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List of interesting polls # 70
wats more important in a guy
Wer ist der beste 089 Music Artist?
Who's your fav WWE wresteler?
Who's your favorite rock band?
What should Nintendo focus on with the Wii?
who is sexii
what is my RC plane called
What is the funniest channel from MINISode NumberOne?
Do you love giving oral sex to your partner ?
Would you rather go for..
what's your fav colour?
do you have a weird fetish?
Who do you want to win the 2008 US Presidential Election?
Que mais gostou na PORTUGAL DIVE?
wat iz my full name
What are you
hi dude
whats your favoirate music genre?
Do you like me, or more
whats your favoirate music genre?
Who should i date?
What candy would you mix with coke??
Who is your favorite singer/rapper?
como crees q soy ?
wiie fiindet iihr miich*scherzfraqe*
What do you do when you still love someone that treated you bad and you still want is it:
Who is to blame for the once graspable American Dream that is no more?
o que acham de mim?
o que acham de mim?
do you think tanner vigil is hot???
what's your favorite macaw?
what's your favorite macaw?
What is ur Favorite Type If Tress?
Who do you want for president?
Hacemo0 eL amo0r?
In ce zodie esti?
would u ever date me.?
What Rapper Is Better
In ce zodie esti ?
Are you a tomboy or girlygirl?
do u luv me<???
New Layout (Nuova Grafica)
Who do you love the most?
How fit am i?
what is your favorite game
How long should you wait to have sex?
whats your favorite color
Who are you?
who is the cutest jonas brother?
are you a virgin
were do u prefer to live...?
Which do u like better?
whats your favorite website
Are you a fan for bearden or farragut?
could you forgive a friend who talk about you behind your back and when you told they lied?
What major US city would you like to live in?
what name is sexy??
what day do you go to school
what is my favorite video game
What is my favorite color?
What major US city would you like to live in?
what hair color is the best for girls
what your favorite way to spend the night
how long should you waite to get married
the best systom
have u ever been in love
How do you like it?
what are you?
cuando me vez que piensas?
cuando me ves q piensas?
whats your favoroit wresler
what's your favoroit wresler
iz twix or snikers da shit?
¿Cual es tu color favorito?
Which candy bar do you <3
do u belive in love at first sight?
Whats Your Favorite Animals?
favorite singer/band
what is your favorite candy bar?
Favorite Color
Have u evr or wood u ever date ur best friends ex?
which do u like better??
Which type of weapon would you have used in WW1?
guess wat
favorite candy bar
Would u fuk me
if you could b a college team mascot what would you be?
How Old Iz Michael Jackson?
How many Friends?
Who is your favourite family guy character?
Who is your favourite Family guy character?
Hve You Ever Liked A Boy So Much You Would Do Anything For Him
Am I having a boy or a girl?
What's tyour favorite type of crush?
Do you like pie?
How Would You Describe Yourself?
How Would You Describe Yourself?
what is your favorite color?
Who is your favorite band/singer
how long does it take u to get a boyfriend or girl friend
are you in love?
what kind of girls do you like
whats better hamsters or rabits
What's your favorite flavor?
who do you like more
how many boyfriends have you had?
Whats the wrong thing to ask or do on a first date?
what would you want love or money?
would you like to kiss me???
what do u want u'r car to be when u are 16
Should fireworks be banned?
how makes the best truck
what name do u like best for a boyfriend
who do u love the most?
how do you want to die
What horoscope are you?
Favorite Color
do u like luciano
What is my middle name?
how big r buggers
*Come Vi Sembro*
McCain/Palin or Obama Biden?
would u ever love ur spouses child that wasnt urs?
can u forgive someone for making a really big mistake?
if you could be a animal what would it be?
which do you like better
Summer or Winter which do you like best?
wat do u think i am!?
would u Take a man back if he broke your heart before
how hot am i?
Who do you want to win the 2008 presidential election
How many best firends do u have?
♥♥♥who is he best??☺♥♥♥?◘☺☻♦
Whats ur fav celebrity???
Cual de estas caracteristicas me describe mejor?
what is your favorite subject in school?
What are your views on the War in Iraq and afghanistan
wat do you think of yosxira camcho??
If you could bring back one retired basketball player who wuld it be?
