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List of interesting polls # 165
Who is gonna win the Series this year
Most Fashionable
Most Fashionable show
Which of the three do you want to hear at the Gallagher's show this Friday?
wats my favorite food?
What is my sons name?
Who agrees with the army ?
do you have a phone
when do you think the recession will end
<3 whats up<3
Do u like me!!!
Axelle ?
Axelle ?
Wich color do you like?
Let's do something
do u know me that much?
have do somthing u weren't supposed to
Im Crazy
fave sign
hmm what u think ?
do you think your sexyist person on earth
do you liketo have sex with nude sexy women when your a girl
Who's your favorite author?
Do you like me ?
Leonidas vs Real Ultimate Power
RickRoll vs An Hero
Which celeberty is the hottest?
Who was you first ever girlfriend/boyfriend
If your special someone cheated on you what would you do?
do u think erik should jump of a cliff?
I pod or cell phone?
I pod or cell phone?
Who's Hot?
I pod or Cell Phone?
do you like me as a friend?
what is your fav color??
On top of a Christmas tree what do you prefer?
what are you looking forward to most this year?
what is your fav animal
Which person is ure favorite Monarch
Next weekend, hang out with me?
Next weekend, hang out with me?
best color
What am I to you?
am i hot?
whats your favorite hip hop song?
How did you find NVM|9?
What's the normal amount of sexual activity for the average person?
what is ur fave color?
What is the best damn thing about being a giraffe?
If you lost the love of your life what would you do?
Do you think I'm too skinny???
whats the best song
Who Is Hotter?
What Is Your Favorite Store?
whos gonna win
Vote for your M.O.T.M this March 2009.
Vote for your B.O.T.M this March 2009.
Best Superhero?
What comes to mind when you see me?
Who is your favorite Twilight actor/actress
Is The New Stimulus Bill Going To Help You In One Way Or More.
What is my middle name
Whos worse, Mable or Geter???
What would be your ideal dinning experience
do you think love is an important concept of life?
favorite tv show?
Chris is.....
what movie are we watching???
when do you want to watch it?
who is coolest??
What u expect in a noy
What's my favorite song?
Fave store?
would u go out with me ?
Do you give a shit that Obama is Black?
wat is your fav animal?
If you had your own world tour where would you go first?
Whos gunna get beat up 1st???
Who will win the WCAC Championship?
Do you like dogs,cats,or fish???
is i kewl
whats movie do you like better?
who's your favorite music artist?
What is your favorite kid's show?
who do i like
whats ur fav pet????
Best Friends
What is the fastest car in the world?
My favorite store
whats my dogs name?
who is better in basketball
Should I change to a Selena and Demi fansite or just keep it a Selena fansite?
Will the real slim shady please stand up?
What is your favorite Vampire-themed TV show?
What is your favorit animal
if u thought (but didnt know) ur girlfriend was cheating or liked someone else would u break up with
Which of these "Heroes" are you most like?
What is your favorit kind animal
Favorite online games
Will it be a BOY or GIRL?
who is the basketball player all time in the nba
Which piece of art from my Final Friday (Feb 2009) exhibition do you like best? (see my photos)
What shoes do you prefer to wear?
what do you think of me
What is your favorite movie genre?
What is your favorite movie genre?
?? S ? ? ? S H ? ???
If you could do one thing for me what would you do?
kOmo m koNsIdEraS???
What's the best sport
Who all do you know that like twilight?
Do you consider me your friend?
crees q soy sexy ???
How was your day??
Which is your favorite drink?
if you had to do one of these what would you do?
Which campaigns have you supported the most in 2009?
What color should the Maniacs wear for home games?
Do you think Nicole played a good Rosalie in the movie Twilight?
Which undercard bout are you most interested in for UFC 96?
Who is the Prettier Twin
best fighters
What movie can't you wait to see?
best fighters
smells the worst
In the picture above which hair color do you like best?
who is hotter?
what do you like best about me?
Should Rihanna & Chris Brown get back together?
SHould Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together
Should Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together
Should Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together
Which of the following songs do you want us to play at Gallagher's this Friday?
Should Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together?
Whose Hotter?
Who's the most famous dog ever?
Who's Cooler?
Pči sa Vm mj web?
What your prefered Mythbuster ?
What is the biggest age gap you would consider dating?
Do you think I'm hot?
What are You doing to reduce c02
Do you like me?
Whoos liek todally CUTTER???
How bad do you wanna see my FREAKY side in bed?
Whish song should I play for the Talent Show?
Which is your favourite site extra?
Which of Cristina's "Fashion Stages" do you prefer?
Which hair style do you prefer?
Which is your favourite store/ brand/ designer?
What do you prefer?
