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List of interesting polls # 95
What do you llok for in a ?person's personality
Which cheer is the best??
Shoul i cut my hair offf?
whom do you trust the most?
whom do u trust the most?
which subject do u like the most..?
Where would u like go visit some day?
Where would u like to go visit some day?
Fav Colour?
What is your favorite mythical creature?
Como soy??
Como soy??
Como Soy??
do you like daylight saving?
Wich Jonas Brother is cuter?
who do u want for president???
What is the name of the best kenyan?
Who is the best mathematician in kenya?
Who Created the Meadian Rule
Why surf the net
favorite websites?
what is your favorite song?
What Tv show is the best
ไก่กับไข่ อะไรเกิดก่อนกัน?
Did Kane let Ray Mysterio win?
pio ine to kalitero eparxiako club ???
Am i a friend or just an aquaintence?
8a perasei o pao stous 16?
Who rocks?:)
¿Quién será el nuevo presidente de los E.E.U.U.?
Where fo you get music from?
have u had ur first kiss
have u had ur first kiss
Who will win the Tattoo Contest? Vote Here!
¿Qé tanto batallas con las obras de la carne?
Long hair or short hair?
¿Batallas con las obras de la carne?
Who would you like to see in the White House?
Melhor filme do Vero
What Is Your Favorite Sea Creature ?
What Is Your Favorite IceCream
How u mostly describe me?
What Is Your Favorite Dog?
Where did you get your dog?
Where did you get your dog.
Favorite Bands
what type of dog you want
What is the best show??
who is smarter girls or guys ?(plz post why u think so)
do you like day or nigh better?
What would you rather have in a motorcycle?
should animal abuse be illegal
If you could remove anything from your life what would they be?
Is your Baby Daddy a Deadbeat ?
Tema da reportagem: Catimbozeiro enganador: O que faria se ele passasse a perna em você?
Tema da reportagem: Catimbozeiro enganador: O que voce faria se o catimbozeiro lhe passasse a perna?
who looks better
Who Do you want to be our new president?
am i emo?
what do guys mostly see in a girl
do you like me?
If You Could Go Back In Time What Would You Change?
How "good looking" am I?
What Do I want To Be?
are u gay?
do they still call u
what is your fav color
What kind of person is more anoying?
would you rather me
nice or rude
do u luv me????
do u think im emo?
who's the hottest girl?
Who should be President McCain or Obama
Do you like yor boyfriend?
Who do you think going to win the prem this season?
Who will win this season
Whats better?
Fab or Drab: Pucci Snow Boota
what is my whole name?
Fab or Drab: Pucci Snow Boots
Do you like Nick Jonas?
What do you like me as?
What am I to you?
what is your fav. COLOR??
Where was Christopher Columbus born?
do you have more than one bff
Got a favorite song?
favorite band between:
how do i look
Got a favorite song?
*Am i?
Got A Favorite Song?
whats your favorite color
Who Rocked It Better: Nicole Fiscella v Leona Lewis
how do you decribe me
bart simsons voies is a girl?
Qual a melhor cover internacional que a BrFolks ja tocou?
Hows the most dominate male or female
Do u think im a cool friend??
Hews the stupidest
Qual a melhor cover internacional que a BrFolks ja tocou?
who's your fav couple in twilight?
What kind of animal do you have at home?
whats your favorite store?
On a scale of 1-10 ten being the highest, how hot am I?
Faviorte actor or actress
what do u think about me?
What one is you fave reality show?
would you be crazy enough to be my friend?!?!?
Who Will B Our Next Prez?
How long does your sex last (LADIES ONLY)
Who will win the Florida-Georgia game this Saturday?
r u gay
should the goverment help the homeless?
Who is going to win the Presidential Election this year?
What is your favorite color?
Am i Pretty??
who is my bff ?
what am i...
Who should be the President?
Do you enjoy sex?
Who should be the President?
What best describes me
Which is your favorite clothing store?
Cual es mi color favorito?
how many times did you get dumed
? If you could be an animal, what would you be?
? If you could be an animal, what would you be?
do you think your gay????
Who is your favorite famous celebrity?
do you think im.....
do you think im.....
If you could bring one singer back from the dead, who would it be?
WAT AM i 2 U???
WAT AM i 2 U???
what is your fav. band?
Do we look the same?
Are u a virgin??
Which Smiley Things Your Favorite???
coke or pepsi?
