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List of interesting polls # 163
Que te gusta mas?
who likes me? answer if u know.
Is President Obama doing enough to support small & home business owners?
what is your favorite sport?
Do you think I'm:
who do you like better
Que Te Gusta Mas?
Piensas q soy..
what would be a good last name for me
am ii amazing
do you have a secret crush on me
wHaT's B3tT3r
Who in this world do you think loves you the most? It can't be your mom, dad, brothers or sisters.
which joans brother is cuter?
do u like me as a freind
who should be my site modle?
who is my girlfriend
Which new yandel song you
If you had the opportunity, would you go on a 3 Day Disney Cruise?
Do u think im......
Who is the funnest
Como começou 2009 ?
What would your choose for a Disney Vacation ?
Should I sing with Reba in talent show
Where would you be if you weren't here?
Do u think Tykia is hott
What is Your favorite anitmal?
Where would u rather have sex?
Do U like Porn
Are you ready to quit your job?
Are you ready to quit your job?
Are you ready to quit your job?
What name do you like better?
What do you consider a good first date?
What is my favorite kind of sauce?
who do you think i like
How Do You Think I Act?
How do i act towards you? x]
Do you think I am......
What are my top 10 friends?
how d o u like me??
Mileena IS:
Best Setting For A First Date?
What would you do if you were being chased by the cops and your friend was running slow?
Am i smart?
Would u date me?
Who do you like beter as a friend are girl friend????
whats ur fav color
What act are you most looking forward to playing at the Hordern?
who is the nicest boy in the 7th grade?
Describe me!
who is the nicest boy in the 7th class?
how is my profile ?
Who will the Lions pick with the number 1 pick
Design mane paling FINE bagi kali ini?
What is your age group.
Help me name my new Cat
whats better?
whats better on girl?
what is the best guy name?
if you could be an animal what would you be?
Should I go to the bar rite now??
Should I go to the bar rite now??
would you listen to this music
am i cool???
What Design should we use for our first T-shirt?
which school has the most babes?
What is a good place for my 18th
How much time do you spend on fitness?
What kindof person are you?
What do you think about our ELS MySpace page ?
help me to decide plZ
Czy popierasz pomysł na grę w kadrze Logana i Wisniewskiego?
would u date me?
What Do You Think About Me
wich school has the most hotties
what do u think about me
Quale brano preferisci?
what drink is better
Wer Mag mich ?
Wer Mag mich !
Profilname Matzi oder Marcel oder Marci ?
what ur favorit sport
Dates for gathering:
Dates for gathering:
Place of buffet:
If U no me If. Name sum thangs I love to Do?
Place of buffet:
How do you feel about obamas first 30 days?
Vad tycker du om Jennifer Anistons Valentino blsa hon bar p Oscarsgalan?
Vad tycker du om Jennifer Anistons Valentino blsa hon bar p Oscarsgalan?
which video should i put on myspace
Bubb Rubb vs LOLCats
Goatse vs Over 9000
Help us select the Models for Promotional Projects.
Are u a good myspace friend ?
should I Even Bother with this?
DO you love ME
What is your favorite thing about Eastbay?
What is your favorite thing about Eastbay?
what do you think about me?
if you won a contest for a free car which car would you choose
How many women feel they should sue Disney for making every girl believe they have a Prince Charming
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?
is school is good to you
If you were to die today would you go to Heaven or Hell?
are we having a
Which female artist sings better than Beyonce?
¿como eres tu?
whats your favorite class on world of warcraft?
Would u rather spend a day with grandma or your friend's house?
Test Poll
my bff
o k axam de mim?
What's your favorite store?
In percentage or ?/?-how many of your friends on my space are really, TRUELY your "friends"
who should win the war
do u like me??
Best Zwinktopian Model
if u r on a inland no food no water and u only had 1 thing wat will it be
if you were a famous person who will you be?
whats my middel name
favorite mexicano singers
All video's are funny
Qual o inicio de 2009 ?
Are you a rockstar?
Fav Icecream
What soap do you think is better ??
What soap do you think is better ??
Are the Cubs gonna win the World Series this year?
Do you like me?
What do you think of me?
Which Song Do you like best??
Who is Cuter?
Which song is your favorite
What Type Of Guy Am I?
