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List of interesting polls # 142
watz yo biggest the size
watz de biggest bra size
??ื?อ???ิ?ว?า ?า??รั????อ???วร?ั?หรือ?ม?
dose he like me
If someone offered u 1 mill. 2 kick u in the nuts wood u do it only if u were a boy ?
Hav u watched dat movie called Gay People Say No ?
Que nombre te gusta para el proximo album de Cometta?
Que Equipo Mexicano Es Mejor
Wybierz rzekę na spływ 2009!
mega weeye Somali song
mega weeye Somali song
hi5 ka warama ?
What Is Your Favorite Miranda Song?
Ist es Richtig jemanden zu verurteilen,obwohl man in nicht richtig kennt ??
Ist es Richtig jemanden zu verurteilen,obwohl man ihn nicht richtig kennt ??
My feelings about the New Year 2009 can best be summed up as:
Va place saitul ?
4 elemente:
Heartbreak: A real medical condition, or just a state of mind?
Do you love Sarafina?
what is my eye color.
How many guys do you like at school?
What's Your Opinion?
What's your favorite Unplugged Music Style?
what is your favorite color ?
Are the braves going to win this year?
Why Do you like me as a friend
S-b day Party Theme is
SMK b-day Party Theme is
which movie series is your fav
favorite panty?
what's your favorite subject?
what actor is pretty
Ako sa VAM paci moj profil?????
Quale canzone vi piace di pi?
One Word You Think Describes Me...
What sport are you looking most forward to playing this year?
if you could bring one singer back from the dead,who would it be?
Who is the best Athlete?
Who was the best actor in 2008?
What is your quickest Broken New Year Resolution?
Favroite Food
s koq bukva zapo4va imeto ti?
Cat de interesata esti de mine?
Best way to destroy a guitar?
which game is better
how much clothes do u have
Who Boy band do you like Better
which band you like the most?
Which would you rather be?
whos hotter
what is your favoite color?
What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg ? ^_^
Favorite Type of Music
Vota por tu favorito.
what is ur favorite color?
what year was i born
Vota por tu blusa favorita
If you could be an animal, What would you be?
Vota por tu favorito.
What do you wanna be when you grow up
who do you like
Who is the uglyiest guy in our school
In what order should the songs appear on the new demo?
Que nombre te gustara para el proximo album de Cometta?
do you like me as a friend or more then a friend?
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite celebirty?
Who is your favorite?
wat kinds of girls u like
What do you think of me?
whats is ur fav meal at mickyds
How big do you think i will get?
best boy friend for me?
Should I dump byron
Would you rather...
if yo kid wanted 2 run away wud u?
if i could being a country singer home who would it be??
Myspace or Facebook?
What show do YOU like best!
is your life not worth living
what word defines me??
How u thing i look
How u thing i look
Who would you be most like?
Is it a boy or a girl?
Is it a boy or a girl?
What Kind Of Movies Do You Like.....
What is my favorite number?
What is my favorite number?
What is your greatest desire at this point of life?
What do you think is best?
what is my favorite color
What is your favorite sport?
Does Sam Devastate Rickie Wong?
When is my B-day?
Does sam devastate rickie wong?
Who is the best actor?
how is hot
who is hot
Which site is the funnest?
Who is the best actor?
Does Rickie devestate Sam Whiffing at life
How should Partido Kalikasan participate in the 2010 Philippine elections?
how do i look 2 u
What is your best physical feature?
how do you describe rene?
Which is your favorite color. BE HONEST!!!
Is This The Worse Fansite You've Ever Seen?
Who REALLY am I?
who u thinnkk is ugleherr?
who u like best
how do you like your sex
Who will win the 2010 World Cup
Are we bes friends?
Who will win the 2010 World Cup
Does Justin Garrett like boys only
wat do you think of me??
Just Friends
How close are we???
Who will win the 2010 World Cup
Which car would you rather have if price didn't matter?
what do you think of myspace?
Myspace, Facebook or Bebo?
Do you Love me??
who would go out with me?
benni herd
What would you like to see more of on this page:
who is better papa roach or lil jon
Wut do u tink of meh?????
Which language do you prefer ?
What make you care about ones profile ?
What make you care about one's page ?
What make you care about one's page ? - ?i?u gì khiến bạn quan tâm ?ến m?t trang cá nhân ?