If you could bring back one retired basketball player who would it be?
would you be my friend?
What is my Last name?
what songs do you like best?
Should Scoop and I move out of this valley?
Should Scoop and I move out of this valley?
do u bleave in love at first site
Whats your Favorite brand of clothes??
who is the hottest man ever?
who is the hottest man ever?
What Do You Like Best About Me?
Whats your Fave. Color
Whats your Fave. Color
what car is better?
would you date your ex
What is your Favorite TV Show?
Whats your fav candy?
which celeb guy is hotter
Where would you rather go in the World
whats your favorite sport
do u like me
Who Do You Want To Be President
Who Do You Want To Be President
If you could bring someone that you no from dead who would it be?????????
If you could bring someone that you no from dead who would it be?????????
am i cool
What's your favorite scary movie?
Wat kinda muzic u like
what type shoe is better?
WhO aM i?
Who do you want for President??
who makes the best motorcycle
el mejor luchador de la wwe
¿cual es el luchador favorito?
Do You Kno WHO i LIKE
wat's ur favorite footwear
what would u do if u got jumped
faviorte car
do you love porn
do you love kyle mulligan
who is the gayest
kwall es tu chokolate favoritho???
Who is the Best Rapper of All?
Who is the Most Demented Celebrity?
What is your favorite kind of sex?
What is your favorite kind of sex?
what your favorite movie?
what do you think of me?
What i s your favorite pop?
what your favorite movie?
O que achaste de mim?
do u think im hotttt!!??
Are you a good enough to get to Heaven?
would you forgive some one who broke your heart?
would you forgive some one who broke your heart?
Còmo me consideras?
Me consideras?
Me consideras?
Me consideras?
Who is your favorite Dong Bang Shin Ki Member?
Who is the best??
Who is your favorite Dong Bang Shin Ki Member?
Best Band Ever???
Do YOU Believe IN GOD???
Who is your Favourite Boy ?
What is ur Fav Good charlotte Song?
If your husband did everything they told him to do would you?
do u like my site
Sizce durustmusunuz yada degil mi?
which show is cooler?
The best game system out now
Wer ist der beste Rapper Deutschlands?
Wer ist der beste Rapper Amerikas?
What is the most romantic gesture
Ulubione zajęcia
What is your favorite nail polish color?
A dog
?อ???ร??ว? SHINee
Mozes li nas zamisliti kao voditelje radio showa? Da li bi nas slusao?
what is your favorite pet?
Wat iz ur fav subject??
what is your fav animal?
Who did you love in SHINee.
favorite disney channel star
whats your fav t.v show
favorite disney channel movie
6 ??ล??ระ?อ? HI5 ?ี? ??ื?อ?? ?อ???ล??ห?
who is a big fan of lil wayne
What should Soccer Mom do with her hair?
ana ;3
have you been in love with someone who was taken?
would you fogive someone that breaks your heart
What is a perfect date?
Am i cute?
apa hal yang paling penting sebelum seseorang memutuskan untuk menikah?
How many do you look at the deals.
Pra ti eu sou....
Would you do a party or online Party
What is your favorite naruto character.
kal é u teu par preferidu???
cual es el mejor
whats my favorite motorcycle?
Favorite cartoon?
Who should I date??
what is your fave color?
Who do u think i am?
how much do u like me
Who would you kick in the balls?
what's your favourite weather?
Do you think im
What's Your Favorite Holiday?
What's Your Favorite Animal?
Whats Your Favrite Movie
Who do you trust?
crees q soy
do u hav a crush on sum1 but wont tell them?
Which party would u rather go 2??
Which party would u rather go 2??
Who is excited for homecoming?
Who should be president??
Who's ready for HOMECOMING!!!
who is better
Favortie Day Of The Week?
Do u like VHS Marching Band
How many haters does Terralyne and London have??
Which song did you like ???
Do you enjoy Sexual Intercourse?
Whats favorite animal?
Whats favorite animal?
Whats your fav candy?
wat is tthe best system out there in the world today
What do u like Most about Nicole
Who is gonna win the Super Bowl??
Who's funnier?
Whats your favorite song from "ALL BET$ ON ME"?
Which name for Miss Buck?
Whats your favorite shoe company?
wh do u like better?
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