvs, and E85 vehicles. ford, toyota, honda, BMW, volkswagen, or mercedes ARE THE CRAPPIEST CARS I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF RIDING IN.

by Ford Hater (Z Man) 03:43:09 PM 2008.12.13
(there are two because of connection issues)

by Z Man 03:44:51 PM 2008.12.13
When Mclaren wanted to make the fastest production car in the world, they turned to BMW to build the engine. The Mclaren F1 was the fastest street car in the world FOR OVER A DECADE. When Ford made a 5.0 Litre engine, it made 220 HP. When BMW made a 5.0 Litre engine, it produced 512 HP. In 1986 BMW's F1 team was running a 1.5L 4 cylinder engine that produced 1280 HP and to this day is the most powerful F1 engine EVER MADE. Simply said, BMW engineers some of the greatest engines ever made.

by wada M3 04:19:59 AM 2008.12.20
Excuse me, the 1.5L BMW motor produced upwards of 1400 HP, but the dynamometers in 1986 maxed out at 1280 HP.

by guest 04:32:37 AM 2008.12.20
Chris your a moron if you think a vette will get beat by a pick-up truck

by guest 04:57:40 AM 2008.12.29
well a few of the cars are a little bit cheaper to maintain but i have had 3 merecedes benz , 2 1981 300sd turbo diesels and a 1981 560 gasoline sports coupe. they have all been great cars and i never had a problem with them. i still have one of the turbo diesels. i wrecked the other turbo diesel in a bad car accident and i came out unurt, so i would say the safety rating would be excellent as well. the sports coupe i sold for 18,000 not a bad sell for a car that had almost 450000 miles

by buck 420 04:38:14 PM 2009.01.09
well a few of the cars are a little bit cheaper to maintain but i have had 3 merecedes benz , 2 1981 300sd turbo diesels and a 1981 560 gasoline sports coupe. they have all been great cars and i never had a problem with them. i still have one of the turbo diesels. i wrecked the other turbo diesel in a bad car accident and i came out unurt, so i would say the safety rating would be excellent as well. the sports coupe i sold for 18,000 not a bad sell for a car that had almost 450000 miles

by buck 420 04:38:15 PM 2009.01.09
Ford's suck they are the biggest piles of crap on the road... they are put together worse than european cars..... they have crappy motors and terrible design flaws... and worse... they have the fewest cars still on the road today... but dumb people keep buying them... p.s. to whoever said a tt dodge stealth is fast... it probably wasn't stock... and your daddy probably had a 1993 base model automatic vette... cause if you wanna compare... try apples to apples... dodge vs chevy... the c6 z06 corvette (with the 505 hp small block 427 v8 (most lethal NA motor ever built)) vs the dodge viper (with the 525 hp all aluminum 8.3 liter v10...) the dodge gets walked by almost a second in the quarter mile... and even worse on a circle track... and even add the ford shelby gt 500 in the mix... its even slower than the viper!!!! chew on it... Chevy owns the road

by guest 04:50:20 PM 2009.01.10
and chris... you're smoking something if you're trying to tell people that a 6.0 liter diesel FORD... will run an 11 second quarter mile.... I DON'T THINK SO... maybe on steroids... running 50psi of boost through each turbo... with propane injection... and besides... the duramax with a SINGLE turbo will crawl all over a powerstroke.. I mean really? ford had to add a second turbo to the powerstroke to even compare to the duramax... ford equals shit... not the shit... just shit!!!! and do your little pony's have 4x4 at the push of a button from inside the cab? NOPE!!! you have to get out and dig mud out from your hubs to lock them to get unstuck... thank you for playing... you are the weakest link.. goodbye!!!!

by guest 04:55:03 PM 2009.01.10
As far as High Performance Cars Ford is Top, modified Mustang's rule the road everywhere, Chevy and Dodge are just wanton competitors. Toyota has abunch of "cars on the road" because half of em are POS's no one else would drive if they where given to them for free. Need is sadly a dictating factor for a car. Go for the car most loved in America I promise you the Top Five will be American.

