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List of interesting polls # 65
Would you go with me
Do u like one of ur myspace friends?
who made the song lol
do u and your lover fight?
Why do you like Myspace?
would you rather be a
When you think of me, wat do you first think?
are you my friend?
who do u think is better at basketball
what name would you whant
Which one is most likely to be a more common house pet in North America?
what is your favorite sex pistion
what is your favorite sex pistion
If you could bring a loved one back from the dead who would it be?
you like bmw
have u had sex
you want play instant action
Would You Date Me?
Come sono?\What u think about me?
Come sono?\What u think about me?
Come sono?\What u think about me?
What would you rather drive?
wii findezt duh mish [nua fa qirlz]
who's the right guy for me?
Is your ex sincere about making up?
Would You do drugs if it was legal
Is your ex sincere about making up?
Would the world be a better place without laws.
Whats ur favorite sport?
how is my wifey
Are You A Male Or A Female?
do u thik im hot
XWA Wrestler Of The Year!
Whats ur favorite elective
would u rather be a good kisser or hot
Do You Ever consider trying to be the President?
Have u been heart broke before???
Who is the hottest girl?
Have you ever gotten hurt by a guy?
Have you ever gotten hurt by a guy?
si yo fuera una fruta k fruta tu elijiera only mujeres
Do you think your ex or new love is spawn from hell?
Who Is Cuter??
si yo fuera tu nivio donde tu me daria mas veso solo mujeres
tu cres k yo soy (solo pa mujeres)
What attracts you MOST to a person?
si yo fuera a tu casa como tu me trataria(solo pa mujeres)
Who do you think should be the next President of the United States of America?
What kind of cat do you like?
Who is a better singer?
What is the best X-BOX 360 game?
what your favourite film is
are you funny?
Are you in Love??
Are you scared of spiders?
what do want out of a boyfriend
have u ever prank called the police at your friends house
Which couch shall given the title 2008 couch of perpetual indulgence?
Who is My Best Friend?
how was ur last relationship?
what is Kevin Jonases real name?
who you think win to be new wwe champions
who you think win the wwe champions
Match of the year!
Outa these questions...wich one is the worst anybody could ask u (for girls)
do you perfer oral sex over sex itself ?
who do you think win ecw champions
whats the worst thing sombody could say to u when u ask them out?
who do you think win world heavyweight champions
The Next President & VP Should Be??
Would you cry if i blew up?
Que te gusta mas ?
Whos the best british band?
Vote for the Most Shocking Moment in XWA History
what is my favortive color
what gun do you want or have
hoo do like?or hoo likes you
que te gusta mas ?
so was your last love good
hoo do like?or hoo likes you
que te gusta mas ?
Do you Like girls or guys?
Best Band?
How many dudes have I been with?
What's my favorite color?
What do you think of the Jonas Brothers?
Do u like me?
What do you think of the Jonas Brothers?
how do you dress?
how old am i?
what is the best sport
Qee bAnda eZ MejOr!?
HOW AM I !!!!!!!
my ex girlsfriends
Top 10 sports teams
which Celebrity would you date?
Have you had your first kiss?
If you could be in a HORROR Movie What would it Be?
Who do you "think" I like more?
do you have a boyfriend?
What clique do you consider yourself to be in?
wat do u like best
what is your fav show?
do you like to sing
am i?
What do you think of me?
what is your fav show?
if u were to ask out
what is your favorite sport!
r u gay
favorite school subject
CuAl GrUpO Te GuStA MaS
how ols are you
Why would a mother refuse child support?
what is ur fav animal????????????????
will i ever stop geting money
Who is the sexiest girl?
How many times a week do you have sex
How many times a week do you have sex
Which band rocks?
how do look?
what is your favorite makeup ?<3.
que quisieras que isiera si estubiera atu disposicion
r u cute
what is you favorite hobby
What are you?
r u cute or not
How does your boyfriend treat you?
Are you a twilight fan?
How old is Cruz?
Do u love ur friends???
k grupos t gustan
k grupos t gustan
How old is Cruz?
do you like more than one person?