WH@T$ Y0UR F@0R!T3 C0L0R?
Quien Canta Mejor?
What is your favorit sport?
What should we name our lil guy?
whats your favorite season?
Wat do you look 4 in a relationshipp wit ur boyfrien or gurlfrien?
Which Denomination Should We Be?
do you actually like me or not????
Do you love me as a freind or cousin?
What " That 70's Show Character is your favorite
Do You Like President#4 Obama?
Do You Like President#44 Obama?
Como0 creen q soy?
Como0 cren que soy?
h0w d0 i l00k?
which player is best
whos hotter!!!!!!!!!!
what is your fav. food
Where would you like to go?
who is you think is the cutest
Why do u like the girl or boy u like?
What pets do you own?
what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about "frogs"??
Have you taken a pet from a rehoming charity?
wat do you say when somebody says hi?
qOmO qOnziideraz qe zOe?
What is my favorite color?
Are u for legalization of medical Marijuana?
is it fair for employees to judge you based on your "myspace" or facebook"?
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite food
Who's the hottest
is it fair for employees to judge you by whats on your "myspace" or "facebook"?
What Library resource do you use most often?
Who is your favorite slipknot memeber?
who killed Kenny?
What do you prefer?
Which Fans Site is the BEST?
If you had to kill yourself how would you do it?
what do u like
biggest loser(s)
Which Fans Site is the BEST?
whats your favorit colors?
Waz mE MiDDl3 NaM3 ?
who is my best friend?
who's cooler me or zach
Who do you like better?
Who's hOtter Me, or the docter from back to the future
Who do u like more?
Which song do you like best?
who do you think is right ?
quien soy
What relation ship am "i"
Best Band of these?
Whats your favorite sport?
who is smarter?
que color
What music do you like?
Who is better?
what type of book is better?
team names
If you have an ability which of them probably suits you?
is franky smart
do you have a boyfriend?
is franky smart
which guy are you in love with
who do you like the best?
who do you like the best?
whats your favorite color?
My peep's
What is my favorite color?
do you tell you spouse
Have you ever wanted a dog that looked like a barbie?
What's my middle name?
Are you my R3AL FRIEND?
whats T-Pain's #1 song?
Favorite Shooter?
what color do you like?
what color do you like?
what color do you like?
If all games are cool are you will play them
Pick one!!!
Which superhero is better Superman or Batman????
Pepsi or coke?
what's your fav food
Is 'Slumdog Millionaire' the social profileof India?
Who Would You Go Out With??
Which Twilight Book is the Best?
Are men or women more insecure
If u could be an animal
Would you welcome Laveranues Coles (another former JET) if Parcells and Sparano signed him to Miami?
Which Soda is Betta
what is ur favorite movie out of these?
Hey Peeps you think I am ...
Are people who dont like dogs mean?
What do you like more?
D0 Y0U H4AT3 Y0UR L1F3?
who is at least one of the best singers ever?
Whose the hottest actor?
What is more priceless to you?
Who isJasmine's BFFl?
Should we move back to Bloomington
who do i like
Who your favourite artist?
Vinyl Records vs CD"s , or use them both?
What is your favourite item?
What is your favourite item?
What is your favorite The Suite Life character?
Do You love Miley Cyrus?
Do You love Miley Cyrus?
what's your favorite color
am i pretty
Which band is the best?
Hvem er best?
do u think im dum???
do u think im dum???
Who Is Your Favorite Slipknot Member?
Who Is Your Favorite Slipknot Member?
u think i am
Which Fans Site is the BEST?
Which Fans Site is the BEST?
Best Zwinktopian News
Best Zwinky Movie Series
Best Random Zwinky Show
Best Zwinktopian Reality Show and Others
Do You Think im.....
Best Zwinkster
Best Zwinkster
do youlike the jonas brothers
Best Dressed Zwinkster
Best Song
Best Zwinky Blogger
Best Place to Hang Out in Zwinky
Best Store in Mall
wanna fuck ?
What should i use as my stage name?
Do U Think Im....
What do you think I am?
What kind of movies do you like?
Who is my best friend :)
Who would u rather go out with?
do you like jeffree star?
would you rather
What would u do to me IF WE MET TODAY??!!
Who Do You Think I Hate Most?
What do you think of me
What kind of ice cream do u like to eat?
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