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List of interesting polls # 131
Is the chief doing good
What should I be doing right now?
ole asi o ke?
Are you PIMPIN?
have you told your boyfriend or crush you love him?
If you were stranded on and island and could only bring one thing what would it be?
Are you PIMPIN?
how is my myspace?
on a scale from one to ten how much did you like our videos
who is your favorite rapper?
whats my bf name???
Who do you like more?
who is the cutest actor
Whos more studlier???
what is you favorite Sims games
Favorite subject
do u feel lonley???
what do you think of my profile ????
Would u date me??
What kind of friend would you consider me as? (be honest)
Are you PIMPIN?
which color?
Do you think i am....
Wat do U think of me
who do u hate seeing on my space
What personality do I like in guys?
Para uds como estoy? (fisicamente)
Who do you like more?
what is the best band
Who is a retard=]]
what is beter ford dodge or chevy
what ya doing?
who do i like?
would u rether...
If you choke a smurf what color does it turn?
What is your favourite colour?
wat do ppl think about me
wat do ppl think about me
Which Cartoon is Awesomerr!?
Which Show is Awesomerr!?
soy buena onda??
Favorite Food
where are you from?
Who are you in love with?
Who are you in love with?
What do you think about the 14 billion dollar Auto Bail Out?
ME? good or bad???
What will our firs competition?
Whats under the panties?
What will our firs competition?
what anime show is better?
Design mana paling best utk tahun 2008?
Are you going away for Christmas?
ti dwro zhthsate apo tn agio vasili???
Who do you think Edward should be with?
who is yuor fave singer
Who's your favourite character?
What u think of Ted?
Who will win the game?
Ladies, If you had a blind date with someone, who would it be?
Hey Guys, if you had a blind date with someone, who would it be?
Whats my favorite color
wat endz you reppin o youtube???
your best singer??
If you could bring one rapper back who would u choose.
how do i look
Do you like the name, Lincoln Henry Pertkiewicz?
¿Que vas hacer en tus vacaciones de navidad?
who did you vote for?
¿que vas a hacer en tus vacaciones de navidad?
Ce faci de rev?
Cual es el mejor tema de Billy Norton?
what do you think of pavan being gay??
Who Is The Hottest Female Star Trek Character ?
what matters more boys or friends?
Who will be the Right Person From The List Of People Below to Be The Prime Minister/President?
who would be a better gf?
do i like kain??
witch do u like better
who would you rather date?
who do u look most like ???
how many wamen or men do you like
If you could live anywhere in the United States where would you live?
Favorite Ice Cream
would u rather
which holiday?
which would you be when you grow up
which holiday?
What is your favorite color?
Hair Color
Favorite Weather
What Grade did you like the Most in School?
Do U Think I'm.........
what is the best car
What are you getting for christmas?
Do you like me?
what does a broken heart feel like?
Do u like my profile
What does it feel like to have a broken heart?
favorite color
what am i
What will you get for christmas?
who is my boyfriend?
Am i pwetty :D
what holiday is better
what is better
did you like the movie?
do you like this wiki?
fav. nfl football team
what do you think of me?
what hero is better?
what 's the best brand?
What is the best way to break up with your boy/girl friend?
Do you really like me or do you fake it.
Who do you think I would look better with?
Which character is cooler?
r u my friend
who is your favorite singer?
who is your favorite singer?
Would you like to be able to Cross Bree Deities with other Deity breeds?
best rock band
who u think i go it
what is your favorite game system?
what do u like to do the most?
Who do you think Edward should really be with?
Fav Christmas Song
what parts of the body have no bones
What is my last name?
wat do yuh think of mehi??
Who is your favorite witch?
Which is your favorite season?
who is my best friends
Which is your favorite season?
whos more important to you?
Which Morning Would Work Best For You & Your Child(ren)?
What Am I ..??
Where do u shop the most @ Christmas?
witch show is better
would u date me
what is your favorite car make
What is your most fav band?
do u really love me
kiss Me ? Or Kick Me ?
If you were a famous artit who would you be?
Whats your favorite color?
would you forgive ur last breake up
What is your fav drink?
