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Poll: Will Nancy Pelosi be reelected after everything she has done this time?
Question: Will Nancy Pelosi be reelected after everything she has done this time?
• no
• yes

Created at 09:26:51 PM 2008.11.12

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Comments (44)

by jj 09:28:12 PM 2009.07.29
No. She's a nasty piece of work who thinks she is above the people of this country.

by Loree Alderisio 10:31:19 PM 2009.08.21
I don't want her to be, but unfortunately with people of power in congress, their districts they represent don't care how bad their congresswoman is, as long as they have the power. So yes, I think she will be re-elected, but I pray to the dear lord that she is not.

by hope 11:15:10 PM 2009.08.30
I live in San Francisco and sure as hell will try to raise public awareness that she needs to be removed as our rep.There's a new player in town, his name is John Dennis, check him out, with propper support he might get a chance to topple her...

by SFDuke 09:04:05 PM 2009.09.02
I hope to God not.

by jeremy kiser 02:33:19 PM 2009.09.18
No she is a disgrace to women and disaster to our country, she has to go-------do people really like here----how amazing---she is the worst

by Mary 01:09:29 AM 2009.10.15
No way. She is horrible for this country along with our President.

by Frank 07:55:05 AM 2009.10.29
To the state of California, I share your pain of this irritable woman , would you prefer Sarah Palin - She's nicer. If Polesi shows up on my ballot here in the bay state I'm certain alot of us will glady assist in your mission to kick her out.

by Michael, MA 05:34:45 AM 2009.11.07
People of Cal. If you reelect Nancy Pelosi to office again the U.S. will be royally shafted !!! I hope ya'll have learned a lesson in long term congress and senate members who should have limits and since they don't have limits WE can limit them by our VOTES.

by Paul ,Texas 05:05:13 PM 2009.12.08
I hope the people in her district vote with common sense and elect anyone BUT her. Our country is on a down hill spiral to disaster and voters are responsible for who the elect to govern this country....personally I think we should vote none of the above. Politicians have lost touch with the desires of the people that they represent.

by elliott 11:44:23 AM 2009.12.20
I hope people will see her as she really is, She is power hungry and will do and say whatever is necessary to be re-elected. Why do they hide behind closed doors and have special elections If they were not trying to hide something Where is the transparency. Why is this not aired on c-span as our glorious leader promised during his run for office. Let's show her the exit door .

by joe, tennessee 04:08:35 AM 2010.01.07
She is a disgrace to all Italian-Americans. Actually, she is a disgrace to all Americans.

by B. Fiacco 06:01:16 PM 2010.01.09
I pray she does not get re-elected. She is not a good choice for speaker of the house. She should of been fired when she lied.

by judy 04:32:07 AM 2010.02.10
no absolutely not she is the reason alot of peaple are suffering shes nuts get her out immediately

by frank 06:05:12 AM 2010.02.10
I hope she is defeated by a landslide. The spending in this administration is beyond belief.

by Susie 02:22:07 AM 2010.02.12

by Dorie P. 03:55:13 AM 2010.02.16
Only if the people of San Francisco, California haven't suffered enough. It takes a while for the coasts to catch on. Hopefully it's been long enough

by Kym 07:12:02 PM 2010.02.25
Remember Pelosi, said that she did not care what the american people thought of her? Lets show her that she does need to respect what the American people and fire her nasty ass. She is an evil witch. I hope the people of San Francisco, vote her out in a shamefull landside and show here what it is like to be unemployed. A disgruntled Patriot

by Jack Attack 07:57:20 AM 2010.03.02
No, the 70 yr old botox spkr needs to lay down, admit she no longer has analytic skills, live out her last year's smoking marijuana surrounded by the fish she protects and marry some ole gal, a wrinkled one!

by Marsan 07:07:04 AM 2010.03.06
The sad thing is she will most lilely be reelected. Look at the vote counts from last time. I mean really, She got nearly every vote. Some 178,000 to 10,000. Believe me she will win but will not be speaker as Republicans retake control. I just looked at the recent poll numbers for several contests. It is going to be a loss of MEGA proportions for the Dems in the next election if they pass this thing or not. I predict the largest loss of seats by a party EVER! Boxer will loose her senate seat.

by ltcleve 06:57:19 AM 2010.03.20

by JOEPPAGLINO 02:56:19 AM 2010.03.22
lets hope not =where can i send a donation =dump pelosi

by joey the gent 05:13:03 AM 2010.03.26
pelosi health care is a great plan for the ones who have made welfare there way of life and even better for the brown people from across the border who she employees in her vineyards as picker ,S

by C C THE RYDER 05:17:58 AM 2010.03.26

by BOLD STRIKE 05:20:57 AM 2010.03.26

by ZERO SQUARD MEMBER 05:22:06 AM 2010.03.26

by BEN RAINES 05:24:33 AM 2010.03.26
Pelosi must go with some of the other trash that has blown into Washington D.C.!

by Joe Owens 04:37:00 PM 2010.03.30
FireNancyPelosi. C o m

by Koz 09:00:08 AM 2010.04.02
There is a website to fire di bloodclaat leach that she is... I can't put the . C o m after it but I'm sure you web savey people can figure it out... FireNancyPelosi . com

by Koz 09:02:48 AM 2010.04.02
Interesting that there is so little information about her re election. Any clue about who is running against her? If there is no opposition the 'Shame of California' will win by default.

by jeff 11:07:59 PM 2010.07.26
Tar and feathers would be great for this female dog.

by jw 09:38:13 PM 2010.09.27
I wonder how much of our tax $$$$$$$$ went to prop up her flat chest and how much went to Botox her ass (sorry) face.

by justpissed 09:40:56 PM 2010.09.27
You idiots elected her...probably in some emotional, non-fact based moment to save an owl...congratulations and thanks.

by guest 01:34:22 AM 2010.10.13
Pelosi, is a lier and cheat, she needs to be retired "{NOW"!!!

by Jim 07:32:22 PM 2010.10.14
I pray that the people of California vote her out of there this Country cannot stand her in there any longer

by Leann 09:25:08 PM 2010.10.31

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