by Ninjazzx10r 04:56:26 AM 2009.01.20
Actually Duramax's suck, they failed to beat Ford all around, and the Power Stroke works better because when you need power it's there not trying to rev up to be usefull like other trucks. I worked at a dealership and the new F-250+ Diesels are bad to the bone fast, we raced equall Dodge and Chevy Diesels and still couldn't be touched. Ford came out number one for usable power and speed\braking, Dodge was just funner hell to drive and had good options, The Chevy was just plain nice to be in, something I'd get for familys. As For performance cars, Ford dominated, the Challenger Sucks balls, an SRT8 costs almost 14k more than a GT that will beat it on the quarter mile given alittle talent, sad. Chevy may attempt to compete, but I've not been impressed lately.

by Mad Max 06:02:45 AM 2009.01.26
I'm sorry did you say that when it comes to performance cars Ford dominates? I think you need to check your resources, Mitsu has been putting some of the best performance cars out on the road since the mid 90's, i dare a mustang to try and touch an Evo on the quarter mile. I have a 97 stock turbo'd eclipse GSX, and i have schooled many a GT in the quarter mile.

by Turbo D 09:54:38 AM 2009.01.27
Toyota is nice when it comes to fuel efficiency, but they havent put out a decent performance car since the supra TT. Nissan just put out their new 370z that looks very promising, we'll see once it hits the dealerships. I hope chevy and ford and chrysler and every other american car company goes out of business, all they do is put shitty cars on the roads that barely last 100,000 miles if they're lucky. Don't even get me started on Honda. Their Si's are the biggest joke in the performance car world. All the Si engine is, is a 4 cylinder with variable valve timing, at least mitsu was smart and slapped a turbocharger on their variable valve timed 4 cylinder. And the only option you get with an Si is FWD, guess what? Mitsu beat you there too with AWD on the Evo's and the old Eclipses. I dont give a shit where my a car comes from, as long as i know its of good quality and good performance then ill like it, if GM or Ford or Chrysler made cars half as good as Mitsu or Nissan, I would probably like them too. But they don't

by Turbo D 10:28:05 AM 2009.01.27
hondas r da best cuz day are da easiest to wrk on

by honda+s2000_ricer 10:47:07 PM 2009.01.28
I say Subaru Very reliable and safe cars

by Subza 04:12:49 AM 2009.01.29
I retract my last comment about Dodge, I have now found my favorite "new" car. John Hennessey is a genius when it comes to modifying Dodge's SRT versions of all of the their vehicles, from the Hennessey SRT600 Grand Cherokee to the Hennessey Charger SRT800, now comes the greatest car ever made, the Hennessey Challenger HPE600 Turbo...That's right TURBO. They took a stock SRT8 Challenger and slapped on 6psi of boost with a bar and plate intercooler and a turbo oil pump scavenge system, Corsa exhaust, and cold air induction. Try 0-60 in 3.7 secs and 0-150 11.8 seconds. Only one second slower than a Porsche 911 GT2. Although, with a $97k price tag, I don't foresee many being sold. But I must commend the people at Hennessey Performance, very impressive. I think I almost creamed myself when i first saw a picture of this car, seriously, it's badass to a whole new degree.

by Turbo D 11:43:55 AM 2009.01.29

by D-BOY 03:07:30 AM 2009.02.07
mesedes is de beast car

by jose 12:04:34 AM 2009.02.08
ford is weak thats why its running out of buisness

by guest 12:26:30 AM 2009.02.08
I like shelby's better than anything

by Mark 01:13:59 AM 2009.02.10
dude honda,and ford suck realy bad!! Chevy is the best and will always be the best around!!!!!

by 69 camaro 02:08:57 AM 2009.02.20
dude f++d sucks and they suck so bad i cant stand to spell their name

by 69 camaro 02:12:26 AM 2009.02.20
jason you dont know nothing do you???

