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List of interesting polls # 157
Which one of these websites do you think is mostly visited?
Επισκέπτεστε συνχνα το φόρουμ Τάλαντο;
Επισκέπτεστε συχνά το φόρουμ Τάλαντο;
Which should new phone should I get????
Choose your favourite song!
Tesis sa na track,,Ms to mat"??
Rate Your Sex Life (1 = none, 10 = Couldn't be better)
what is your favorite meal?
Should Chuck and Blair get back together??
Are we having a Girl or a Boy???
Which shirt(s) would you be most willing to SERIOUSLY purchase if the price was right?
Which is TRUE?
Who like to go to the beach?
veti sarbatori Valentine's Day?
What is money?
What is The Game Of The Week?
Are you going to Comic Con 2009?
What do you fear the most?
Which band name do you like?
What Do you hate the most?
What Do you hate the most?
What Do you hate the most?
who is better
What Do you hate the most?
Do u like Me
whats my fav. pet
Chciał czy nie?
who is the best rock band
what do guys like to be called by their girlfriends?
what am i?
Why Are you Religious?
Vote for Favorite Band Name
whats my favoret car
how do you pronounce scone
WaT u ThInK AbOuT lA pAtRy?
Are you excited for Valentine's Day?
Who lead Twins In HRs?
whats your favorite color
What Bat should we Purchase?
who do i look better with
Would u think im cute?
Q OPinAN D mi??
Would you be so brave to......
do you like me?
Najbardziej mistrzowska zagrywka Rafy w ostatnim czasie to?
I am
Who are u crushin on?
What Do You Like About Me?
dNt yOu LoVe Me
How should we spell our baby's name?
What color hair would I look good with?
would you.........
who do you hate most
whats your favorite AC/DC dvd?
what is your favorite color
tHe qaiigOp biiieN???
wo is cooler
Why are you still in pain
whithch person do you like the best?
What do you think I am?
Who is the best Rapper?
how do u like boyz hair?!!
Is Gena a chubby bunny?
what is ur fave color???
why do you go to scool?
Witch movie do u like better, The Simpsons Movie, Twlight, Freddy v.s Jason, or Billy Madison?
Do you think im
What is your favorite DAUGHTRY song?
who is popular now?
do u think i shoud kiss aiden?
should i play soccer next year?
What would you do to me?
fav color???
Whats the lie?
Which one is the lie?
What do you think of me?
if i were wearing a red dress to a wedding which color heals should i get
What do you think of my new page?
Which do u prefer?
Vote you favorite WP song
Which Twilight guy do you like??
who's hotter
Do you like lil wayne?
how Many finguers am I holding up?
Kochasz piłkę nożną ?
La care liceu mergi ?
Iz ur best friend a boy, girl, or do u hav a best friend of both genders?!?
Do u llllluv me
Who has smarter Listeners?
What do you believe is the most important issue regarding internet safety?
Which flavour of ice cream do you like the most?
Whats your favorite tv show?
What is your favorite color?
South Luzana #1 Hip-Hop Female
South Luzana Super Producer Award
South Luzana Super Producer Award
Are you looking forward to the rerecording of You're Not Alone and This Way?
What is your favorite part about Valintines Day???
Who is greater?
do you love your bf/gf
how many sis do i have
do u love me
Quelle plateforme pour promouvoir sa musique?
Hard shell Tacos or Soft
What do you think?
In light of National Cat Health Month, what herb do you most use to maintain your cat's health?
What place would you rather go??
Calificame.. ^^
Calificame.. ^^
Who Think Im Cute
what is your favorite snack?
judge me 1-10
what do you belong to.
what is your favorite color
What Christian tradition do you feel most a part of?
Soo. do u like Jacob Jones??
Que le falta a nuestro myspace?
Who Do You Think Should Of Won The Ellection??
What do you think is better?
If u could be any mystical creature what would it be?
what day did my dad kill?
If u could be any mystical creature what would it be?
What is my favorite color?
What is your favorite type of music?
¿En qué aspectos te gustaría mejorar tu imagen?
cUal eS thU favoRiithA??
¿En que aspectos te gustaria mejorar tu imagen?
What is your favorite flavor or ice cream?
Whats your elective?
tim is
who do you think sexy?
wud u rather....
which one do u think is that cant fight?
How Hott do yew think i am????