*Who is ur favorite singer/band?
What is my favorite movie?
How old is Cruz?
What relidon are you?
you would give a bum money.
Wie findet ihr meine Hompage ?
did u ever had sex at13
Whos the best b-baller on the list
what is your fave cartoon show?
Turn Offs
are you inlove ?but inlove with somone els?
What Is Your Fave Cartoon Show?
Is love real or a figure of our imagination?
have u ever felt lost?
how old are you?
What am i to u
would you rather ?
what is your favorite drink
what do you think about me?
who do you think is better at basketball me or john?
Should I keep this layout?
If your first date with a girl was to the movies, would it be....
Can you forget about your Bf/GF?
Whats your fave color?
Who would you go out with?
Have you ever continued to love someone when they don't love you back?
Would you describe me as....
which character do you want to be killed by?
who acts the gayest in our grade
what do you think of me?
do you have a girl friend
What is your favorite dinosaur?
if u are datin me wat would u do?
what do you think of me?
Who's going to Tampa this year for the Super Bowl?
wat do u think of me
are you emo?
Which is funner
Who should I date??
what is the worst part about school?
do you still love you frist bf!!!!
who are you
what's your favorite Color!!! =D
Do you want to be a millionaire
how do you like me
What's your pick?
wat yall think bout my swag?
Do you belive in ghosts
Voglio la Radio pi?
who should i date
Que tipo de Música Prefieres
Que tipo de musica Prefieres?
q tal les paresco
¿Que tipo de musica prefieres?
whats your fav funny movie !
would you drpo the soap
How many boyfriends have you have?
Groping or arm around the shoulder?
Favorite Music Artist
do you think tht all boys are players
What's our favorite color?
do you go on myspace everyday?
What's our favorite color?
Are You A Virgin?
who poop more
have you like alot of boys?
witch jonas brother is cute?
what a best nick name for me?
what would you choose if you had these choices
when will you die
who was the last person u kissed
who is hot in jonas family?!
why i cant get over my last love?
who do u want to meet
what you need for your party?
Do you think the USA is headed in the right direction economically and environmentally?
how old are you
Who Rocks??????
Do you like My Chemical Romance?
wat is sexier?
wat is sexier?
How many kids would u like to have?
Are you GAY!!!!
what are you?
what are you?
What do you think about me?
Have You Ever Kissed Someone Who Is The Same Gender (Boy or Girl) As You?
what are you?
What's your personality?
wat r u in school
What is your favorite sport to play?
Do u like Supernatural?
do you think about boys at all????
how old were u wen u had ur 1st kiss???
r u native american
Who's Meaner???
r u goin out wit enybody??
do u think im hot?
What is your favorite classic cartoon?
do you:
would u be more of a:
Are you still a virgin?
How do you like my page?
are the jonas brothers gay?
How Hot Do You Think I Am.
what best food to eat
io soy??
Do u like Miley stupid Cyrus??
have you ever been dumped!
do you like guys or girls?
who is your hero?
puppy or kitten?
do you like football
kn es el maz wapo??
r u sleepy
whats your favortite wwe superstar?
whats your favortite wwe superstar?
whats your favortite wwe superstar?
What is a better color?
Who do u like better
What is your favorite car?
Who do u like better
Who should i go out with?
what pets do you have?
Who are you gonna vote for???
What would you do to me if we met?
Would you rather...
If you asked your best friend to kiss you, what sort of response would you want?
Life to you is.....
Who will win Presidential Elections '08
What is your favorite kind of Food?
Would you rather be a lesbian or bisexual
what month is my birthday in?
do you think im
what car would u like
What training school should shadow dominion go to?
jUnk FoOd??
Am I Ugly?
q soi para ti?
Do you believe in sex before marriage?
Yes or no??
whoz tha most popu1aR at or skool
Can you love someone you have never meet.
Am i pretty?
Whats your fav song i have on my playlist?
What's your favorite movie?
What rapper is fuetured in The Game's My Life?
who would you want to meet in peson?
who would you want to meet in peson?
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