by 69 camaro 02:15:46 AM 2009.02.20
did you run that 350 s10 yet?? my dad has a 95 with a 350 (355) in it.

by 69 camaro 02:17:34 AM 2009.02.20
andy them mazdas run like shit. have you benn to the dragstrip lately?? my dads camaro and s10 will beat any mazda around

by 69 camaro 02:19:20 AM 2009.02.20
D-BOY do you even know what the horsepower rateing on them like 100 hp. and on amarican cars (dodge, chevy) are like 400 stock and if you so shit to them they can go higher.unlike fords they suck. PS. my sisters trycycle could beat any honda.

by 69 camaro 02:23:54 AM 2009.02.20
okay ill get your story straight. get me right im a chevy fan (not ford)but when it comes to diesels a dodge cummins will tear up any powerstroke or duramax up!!!

by cummins 22 02:27:00 AM 2009.02.20
a mustang (any year)would get smoked by a 350 s10 any day

by 69 camaro 02:31:49 AM 2009.02.20
chevy sucks ford is tha bomb 1979 ford bronco ranger XLT "murder was the case that they gave me" fsb guys

by c-money 11:20:29 PM 2009.03.01
dude ford sucks chevy is the bomb and that bronco ranger sucks

by 69 camaro 12:33:46 AM 2009.03.03
ok....obviously the domestics SUCK! yea, some of their cars suvs and trucks may last a long time, but guess what. So do others, and the others last with good fuel mileage, low maintenance, and most keep their bodys, AND they are WORTH SOMETHING when your done. Unlike lets say for example a Ford Ranger, they are at like half price now so the poor guy who just bought one a few months ago is driving a pig on fuel that is going to be worth absolutely nothing in 2 years. I prefer Nissan over Toyota right now only because Toyota's quality has been decreasing over the last year and a half and they are becoming a grandpa brand and Nissan has come a long way and their quality is excellent. Where elce can you get a sedan like the Altima with the size, power, equipment and technoloy with that excellent fuel mileage??? NO WHERE! Honda is great too but for 08 and 09 Nissans product has come out on top in my books, although the civic is still beating the sentra, the versa def beats the fit, the altima def beats the accord, they dont even have fair competiton with the maxima which is an awesome car, the rogue def beats the cr-v, and their trucks are def not of the same caliber of nissans. and the cvt rocks! well, not hard to tell who im a fan of.

by guest 11:19:50 AM 2009.03.10
toyotas and nissans suck chevy rocks

by 69 camaro 11:15:40 PM 2009.03.13
look we can all agree that the s10 models made by chevrolet and gmc are the best light trucks and suv's ever made

by Ian Cash 07:12:01 PM 2009.03.14
yea FORD ROCKS the face of the earth

by wdunk 12:58:13 PM 2009.03.18
DUDE, fords are crap, they suck gas and fall apart. Chevy, Pontiac, Hummer, Saab, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, and GMC are the bomb (all made by GM)

by Ford Hater 02:44:13 PM 2009.03.21
Okay maybe hondas are easy to work on but pieces of shit are easy to work on

