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List of interesting polls # 315
Jak oceniasz grę Marcovii w meczu z Huraganem
Jak oceniasz grę Marcovii w meczu z MKS Przasnysz?
Tema Buku Apa Yang Anda Suka?
Pick One(;
Which do you prefer to read?
how much A can i get for my PMR exam ?
O que você achou do novo site da prefeitura de Ingaí?
Newcastle United -vs- Aston Villa
which band is the best
who thinks katie is a stalker?
Ποιο τραγούδι θα θέλατε στην κορυφή για αυτή την εβδομάδα;
if i came up to you and started dancing would you dance with me or run away quickly
who would in in a fight?
Babe of the month August 2010
What's Your Opinion?
Which room is the best?
How many books every year do you read
is sam harris the coolest kid in the world?
k ne pensi di me?
k ne pensi d me?
Do you like my pictures?
do you trust me ??!
Which team will win the Barclay's Premier league 2010-11 ?
Did u like the chaper!?!
How did you learn about us?
I demand to release Halo 3 on PC
Who is your favorite Cullen?????
am i a bad friend?
¿ donde se escucha mas la radio a full ?
¿ donde se escucha mas la radio a full online?
How was your 1st day of school?
Faut-il chanter les concerts par coeur ?
Girone 1 [Sez.Maschile]
Girone 2 [Sez.Maschile]
Girone 3 [Sez.Maschile]
Girone 1 [Sez.Femminile]
Girone 2 [Sez.Femminile]
Girone 3 [Sez.Femminile]
Kto miałby największe szanse na zwycięstwo w F1?
Favorite Animal
Who will be the most fair-play team of the premier league season 2010-2011 ?
Which team will win the Barclays Premier League 2010-2011 ?
Top scorer of Barclays Premier League 2010-2011 !
Which team will win this time's Champions League ?
Where was Rake born
¿Qué le parece el gesto de Leonardo Farkas?
¿Qué hizo cuando supo que los mineros estaban vivos?
¿Cómo le irá al Cacique con Universitario de Sucre?
Vilken header?
Hvor ofte leser du bloggen min
Hvor ofte leser du bloggen min?
Which version of U got nerve is the best?
You ____ this profile.
You ___ this profile.
sould mistere get rid of zcards
sos puta
Do you like me as a friend?
Miglior Album Dogo ??
should zwinky be changed back to the regular one?
Quien es Mejor
what is your name?
Interface Or Desktop?
Do you want interface or desktop better?
Which is better?
What do u give a girl on her first date
should the zwinky bloggers get rid of the interface?
Am I your friend?
If you could pick the bike of your dreams, which would you choose?
So what is your rating on 10?
Your rating on 10 !
Your rating on 10 is :
Is Dani0 a modder
what do u think of me?
Do you like dubbed or subbed?
am i hot or not?
Cine ati vrea sa fie presedinte in Romania?
Desktop Zwinky Or Interface
What do you like more`? Interface or Zwinky Desktop`?..
Edward eller Robert
Do You Like Banjara5 Page?
Is Aaron Rodgers better than Brett Favre
do you think my store is cool
what is your favorite color?
Which Zwinky interface is Better ?
What Is Your Favourite Fan Film Of The Year?
What Is Your Favourite Fan-Film Of The Year?
Vad tycker ni om min fanfic? Var ärliga...
What Is The Best Fan Film Of The Year?
Vad vill ni se mer av i min blogg?
Milyennek tartasz?
Vad ska min fanfic vara?
Interface or Desktop?;l
Whats Your Fave Color?
Si tuvieras el dinero ¿rentarías la casa de los Osbourne?
Pe cine iubeste Blackmoon cel mai mult?
Are you tired of school yet?
Quien es Mejor
Do you think this year will be fun?
Sould Zwinky change back to the way it was ?
Do you like me as a friend?
interface or desktop
will you add me 2 be friends
Which new song is your favorite?
Would you rather have the old zwinky back? or the new zwinky!?
Aγαπημένος χαρακτήρας εκτός του Sheldon.
what is ur favourite word?
Which designs would you like for the front ?
Vilken film har det bästa soundtracket tycker du?
Which examples would you like for the front ?
i rock ?
Which examples would you like for the back ?
What type of tee do you want it to be ?
Choice of colour ?
Does your member badge have a star?
¿you do like geeks
Pick one
Which color do you find most attractive on the opposite sex?
¿SEO, SEO services
Vad tycker du att jag ska visa mer på min blogg?
Semifinale 1 [Sez.Maschile]
Semifinale 2 [Sez.Maschile]
Semifinale 1 [Sez.Femminile]
Semifinale 2 [Sez.Femminile]
mày tên gì
Wich song do you like best?
Who is your favorite character in BUFFALOVE?
juanm tiene pinta de bancario?
Do you hate the new Zwinky?
Which song do you like best?