What make you care about one's page ?
how many times a day do you prefer having sex?
is a male having sexual intercourse with another male nasty?
Who Sang It Better?
If you could be an animal , what would you be?
How would you rate me?
menurut kaliand semua mua mua... bei itu orangna gmana????????/
What is your best way to make money online
What am I
what do you like better
Is it right to marry your aunt's ex-husband?
what is ur favorite ice cream flavor?
where would your perfect date be
Should I dump Byron?
can you quit smoking
what is yor favorite THING TO DO?
What kind of music is your favorite?
what do u like better
Vota por tu favorito.
How Close are we??
What type of film do you like to watch?
How much do you love me?
what would you rather eat
Would you rather
Would you rather
what is your favorite color?
Xbox 360 or PS3?
What Type Of Offers Do You Prefer?!
which call of duty is better 4 or waw
Is my page cool?
whosz rappsz betta
What am I to you?
Do you like Me
what am i to u?
Which set of lyrics should be put to music next?
Who is funnier?
what is your favirote tv show
what is your favirote tv show
Wat's yo fav color?
Ako sa VAM paci moj profil?????
Should I stay single? ._.
Should I stay single forever ?
Who is a better NASCAR driver?
SHould I be single forever?
Como me consideras?
Am I?
What color do you most like to have on your bed?
whats my fav.color
Who was funnier from drake and josh??
Would you rather have your child be bullied or be the bully?
谴 脂肪男子尚未死
what is my favoritte color boo
Maske Sizce Nasıl ?
fav color
favorite food
fav drink
who looks better
Ladies, Who is the funniest?
cm m dscribo?
What type of music do you want to hear more of on my internet radio station
who is better?
Who is the best
como me consideran
como me consideras
what do u think bout meh?
What is your favorite color
whut do u thnik bout me?
cm m dscribo?
What guitars sound the best?
do you like
What guitars sound cooler?
What guitars sound cooler?
whats a better sport
como soy pa ti
Como me consideras
For Vil Vodka's Next Rock'n'Roll Cinema, what movie should he show?
cOmo cres q SoY
What do you think about me
which celebrity would you prefer?
What ice cream flavor would you prefer?
For Vil Vodka's next Rock'N'Roll Cinema, what movie should he show?
Ever had your heart broken??
Ever had your heart broken?
Who is going to watch the Super Bowl?
What is my(Priscilla's) best qualities?
Yearly Update of Site, What Would You Like to see More Of:
am i...
What do you do in your spare time???
Would you want to get your nails done with me?
What should my nickname be?
What is my fav color?
Im hot!
Am I A B!%#H
what's the best role of demi lovato?
when is selena's birthday?
what do you the fans of selena gomez think about this profile ?
como soy??
How do you like this album?
baju mana yg korang nak??
Do you:
Do you:
Who makes the best car?
Choose your bet..
А ти знаеш ли, че Дребния е пендел?
Quien te hablo primero de las relaciones Sexuales?
What New Year's Resolution is #1 for you this year?
choose your bet...
"Masculino" Cual es mejor vocalista?
Femenina" Cual es mejor vocalist?
"Femenina" Cual es mejor vocalist?
"Femenina" Cual es mejor vocalista?
Quale brano preferisci?
k grupo te guzta mas
How Old Are You?
if you had one do over wish ,what would it be.
whos your fav football team
Do you think Baby Konings is a boy or a girl?
whos your fav football team?
Are you making any New Years Resolutions?
Did you make any New Years Resolutions?
If you could take one thing on a deserted island what would it be ?
Tkigaste Tv prgrammet just nu??
Which songs should we play on the 21st of march?
Witch series was better?
If you could bring back a singer from the dead, who would it be?
do u like this chat
Should I get a Tattoo?
do u love shadow
q es lo mas q t gusta d mi??
Cual banda debe tocar en el STINGY FEST 4?
Which Characters do you like
Which Characters do you like
Who is your fav wrestler
Who is your fav wrestler
Q eZ lO q MaS te gUZta d Mii..!!
Is High School Musical Gay!
Q tE gUZta MaZ de Mii..!!<3
Should we make a CuteKids of MySpace Video?
wich one am i/
wich one am i?
who would you date?
Most likely to fall down a flight of stairs?
Which song is best?
which song is best ?
Witch of my top friends is the coolest?
Te caigo bien?
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