by 69 camaro 04:06:30 PM 2009.04.11
dude an s10 will beat any pos out there

by 69 camaro 04:09:42 PM 2009.04.11
mustangs rule the road dude

by mustang fan 95 02:46:51 PM 2009.04.12
Okay, lets go over The 3 Top American car brands; Ford: Some things that I and I am sure many people will agree with is that Ford, isn't that great. Don't believe me? Lets look at the reasons why. Well for starters, Ford vehicles have one of the WORST fuel economy averages ever (12 mpg). The 2009 line of Ford cars and trucks are also some of the UGLIEST vehicles I have ever seen, and by the way, they are all overpriced (Believe me, I used to work at a Ford Assembly Plant until i got fired because of the poor economic choices Ford is making). Ford also break down A LOT after their warranty expires (and it cost a whole hell-of-a lot to fix!)! Also, nice girly logo;cursive on a baby blue oval. Oh, and this next part I can't even believe. Ford sued people for linking to their website! Read about it here at: www.fordreallysucks.c*om *Also, any of you that like Volvo or Mazda, but not Ford, Ford owns them both, sorry. Dodge (Chrysler): A little better than Ford, not in fuel economy, but in quality. There vehicles are better in value, and in power. But that is all I have to say. Chevy (General Motors): Flat out awesome American cars, SUVs , and trucks(GM was the first to make Hybrid SUVs and Trucks). Best in fuel economy, quality, looks, safety, warranty, power, handling, and a whole lot more. The money you have to pay at the pump (if at all) is also goes down if you buy a GM vehicle. By using such technologies as Active Fuel Management, FLEXFUEL E85 Ethanol, Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, and Hybrid technologies, you are sure to be happy.(See more info about alternative energy at*om[]experience[]fuel_economy) Also, Chevy, which is owned by GM, is not alone. General motors also owns; Buick, Cadillac,Chevrolet (which you already know),GMC, Holden, HUMMER, Oldsmobile, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, and Vauxhall. (If you don't believe me, just go to*om) GM also provides OnStar in A LOT of their vehicles, with Automatic Crash Response, so when you get in a crash, a signal is automatically sent tho the OnStar center, along with your location, and how you crashed, which then they would send emergency services for FREE. OH YEAH, and if someone steals your car or if you accidentally lock your keys inside your car, call OnStar, and they will find or unlock your vehicle for you. *Also, I would check out the new Chevy Volt if I were you, It looks AWESOME!!! (www.netcarshow.c*om[]chevrolet[]2011-volt) Ok, now for the ranking: Best: Chevy (GM) OK: Dodge (Chrysler) Worst: Ford Go to www.netcarshow.c*om to see some other cool car pics. Websites say "www.example.c*om" because this message board does not allow ". c o m" ALL "SLASHES" HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO "[]"s

by guest 11:56:36 PM 2009.04.15
bmw for show hello wake up

by dfff 03:09:16 AM 2009.05.10
i like the old chevys but the new ones not as much(ford)

by quick crash 06:08:42 PM 2009.05.24
actually i like all the chevys, ford sucks

by quick crash 06:48:23 PM 2009.05.30
yeah me to. mustangs look cool, but they ride like crap, nvm what i said earlier

by mustang fan 95 06:50:55 PM 2009.05.30

by GAME 01:20:03 AM 2009.06.07
Game you do not know what in the hell you are talking about pagani sucks ass... american motors will always be the best out there

by 69 camaro 11:16:09 PM 2009.06.12
ford makes the best cars jap crap anit crap against the american car.jap crap shouldnt be allowed to sell there cars in america periodford sells more than any other car company.chevys sucks and thats why they have no money cuz they are crap ill buy a jap car before i buy a dam chevy i own a gm and its a pieace of crapand its a 2009 and im taking to the junk yard now i see why the are broke

by cooper 12:39:35 PM 2009.06.21
if gm and them are the best why are they in trouble like they are now ford gots money

by cooper 04:48:41 PM 2009.06.21
gm will get shut down and thats truth the goverment owns there dumb ass

by cooper 04:51:06 PM 2009.06.21
honda kicks ass because of its insane models like the civi si and the s2000

by a 08:16:19 PM 2009.06.22
listen my dad works at a steel mill mill and he makes steel for honda and they make the cheapist steel that they could for them and use for there axles its rebar steel

by guest 12:31:30 AM 2009.06.23
chevy and dodge

by guest 01:27:46 AM 2009.07.08
How come nobody said bmw? it is the best and looks awesome

by @ndrey 05:13:07 PM 2009.07.29
volkswagen doesnt make any car besides volkswagen cars! they just own companies like bugatti and lamborghini!