Which Jonas Brother Do You Like?
Who would be the best wife for Edward Cullen.
wHo Is MoRe AnNoYiNg?
Would you want a talking toilet?!
whats your favorite person?
KlOk Con Tigo!!!
do u truley love them
wHo wOuLd U GeT WiT
Favorite male artist
how old i am
what is my name
Why did asu suck this year
who's a better friend
If you had to choose 1 band to listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?
What Type Of Person Would Your FRIENDS Say You Were?
what type of sex would you like to have as your boy/girlfriend?
?ีม???หมาะสม?????ม Premier ???ี?ี?
Twilight: Witch Cullen character are you?
Which song(s) do u like?
Whats Your Favorite Rap Song??
Whats the worst thing you do.
favorite skate trick?
When's my birthday
What's my ethnicity
who is the best singer?
what is you favorite ashly tisdale song?
do hippies annoy you?
Facem pace cu "G o d"?
what contest should i make after this??
YoU FeEliN mE bOo?
who is the best top friend
Who Do You Think Will Make The Most Perfect Candidate For A Prime Minister/President?
Which the guy and lady do you choose to be your bf/gf???
who is the most beautiful?
who has the most attractive eyes?
who do you want to meet?
which Piggy Devil do you like the best?
who is the most friendly?
wh0 is Ur fAVoriTE SinGEr?
who is the hottest?
whO iS uR faVOriTe siNGEr?
What is your favourite fruit?
??ื?อ??ว?าห?ั??รื?อ? Happy Birthday ?ะ?ศร?า?หม?รั?
Wie blijft er thuis van de kersttraining om op de kinderen te passen?
hows my new pic?
whi is the best football player now?
how do you like high school musical?
how do you like high school musical?
am i cool
Do you think of that person you think is cute more than??
What is your favorite season?
Are you a Boy or a Girl.
Party 27 DEC @
Party 27 DEC @?
What Do You Think About My Profile??
do you LOVE sleep?
What Kind of shoes would you buy?
Who is hotter???
Do you play a sport or activity with your dog(s)
Would You recommend this site to your friends
Which Bully do you prefer
Do you like Emily??
What christmas present would you rather recieve?
Which mtv show is better?
¿Como me consideran?
Como me consideran
A divertirme!!! Del 1 al 10... Q puntaje merezco???
Кој плакат повеќе ви се допаѓа
do you love your self?
Кој плакат повеке ви се допаѓа?
What should i do on my break from tour?
Do you like new britney`s album?
Do you like new britney`s album?
What should i do on my break from tour?
What should i do on my break from tour?
Who Will be a Perfect Prime Minister/President?
Na koja pesna od navedenite sakate spot
ti 8elete na mou kanete??
ti 8elete na mou kanete??
How likely are you to go to to learn more?
now dat cruz azul sadly lost tha 1st apertura finals game, who do u think iz gonna win??
Are You Single?
¿QUE opinan de mi?
What do you think bout me?
which song do u like best
what do you think bout me?
who's stonger
Who is cuiter?
what is my favorite color
I look hot
How HOT is Ryan Kelly
stuff i luv to do
should i leave myspace
Who's the hottest?
My profile is...
Whats my favorite color?
What do u think of me?
Which one of my friends are my #1 top?without looking!!! CHEATER!!!!!!
Are you exciting for me?
Who do u want ur bf/gf to be like?
which game system is better?
What Do You Think Of Me?
What do you think about my SHOP?
which is ur fav ice cream favor
wat ia my nick namemy 2 cuz gave me
What is my dog's name?
What's my sister-in-law's nickname?
i have the best style
WhO iS ShOuLd Be tHe bEsTiE oF ThE MoNTh
am i hot?
who do you like better
wich m and m do u like
Who do i like
vote for president
do you think zacefron hot
U think im hot
should fleck stay away from my girl friend
whats your fav animal
who do you think perfect guy for me?
how hot is edaward cullen
how hot is edaward cullen
this is for my friends and familia. How much do u like me?
whos myspace is the coolest??
what am i?
what would you rather be?
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