Which song do you like best?
old zwinky or interface?
what is your favrite color
Zwinky Desktop Or Interface`?
sye syg spe..???
zulaika farhani seorang yang ....
zulaika farhani seorang yang ....
Как вам эпизод?
Player of the week
Player of the month
Zwinky Desktop or Interface?
Who is sexier?
Apakah lagu raya kegemaran korang???
Muzica populara
Muzica populara
Vilket par är din favorit?
Rate My Market
Vad tycker ni om den nya Designen?
Do you think Link is a stud muffin?
new zwinky or old?
Do you think I'm cute?
what do you want to do with me?
Ειναι η Υπ.Παιδειας ικανή
Which of the 5 Maverick Speakers Series speakers are you most excited about?
what do you think of me?
Interface Or Desktop
Do you like the new Zwinky?
¿Quien es Mejor?
who is the better singer
who is the better singer
Este domingo en el Azteca...
Este domingo en el Azteca...
who is a better soccer player
what is yourdream house
Who Is Your Favorite ACW Superstar
pew ye pendapat korang tentang azam??
Wats my name
Wich one do u prefer?
ce vreau sa fac
ti piace?
Do you support the 28th Amendment?
HAr du bestämt dig för hur du skall rösta
Har du bestämt dig för hur du skall rösta
Finale [Sez.Maschile]
Finale [Sez.Femminile]
apew yg best at aQu nIe eRh....
In Favor Of a Written Constitution
Should Miss.Casey Fire Mistere Cause He Changed Zwinky Desktop To The New Interface
Merita demis Razvanel de la nationala?
Torje sau Roman?
Avem nevoie de Adrian Cristea si Radu Stefan?
Är det "okej" att rycka tag i sitt barns arm?
what is the best word to describe me?!?
Are you currently registered to vote?
Are you currently registered to vote for the Texas Gubernatorial election?
Какво Мислите за Радиото ?
Какво Мислите за Радиото ?
awk cyg sya
awak benci sya
What Characters Should I add?
Wht is yhur favorite color?
Tycker ni min nya blogg är bättre än den gammla?
Muzica usoara
Muzica usoara
What's your favorite Fall activity?
Ska jag berätta våran kärlekshistoria?
Whose profile is The best Black and White
What do you think of me?
Whats your favorite black and white profile
Wats ur favorite black and white profile?
How was my profile?
A few more
A few more
Do you thinnk liltwons music will make it somewhere
Should I make a forum,& Would you join it?
Qui a le plus gros sexe?
What High School should i go to?
Do you thiink martha Need to change anythiinq?
Ποιο τραγούδι θα θέλατε στην κορυφή για αυτή την εβδομάδα;
Would you support a local website for Clinton
Did know about SEO?
Whats your favorite music style?
Which movie would you most likely be interested in seeing on a date?
Brunt eller svart läder på hästen? ;)
What is your Favorite WATF Song?
korang suke xkwn dan aku??
What is Your Fav WATF Song?
Do u think I'm cute??
Como você prefere 'Na Minha Caixa de Correio'?
Best profile competion
Best profile competion!
Salut, Raspunde si tu:)
What would you rate my page?
Quem é o melhor jogador (estrela) da WV?
answer this question ,,,, what is my favorite car . thefirst name is dodge hint vipe
What is your favorite animal?
Am I cool to talk to?
Si mendoni Largimi i Diego-s do ndikoj negativisht ne Juventus
what do u think about me
What do you think of my page?
Do you love Eva Longoria in Robert Rodriguez?
Do you love Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta?
Loving Kim Kardashian in Marchesa?
Heidi Klum also chose Marchesa, Love it?
Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward Couture, what do you think?
This Carolina Herrara gown fit Sophia Vergara like a glove, love it?
Do we love True Bloods Rutina Wesley's White and Grey Strapless?
I want to know, how do you feel about January Jones in Atelier Versace?j
If this web site had a Blog, would you participate ?
Licitálnál-e az első és egyetlen KontrolAltR CD példányra egy online árverésen?
Licitálnál-e az els? és egyetlen KontrolAltR CD példányra egy online árverésen?
Licitálnál-e az elsö és egyetlen KontrolAltR CD példányra egy online árverésen?
Do you think that match fixing has now become an integral part of the cricketing ethos?
korunk rse eila ni cmner?
Kommer du på Torsdag?
What Date Should RCS 2010 prt2 be held??
skulle ni vara med isåfall ?
Hva skal jeg blogge mer om?
Do you think the Broncos will beat VA Tech in the season opener?
do you like the beatles
cutest baby contest babydow
Who reigned on the Emmy's red carpet?
The challenges were (check all that apply):
do you think im cool
Whose Cuter?
Is My Meez Sexc
Como calificas al America en este torneo?
who would you elect for president in 2012
คุณคิดยังไงกับ Web นี้
today you're already shopping PRADA ?
Today you're already shopping PRADA ?
คุณคิดอย่างไรกับเว็บนี้ ?
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