by Ferdelance 10:27:46 PM 2009.08.05
Id go for Mclaren since they have their own team that dispatches to your car if you break down anywhere, and thank you BMW

by Ferdelance 11:30:51 PM 2009.08.05
Cmon, itz all about the 2009 Lotus Exige S

by ~@U$+!N~ 01:18:54 AM 2009.08.23
bmw is the best out there its fast and reliable i have an 89 still doin doughnts

by guest 09:15:03 PM 2009.09.07
Some of you are missing the big picture here. The U.S. is only 5% of the world market in the auto industry and your info on cars reflects this. Some say they don't care about the rest of the world or their likes or dislikes, but that would be like trying to make the best shoes in the world, but only for one legged people with only left feet. The reason US and Jap cars (with the exception of Toyota) don't sell well is that most industial nations make cars, so why pay for US crap if you live in Spain, France, England, italy etc. they all make a crap car also and its cheaper to buy their own. The cars that the whole of the world considers buying most (by the numbers) #1 Volkswagen...#2 Toyota...#3 Uk Fords(not the same engines, looks or models as the US) there is also an Aussi ford and they do well in Asia...#4 Mercedes(most of europe uses them as taxis)...#5 Renault... If the US want's to be up on that list they need to build cars that the rest of the world wants too. There were a few Honda fans chiming in so just for them #12 Honda(not even in the top ten) they were beat by #11Daihatsu. Just to be fair and finish out the top ten ...#6Bmw..#7Rover...#8Nissan...#9Audi...#10Mazda Auto sales by the numbers as reported by Nasdaq-FTSE-CAC-DAX

by Michael 07:01:37 AM 2009.09.15
ford Crown Victoria is the best car ever! i got a black one and it runs great its fast and if you get hit in one the car you hit or got hit by will have more damage than yours especially if you have the front bumper bars on it

by EMH 01:16:55 AM 2009.10.02
dude why are all you guys fighting about ford and chevy if your a real american you buy a american product not toyota shit or honada you guys wonder why we are in a shit hole thats one of the reasons

by Thomas 01:06:13 PM 2009.10.19

by MONEymaN 10:01:22 PM 2009.11.06
I like seeing a car that has "Support Our Troops" and "Proud to be an American" stickers all over it, especially when its a Toyota or Honda or some other foreign car (That was sarcasm, if you didn't pick up on that). Come on, if you live in America, buy an American car! And General Motors isn't "Government Motors", that like me saying if you took out a loan, you are owned by (insert bank name here). Anyways, GM is paying their loans back.

by True American 05:49:34 AM 2009.12.31
go to: ( slash)watch?v=qriNbVCIsow) ( slash)user(forward slash)thebestcarwins) May The Best Car Win

by GM is the Best 06:09:27 AM 2009.12.31
always Mercedes. German cars beat them all.

by Fran 04:24:05 PM 2010.01.15
always Mercedes. German cars beat them all.

by Francis 04:24:09 PM 2010.01.15

by WAYNE 05:14:56 AM 2010.01.18
People are retarted here, just cuz we live in america doesnt mean we have to drive an america car, you say that ford and chevy is the best cuz thats the only car you ever had cheap ass, if you drove a chevy and a bmw right after, you could see the difference, youre cheap and stupid. BMWs and Audis cost twice as much as a chevy or ford, thats because theyre alot better.

by mike 09:25:28 AM 2010.03.13
toyota nissan n hondas all have really good motors. the most reliable n will last the longest. there all pretty good on gas too but the nissan n toyotas rust out pretty bad and quick. esp the frame. but i think toyota is the best. the tundras are the best hauling and pulling trucks on the road in 2010. there the way to go.

by tim 06:05:52 AM 2010.06.26
ford or dodge is the best car u can get because everything chevy sucks dick

by one eyed bob 06:29:41 PM 2011.01.18
i agree bob and polar, chevy should just stop making vehicles because they all suck

by Harry 06:31:08 PM 2011.01.18
l5dRqa I read and feel at home. Thanks the creators for a good resource..!

by buy oem software 07:00:22 AM 2012.02.12
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