ப?லம?ப?யர? நா???ளில? தாய? ?றவ??ள????ான ?தவி???ர???ள?ம? வி??தல?ப?பணி?ள?ம? பரப?ப?ர??ள?ம?
who do like
Jones chases Smith around the point where the borders of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico mee
Who are you voting for
If you could be an animal what would you pick?
Am I Swaggalicious?
What about fergielicious?
Am I Swaggalicious?
whats turns you on the most?
What is Rachels last name on Friends
Have you ever left home for a long period of time (deployment) and didnt get any support from home?
Em dezembro deve ir ao ar, o programa de entrevisa com Joo da Costa, ele deve participar?
Fab or Drab: Halle Berry New Hairstyle
What am I having?
What am I having? Find out Friday November 14th!
which is the coolest color?
which number is your lucky number?
why wouldn't u go out with me
Would it really be a disgrace for our country if Obama were elected President?
Agniuki for you is...
I am to you...
hai mai baciato una o uno? e t piaciuto?
What hindering you from life pleasing to God?
Who will you likely vote for on Election day?
what do u think of me
If U Could have Sex 1 more time, would you
Which is better?
what kind of person are you?
Co się stanie w GP Brazylii
Which country sent best song in this year ESC?
Para ti soy simpatico
where do school go ???
Who will win the election
?κο???ε και Πεί?ε μα? ?ην γν?μη ?α? για ?ην εκ?ομ?ή μα??
Co się stanie na GP Brazylii?
Have You Ever Dated An Ex More Then Once?
Which team do you think is most supported?
Who will win the election?
Who will win the election?
Who Is The Cuttest ???
Will The Ravens Beat The Browns Sunday To Reach 5&3
Who Do You Want For President ???
which call of duty is better
which call of duty was better
which game is better
Whats ur Fav' Subject at school ?
is you mom good in bed
green or pink
Where else in the world if you could would you get married?
do u like someone?
Whats your favorite color?
How do you think Dale Jr. will do next year?
Who Will You Vote For On November 4th, 2008?
What is your favorite color??
Am I in Your Top Friends??
would u marry a hottie or a nottie
McCain or Oboma for President?
Which Saw is the best?
What do you think the hall needs
What do you do in your spare time
what type of peron would you marry
Will you go out with me em d
how hot am i?
What do u think of me?
What do u think of me?
Barack Obama sau John McCain?
do u go green
Would you....
Pr fechar o ano 2008, qual artista que voc gostaria de ver do programa de entrevista especial?
Which do u like better
What do u think
Akousre kai Peite mas tin gnwmi sas gia tin ekpompi mas?
Do you think the picture you saw of the baby boy is Chazz's child?
Who do u think will win the super bowl
what guys u like
Akouse kai Peite mas tin gnwmi sa gia tin ekpompi mas?
what do u think
who will win the super bowl
what is better???
what drink is better???
who do you like more?
Do You Like Blonde Burnettes?
Whats your favorite color?
1.Whats your favorite color?
Am I Hot?
which middle school is better
Do you like someone right know?
Su che genere dovrebbero puntare i the Pear Nectar?
Wat luv about
what am i
y do u luv ur relationship
Su che genere dovrebbero puntare i the Pear Nectar?
who is cool
Wha do you think of me?
What type of music do you most listen to?
Who's Your Favourite Jonas Brother..??
who looks better pt. 2
Il luogo migliore per un'artista.
do you like God
Who do you want for President?
what are u?
What exact date did the first Ford Mustang come off the assembly line?
Am i your friend?
how do you cum on a girls face?
Who do you love?
who da best rapper
who do u love
Do you think the Ten. Titans will go all the way undefeated?
Is a tomato a fruit or a veggie?
what kind of person do you think i am?
what kind of person do you think i am?
what kind of person do you think i am?
favorite color
Who is the hottest guy?
what would you do if you were different from other people
what kind of job would u pick for your man?
who do you want for president?
Favorite Food
wat do u think about me
who is ur faverit bball playa
What Do You Think Of Me?
Vote on a name for my son due to be born March 24th, 2009
Which tv show is better?
Whats UR Fave Holiday?
You think im?
would u still kiss the person u were goin out with kiss someone else?
What would you rather do?
what song is better
Which beatle would you kill if they were all still alive
Which beatle would you kill if they were all still alive?
What is your favorite video game?
Would i ever...????
how old am i
Which Performance Parts Supplier Is Your Favorite?
Which Performance Parts Supplier Is Your Favorite?
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