What am I?
Where would like to live the most?
Who do you like?
Would u rather.....
would u cut your leggs of for the person u like?
what am i
The pirates team teachers are?
Whts ur favorite animal?
How many times have you been to my Profile?
What do you think of our shit!
Dude of the Year
are you a txt freake
wut high school is beder
What Face Does My Profile Give You???
havre you ever know the truth about some one
has marijuana ever harmed your life
Is being a GLBT a born gene or a learned trait?
Is being a GLBT person a born gene or a learned trait?
Fav Song - Cancion Favorita
do u like bush
What is you favorite number?
Czy Beenhakkera powinno się zwolnić?
Kochasz piłkę nożną ?
Which Trak You Like The Most?
which is the worst natural disaster?
what animal do u like the best?
Do you like me?!
what kind is your style ?
what is your fav animal?
whats your fav song (of these)
Whats Courtneys fav food?
who r courts biffles?
who r courts biffles?
Who owes more to whining about their bad childhood for their career?
when iz my birthday
Best Actress
Best Actor
Sexiest Female
Sexiest Male
Best Exit
Beat Family
Best Family
what am i best at?
What YouTube Videos do you find yourself not able to resist watching?
Best Soap
when you had sex was it bad,fun or bad
why do womman want man dick big or long
Which segment will stay in The Zwink Hotlist
which twiligth person would date u?
when will you die?
what band is best?
who would you like to meet from get scared?????
what kind of chacolate do you like better
What is the Best type of riding?
Do you like me?
what do you think of my page???
Would you be willing to participate in the Great EVP Maker Experiment?
Would you be willing to participate in the Great EVP Maker Experiment as described in our blog?
What do you think of me
Honestly how do you feel about me?
WhO dO yAlL tHiNk Iz CuTeR??
Honestly,do you like me?
Which Band Name Do You Like The Best???
who am i like?
what is your favorite anime
who is ur favorite NFL team??
Who has the most ipoints?
who's the cutest???
Ktora z kobiet Ronaldo mialaby szanse byc Twoja kobieta?
What Team are YOU on?
if you think zack is a...
do u really want a zcard?
Do u think my website is cool??
Do u think my website is cool??
do you think misscasey is dead?
Who do you think is better at bball?
Who would u date??
what is the best sport?
Am I...?
Do people no the tan code???
who would u have sex with
wats ur favorite color
what does a zwinky giftcard give u besides a zcard?
Who has the best hair?
Who has the best hair?
am i hot
Who has the best hair?
how cool am i
which zwinky giftcard doesn't include a super power?
Do ppl use this site anymore?
Who Likes Me
what do you think of me?
How do u cheer up!
How do u cheer up!
who do yo think is the best rock band?
R u bored
Who is the best Cullen?
What are you going to do when you go to high school?
Who's the Best coven?
Comeback Player of The Year
which boy would you date
i punch you, what do u do?
whats a better color
what do u think of me, be honest bitch
i punch you
what is my fav animal?
What gender do you think the baby will be?
wat u think b0ut m3
What do you think is the best thing about me?
Which person is from the zwinky team?
Which person is from the zwinky team?
what's 965 times 110
What is the war in Iraq REALLY about?
Rate this comic
who is cooler at r school
shud rihanna give chris another chance
wats the most overated thing in r school
what car would u get if u could have any 1
what is your favorite dog breed
Do u think sam will date me
Who is your favorite Twilight Character
am i hot?
clan tag or name
?о? ??еба нави??ина да биде б?о? 1 во ?ве?о??
Koj navistina zasluzuva da bide broj 1 vo svetot?
If you were a pet owner which would you liked to have??
If you could be an animal, what would you be?
Fave way to talk?
Fave way to talk?
Who is the most preety?
IF you support us to win the competition, click yes.... if not just click no -.-
Best Singer
Koj navistina zasluzuva da bide broj 1 vo svetot?
have u turned emo when your heart was broken?
D you think Rob Pattinson is hot?
wat do u think
What is your favourite actor?
What is your favourite actor?
Do I swear A Lot
whos courtney bffs
whos courtney bffs
What Games Console Is The Best?
What Is The Best Movie Trilogy?
What Is The Best TV Show?
Rate this comic
What Is The Best Fast Food Restaurant?
What Is Your Fave Food?
What should we add to our menu
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