Do you like Anna Nika?
whos the cutest twilight character
What should I do with my girl even she lives in cape coral and shes 16 even thought I still like her
If you could gring one famous person back from the dead,who would it be?
Place to visit for 4e diots gathering
If you could bring one famous person back from the dead,who would it be?
Place to visit for 4e diots gathering
Which of these foods have you consumed in the last 30 days
which member of bring me the horizon you like the most?
Krisenka is preparing her 4th record, what style would you like her to sing?
Choose Krisenka's style for her 4th cd! Elige el estilo del nuevo cedé de Krisenka!
Which style d'you prefer for Krisenka's next cd? ¿Qué estilo prefieres para el nuevo cd de Krisenka?
Choose the style you prefer for Krisenka's new cd. Elige un estilo para el nuevo cd de Krisenka
Choose the style you prefer for Krisenka's new cd. Elige el estilo que prefieres para su nuevo cd:
Choose Krisenka's language to sing/Elige el idioma de Krisenka para cantar:
What do you think of me?
How do you think pandaz will be in 30 years
2008-09 Fighting Major Leader?
Which is best for a band?
Weapon of choice
Weapon of choice
Weapon of choice
Do you like being a military wife?
What do you think of me?
Wie Pass i mit da lisa zom???
Would you sleep with your first again after 20 years?
What did you think of Provo High's production of Mother Courage and Her Children?
How are you?
Boy or Girl?
ฤ?ู?าล?ี? ?ีม???ะ?????ม?? ??ม??ี?ย?ส?ลี?
ฤ?ู?าล?ี? ?ีม???ะ?????ม?? ??ม??ี?ย?ส?ลี?
ฤ?ู?าล?ี? ?ีม???ะ?????ม?? ??ม??ี?ย?ส?ลี?
ฤ?ู?าล?ี? ?ีม???ะ?????ม?? ??ม??ี?ย?ส?ลี?
do u fancy me ?
Am I nice or mean?
Am I nice or mean?
Qual o seu destino favorito no Algarve?
Qual o seu destino preferido no Algarve?
What is Duke's record in b-ball
coolest eprson in western pine in 6th grade
Fave Fashion Shop
All Your Base vs LOLCats
Leonidas vs Owls
If u could win 1 billon dallors what would you buy?
what is my name???
what do u think about me
Do You Love Rhea??
What is the most unique sport?
Which Final Fantasy Character is Sexier?
¿Color favorito?
como consideras al reggaeton?
te gusta el reggaeton?
who sexier???
Who would you rather fuck if you HAD to choose one?
wow wow wubzy......
wow wow wubzy......
What is school about?
Are u depressed most of the time
Are you depressed most of the time
Where would you rather go
Where would you rather go?
whoo is cooler me or robert patterson
What should I be?
whats more important legs or pudding
what kind of drink do you like?
Which baby name do you like best for a girl?
what do you think of me
If you are a boy...Who would you rather make out with?
What is my moms name?
which sabre myspace is better?
what is your fav movie
Who's Ma Best Friend
Who Iz Betta In Basket ball
How healthy are you? (1-10 scale)
How healthy are you? (1-10 scale)
whats your favorite pet
Am I...
which brand do you prefer?
Who is your favorite female singer?
Getting married?
Who is your favorite female singer?
after meeting me, wat would u say i was?
whats yuour fav food
Which name is cuter?
Which name is cuter?
Which name is Better?
Which name is Better?
Which name is Better?
Which name is Better?
Fav Band (below)
Have you ever been used?
do you play left 4 dead
If you saw your bestfriend cheating what would you do?
which left 4 dead charecter do u like
wich is the best grade
who is hotter
who is hotter
Have you ever had a Gf/Bf??
Do you feel the increase in gas tax is fair to massachusetts citizens?
are u a hater
Who's your celeberity crush?
Who's your celeberity crush?
What Do You Like About Our Songs?
Which girl cosplay should I ask for for my Birthday?
Which girl cosplay should I ask for for my Birthday?
What is ure favorite Horror Movie
Are you comfortable with Obama as U.S. President?
whats my middle name
Favortie Type of Game?
do you think alexis is a good guy for me???
Kto powinien dostać powołanie?
Who do you think will win the Super Bowl
Who do you think it's the best artist?
What do you think of me??
Whats your favorite part about the army in general?
What do you think of me??
What is your Favorite Color?
Do You like Jake T Austin?
You see an LOL(littl eold lady) crossing the street. What do you do.
Best 10:00 Zwinky news cast member
You see an LOL (little old lady) crossing the street. ¿What do you do?
Best Zwinky show
Best Actor/Actress
love me..or..hate me?
Best Director
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